Saturday, October 8, 2016

Planet X - Nibiru YouTube Channel Taken Down

Matthew Rogers, YouTube Channel NIBIRU SKY HUNTER PLANET X, out of the UK had a YouTube account taken down today. Now I'm not saying that YouTube which is owned by Google had anything to do with this but Matthew has been recording extraordinary videos, pictures of UFOs flying over head in the UK.  All his videos having to do with chemtrails and UFOs, Planet X (aka Nibiru, the Winged Disc, Nemesis, The Destroyer, Hercolubus, to name a few) are gone.

In fact I was watching Matthew on a video he posted earlier today (10/8/16) in which he was telling his viewers that he was mystified as to what was happening.  I went back a little while later to review the video but found that this one had disappeared, also.

In this video Matthew was alerting his subscribers and visitors as to what was happening and trying to figure it out.  Apparently somebody didn't want this video that Matthew had kindly posted informing all of us what was happening to be seen, also.

Please visit:  NIBIRU SKY HUNTER PLANET X, Matthew's channel to see what I'm saying and you will see that all the videos he took are no longer available.  

I have a video I posted here on my blog several days ago in which Matthew had taken an extraordinary video of a UFO but because Blogger (Google) is linked to YouTube (Google) when Matthew's videos disappeared so did the video on this blog.

The video I posted here was entitled:  "This Guy is Taking Some Extraordinary Pictures of UFOs."

Somethin just ain't right.