Friday, January 27, 2017

Proximity Alert!

~ ~ ~
If anyone's tired of all these Planet X videos I'm posting, please accept my apology.  I'm just trying to inform you re the evidence that a celestial body is heading our way.

More and more information and evidence to support this is coming in as millions of people all over the world are recording pictures and sending in videos and photos to YouTube Channels.

I believe there's been a giant government coverup regarding this matter.  I am also very aware that those who continue to share this information are increasingly coming under attack.

Yet it is my duty as someone who believes the truth needs to be shared and I will not waiver in doing so. 

As always, we are left to interpret what we see either disregard or take the information to heart.   

How do you prepare for something like this?  --Good question as it is surmised that this is going to cause much distress to this planet not to mention to humanity, as a whole.

We are already witnessing unprecedented meteor and asteroid flybys, a result they say of the debris field surrounding this planet that is slowly approaching earth.    

I would suggest talking to whomever you talk to when it comes to spiritual matters.  Might be a good idea to consult and connect with your neighbors as it's difficult being the only one on the block who is aware of something this big and you (and they) are going to need all the help they can muster.

Working together is better than trying to deal with something on your own.   

In addition, take a look at your pantry and decide to get in some canned goods, bottled water, some dried fruit and nuts. When this happens it is going to be very disruptive and you won't have the luxury of jumping into your suv and heading to the corner grocery store let alone filling up.  

***Side note:  Don't forget the beer and wine***    

This event is heralding in a new age and will illuminate our true heritage, our rightful place among the stars, if you will.

There will be other celestial beings ready to make their appearance at this time or in close proximity and I believe we're all going to be surprised that they look a lot like us.

What, you say, are you nuts?  --Nope.

This time around there will be NO more lies, no more spin and no more deception.

The old ways are already beginning to crumble making way for the new. 

Pretty soon all of us will finally realize, once and for all, we are NOT alone in the universe and never have been,
 ~ ~ ~