Monday, November 26, 2018


Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher

"Watch your thoughts, they become your words; watch your words, they become your actions; watch your actions, they become your habits; watch your habits, they become your character; watch your character, it becomes your destiny" ~ Lao Tzu

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

For Without Wisdom, There is Only "Folly"

In pursuing Wisdom, one must be ready to sacrifice Self, for Wisdom has no tolerance for Ego.

In  your decision you will soon understand that Humility is also required.  

Wisdom is a Master, yet can also be It's Twin, a Servant, in which you find you are inexorably and exhaustively bound, spiritually.

There is no price one can put on Wisdom because it exceeds any value that can possibly be assigned to it.

This new quest will saturate and consume every part of you.  It will dominate every hour of every day you spend on earth.  You will think about it, dream about it, read about it, investigate it, learn about it and spend untold amounts of money on the pursuit of it.    Yet, you will find that you never really come face to face with it.  "Well, then", you ask, "what's the point"?  The point is you've already crossed a threshold in that you have, in some magical way, become familiar with it and want to learn more.

Wisdom will beguile you, tantalize you with fleeting images, feelings, emotions and descriptions that further compel you on.    You will soon become acquainted with scholars and philosophers and other learned men and women who have spoken about it and searched for it, all who have long since left this planet.  You will find you come close, thinking you've mastered it, but Wisdom will always be one step ahead of you.

It's like learning to read Tarot Cards, the more you hold them, the more you look at them, the more you study them, the more you realize just how little you really know about them.  The more questions you have leads to more study and then something new which compels you to look in another place, thus learning even more then you ever dreamed of.

Wisdom will not quench your thirst but will only make you thirstier for Knowledge. 

Gaining Wisdom is more than all the Knowledge in the World for without Wisdom all your gains will amount to nothing.   

What is a man that he hath achieved everything he ever wanted in the world but hath gained no Wisdom?

The answer to this lies in the Two of Wands Card in Tarot, (see below) in which we see Alexander the Great holding the globe in one hand with a firmly entrenched wand behind him symbolizing conquests and riches amassed and another one (future plans) resting comfortably on a block as he looks out over the Mediterranean Sea at his ships passing by.

He is wondering if it was all worth it, he is wondering why he still feels so empty after amassing untold fortunes and kingdoms.

He has learned, but only too late that all his passion (red roses) and sacrifice (white lillies) resulting in conquest and riches, but without The Wisdom to guide him, yielded him absolutely nothing but anger, doubt and sorrow.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The First Thanksgiving was in the Year 1621 (397 years ago)

Happy Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018.  We have much to be thankful for.  Time to embrace loved ones and our way of life.  Thanks to those who keep watch over us, those who secure our safety and those who enter into harm's way in order to keep us safe and free.  Some information re the First Thanksgiving:

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Reincarnation:  One Door Closes and Another Opens
Reincarnation - the belief that humans go through many lives on earth in order to perfect their soul.  In so doing, problems and weaknesses are confronted and dealt with but (and this is the important part) through these experiences we are afforded an opportunity to manifest a relationship, an acknowledgement and an alignment with the Creator.

In so doing, we come face to face with the deepest and most intimate parts of ourselves which is part of the integral part of our awakening.      

The cosmos is always in the act of perfecting something whether it's birthing a new planet or destroying an existing one, a new mathematical equation in which the scientists stumble onto something profound and then work tirelessly to understand it, kingdoms rising and falling.

The one thing we all have in common is the inability to understand what we see happening to us and why yet an innate rush to judgement which is totally understandable, "Oh this is terrible, how are we ever to come out of this, etc.," yet unbeknownst to us the workings behind the scenes are doing just that, building us up and then tearing down and removing that part of us that doesn't work anymore, refining us through a series of processes as in a fiery furnace of perfection enabling us to become more compassionate toward our fellow man, more aware of our roles here on earth and the workings continually going on within us, around us that are, in reality only meant to solidify and sanctify our rightful and sacred place in the universe.

The one eternal integer in all of this is that the Creator does not change as we must.  He is the Perfection of Perfection and Is, Was and Forever Shall Be.       

But how can this be that the cosmos continues to be perfected from a state of imperfection if a perfect Creator created it?  There are many explanations that people have come up with for this.  The bottom line is, nobody has the answer.  We all know that evil exists and is inherent in everything and reincarnation is the answer (or one answer, if you will) to righting the world's wrongs, regaining harmony and balance and setting ourselves on course to Wisdom and Understanding. 

Is there an end to G-d's Plan of Perfection?  There is no way to answer this as we just do not know. 

Think of yourself as the center of a wheel.  All around is movement and, in some cases, counter movement in which the cycles of life do not harmonize with you but are at war with each other.

These out of control and errant currents result in disease, mental health issues, violence, rage, abuse, war and poverty, just to name a few.   So doesn't it stand to reason that you would want to keep your life free from these things and as meaningful as possible?  Of course.  In order to do so, meditation and prayer are necessary as you circumnavigate your path.

Remember, you and you alone are in charge of your destiny based on the decisions you make.  Yes, the Creator is always there, watching over you but will not interfere until asked.  You can either choose to go off the rails or walk a path that reflects a positive and harmonious state of mind. 

Why is it that we do not teach others that their lives, their fate literally rests in their own hands?

This is one big reason I'm posting this information because it needs to be shared.  

Temptation:  Yes, we are all subject to temptation but understand that temptation will be an on going presence throughout your life.  Your decision as to how to handle temptation when it appears will be integral as to how much pain or happiness you bring upon yourself as you walk the path.

Remember, you and I are never alone and help is always available when needed.

Make a change today.  Instead of talking the talk, start walking the walk.

     ~ Blessings,

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Gate Keepers

It never amazes me the gems of Wisdom that always surround us and surprise you by making an unexpected appearance.  So it is with a recent nugget of Wisdom, a thought that came out of nowhere having to do with "boundaries."   What are they?  Boundaries can be fixed or non fixed (imaginative).  They rule our morals, thoughts, our actions (deeds).

Boundaries can be fixed like goal posts that delineate a football field or they can be expansive and imaginative like your thoughts in which you can imagine you can do just about anything.

Boundaries are part of the cosmos, the universal structure that contains everything that was, everything that is and everything that is to come.  Boundaries are here to protect and guide us so we don't cross over a line into dangerous, uncharted territory, leaving ourselves vulnerable to unseen and unknown and evil external stimuli.    

What has been happening to mankind since the Beginning is that we haven't learned to respect these boundaries but foolishly keep ignoring them and pushing them further away from us, acting like gods with unlimited power.  Woe to us that we still continue to think this way.  We continue to push forward even as that still, small voice urges us not to.

That still small is a Gate Keeper and is there to warn us before we go too far.

We think we can get away with something we clearly weren't meant to get away with but go ahead and do it anyway.   Then we find ourselves in a lot of trouble in which we are able (or not) to find our way out of.

Examples of crossing boundaries:

We blurt out something hurtful, in anger to a close friend and then regret having opened our mouth.

We cheat on a test in school and then find out we've been caught and kicked out of school.

We take that one last drink, do one more inhale or injection and it winds up costing us our life.

Playing with a loaded weapon, not believing that it can go off but we go ahead and do it anyway.  

Pushing the boundaries too far can sometimes cost you your life. 

Boundaries...just something for you to think about as you go about your day.

Wisdom is a precious commodity and in rare supply.  When it shows up it's because it was meant to be shared with those you love,


Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hermes Trismegistus

Earning Your Stripes

Okay, Already!! I Get It Okay????

Why am I blogging today because I have a message I want to get out but the details are all jumbled up in my head so I thought if I put it down on paper it would help clear things up.

I can't help but believe that each and every one of us was no accident.  That we were born for a specific purpose on this planet to make a difference.  Does this matter to you?  Do you feel this way or are you lost or plain, "just don't care."

You really need to take a deep look inside you.  Who you are, where are you going, your beliefs, etc.  and ask yourself this question, "am I here to waste my time and everybody's else's or am I here because I have something worthwhile to contribute? 

We have a finite amount of time on planet earth and then we're gone.  If you're going to make a difference you need to do it while you're here not after you're dead and gone.

So, am I connecting with any of you on this?  Have you been contemplating this very thing?  If yes, that's great!

And don't worry about the bumps and bruises along the way.  We all get them.  Just think of them as earning your stripes.  

The Wise Ones have been telling us (humanity) that this planet is evolving from one of Darkness (Evil) and into the Light (Good).  People are waking up all over the place to the fact they don't want to see all the crap going on in the world anymore.  They've had it.  They're fed up.  They want it to stop.  Question:  How can you stop something just by thinking about it?  Ans:  You can't.  You have to get involved.

Some of you knew early on who you wanted to be, the profession you chose while others are still in the dark, trying to figure things out. A lot of us (myself included) didn't have a clue about what they wanted to do in life but kept praying, kept asking questions, kept investigating until the answer was forthcoming.  It doesn't matter your age when the awakening occurs only that you received, heeded and took action.

Some of you are still betwixt and between.  You keep going back and forth between one occupation and another.  That's okay.  You're in the assessment mode, the moment just before a door will be opened to you.  Your answer is nigh as to your true path.  Have faith! Have hope!

And pray, like your life and the world depended on it, because they do.  


Monday, November 5, 2018

All is Well

By the dark of the moon
She weaves her spells
Broken hearts, illness
She knows all too well
She recites, she incants
She radiates, enchants
She breaks open bottles
Of elixers and spirits
The fragrance of herbs
Combine as she mixes
The warmth from the light
Cast shadows afar
As she continues her work
Neath the rays of Lodestar
She works until dawn
To ensure the spell
Will bring hope and cheer
And healing as well