Monday, May 20, 2019

Stop the COVER UP! (Embrace Who You Are)

The time is coming, hell the time is here.  STOP denying, stop making excuses.  EMBRACE who and what you are.  You are a child of the Universe.  Stop Pretending, Stop Making Excuses and Stop Being Afraid.

Embrace YOU!

Go For It.  The Universe Created You.  They Know Who You Are.  They Love You and It's Time You Started to Love Yourself, as Well.     

Love Yourself. as I LOVE YOU!

~ Blessings,

loreena mckennitt - mummers dance (this music helps me get through a rainy day lol)

Thursday, May 16, 2019

2CELLOS - Benedictus [LIVE at Arena Zagreb]

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Hymn of the Cherubim


There is a witch
Just down the street
As nice as she can be
Then there’s the lass
Who’s full of gas
And cries like a Banshee
But the witch is wise,
And the lass unadvised
So she'll wait it out
And pray
That the lass 
Will determine
And in due time
That olde myths   
Are in decay


I was working in my flower garden this morning as the sun's bright rays streamed down through the trees and onto the ground I was on.  They formed beautiful patterns that mesmerized and the next thing I knew I was standing up and looking skyward as a beautiful calming energy started to come over me.

The next moment I thought, "this must be what it feels like to be in heaven."

Fragrant deep, dark Merlot roses bloomed, Rosemary and Russian Sage scented the air.  I looked at the blue sky with puffy white clouds slowly meandering by, all the trees and shrubs that surrounded me and felt earth's gentle embrace.  Then another thought, "For You Shall Know That, Nothing is out of Order as Everything is As It should Be." 

Every so often we get little glimpses of what it's like to be on the other side. They are what our celestial guardians have told us would come to pass as humanity continues its slow ascent into Divine Consciousness.

Know that Truth and Light, Justice and Peace are manifesting and coming into being.  These are poignant reminders that we are not alone on our path as our celestial helpers are those little rays of light that are opening up gateways through the darkness. 

Remember, this life we're experiencing is only temporary. 

Perfection is on the other side. 

I hope this brings someone a little peace, today...

~ Blessings,
          ~ Nightshade

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Taking Up Space

Have you ever experienced this?  You're walking down the sidewalk thinking of someone and all of a sudden they appear in front of you?  Or, you're studying for a test and can't find the answer you're looking for and decide to take a break.  You type in the question again and magically, the answer you wanted appears.

It's called Synchronicity.

It's all part of the world, the universe we live in and the space we occupy.  It produces positive stimuli in the brain along with helping us along our life path.   

The word Synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung, Swiss Psychologist, as a means of explaining coincidences.    He spoke of it as, "part of the collective unconscious, a governing dynamic that underlays the whole of human experience".

How does synchronicity happen?  --Nobody knows, it just happens.

But maybe after posting this material you may want to think back on some of the unusual (at the time) experiences and meetings you've had that didn't make sense at the time but might make sense, now.   

More and more, we're waking up to dynamic forces that interact with us, shape us and mold us into the person we will become.  

According to Mr. Jung, "Synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved".

     ~ Nightshade 

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Aurora - Hans Zimmer (Through Tragedy We Come Together, Amen)

Past Lives

On May 5, I watched a little yellow bird pecking at and flying into my windows.  First it started in the computer room then moved on to the dining room window and lastly the living room window.  This happened all day long.   Note:  (Birds can be messengers from spirit). 

The next day, in the wee hours of the morning on May 6, I had an extraordinary dream in which I met an individual that I believe I knew in a past life.  I say extraordinary because of the warm, loving energy that came forth.  I was unable to see his face (front view) (maybe he couldn't, maybe he shouldn't, maybe he wasn't ready to reveal who he was or, maybe I wasn't supposed to know) as he was looking straight ahead and standing so close to me that I felt our two bodies had morphed together.  What did catch my attention as I was only able to glance up at him one time was his brown hair, looking all tousled and haphazard like he had just gotten out of bed.  He had a beard also.  I couldn't see any other details. 

He wouldn't leave my side but continued to stay so very close to me that I couldn't move.  I felt that he was protecting me, somehow and maybe a soldier or a knight that I may have known in a past life.  Without any doubt we had had a very deep and loving relationship but, for some reason, maybe illness or battle, he had been taken away from me, quite suddenly.

I've had lucid dreams before but this one took the cake.  I will never forget, the depth of it being so profound that I cannot choose just the right words to describe it.
This morning I did my morning Tarot spread, as usual, asking Tarot if there were any messages for today.  To my utter surprise there were.  To say I was blown away by the reading is putting it mildly.

Please listen to the YT Video I've listed below as, it will, hopefully, in some way, express the depth of my experience.

I will be posting the tarot spread shortly as soon as I get another sim card for my so-called smart phone so I can download it.

~ Blessings,

Update:  May 6, 2019 "Past Lives Tarot Reading"

Top Card:  Who or What Were You?
*VI The Lovers

Read the below cards from left to right

Past Position:  What Is It That Brought You Here to the Present?     
*VII of Cups
(Reflecting on the past, did I/didn't I make the right decision, sorrow, regret, sadness?)

Present Position:
*XVI The Tower
(Message to the Reader):  You need to know What Happened: 
A Calamity occurred, a fatality, a catastrophe, something unexpected

Future Position:   
*VIII of Wands
(Sending a message):  I miss you; I love you
Arrows of Love; Being able to move through the unmovable; swiftness as if in delivering a message

Reasons/Problems/Challenges Encountered:
*XV The Devil
Deception; Temptation; Sickness; Violence

*XIII Death
Mortality; Corruption; Endings

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Abortion is an Aberration in the Eyes of the Universe

This is a sacred planet (def:  Considered worthy of spiritual respect or devotion).  

I just walked outside and stopped along the way as I felt the warmth of the sun beating down upon me.  I asked myself, "how is it going to feel not being able to experience looking up at the sun and feeling its healing warmth after I leave here?"  

Do we all really know how special this planet is?  I don't think many of us do.

And yet other beings are in full knowledge of just how special earth is.  

This planet has been protected by hosts who have a special interest in us.  They are saddened as to what has been happening here.  They have been watching over us and been with us on our journey for thousands of years offering support and tweaking our progress every so often when they feel the need is warranted. 

They know that we are a young and sorrowful planet, in bondage, and have a long way to go in our spiritual ascension because of the many negatives that thrive on and surround this planet.  That is why they are here, offering their help. 

This planet has everything it needs to support a myriad of life forms.  It exists for just that purpose, to support, nurture, protect, sustain and bring forth life.     
But as we've been hearing and reading lately, this is exactly the opposite of what is happening.

I think a message will be forthcoming, in the not too distant future, in which our cosmic family will  contact us, sharing their deep disappointment at what they've been seeing.

The act of procreation is personal, intimate and sensual.  It is consensual and happens between one man and one woman and is a natural occurrence as a way in which two human beings express their love for one another and, in so doing, create a new life.

However, there is a concerted effort by some groups to see that the result of this union (a baby) will not happen and they are blaming it on "it was just an accident" or, "the baby is now unwanted".

These groups have gathered together in an all out war on life seeing to it that these tiny babies are deprived of their right to life while in the womb and, now, even after they've been born. 

This inhumane aberration has not gone unnoticed. 

Those beings who watch over us know this planet has been out of order for some time.  They also  realize that there are those who have been doing everything in their power to see that the planet recover from its egregious moral failure to protect even the tiniest and most vulnerable among us.

They've been very patient with us but are grieved at controls that were placed over this planet that keep the light and goodness from penetrating and the darkness in perpetuity.  They are also saddened at what they see us doing to one another.  It's only a matter of time before we hear, directly, from them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Heaven's Portal

Characters Wanted

Life is not a neat little package with a pretty bow on top.

As you start to grow in awareness you discover your personality (who you are, who you want to be) and directing your path toward that goal.  Along that path you will encounter obstacles and challenges.

We don't know exactly what these problems will be until we come face to face with them. 

Character is built by rising up to these challenges.  The mere fact that you fall down once or a couple hundred times in your attempts to deal with them is no failure but a commendable sign of the fortitude inside you (character).

Are kids being taught in school that character is built by facing a problem rather than hiding from it?

Are kids being taught in school that it's not a sign of weakness to ask for help?   

Are kids being taught in school that going without (things) is more important than having everything they want?   

*A poor family with a spiritual base is going to make it through hard times much easier than a rich family who has everything.

Moral character is a belief in something higher than yourself.     

Moral character is going out of your way, even though you might be the one hurting, to help someone else.

Moral character is having the guts to say, "I'm sorry."

Moral character is setting an example for others by the way you act and treat others.

Moral character is admitting you were wrong and someone else was right.

Moral character is tending to the duties of your family as a parent. 

Moral character is defending the defenseless.

Moral character is standing up for what you believe in.

Moral character is taking care of this planet and all its life forms. 

Moral character is finding a peaceful solution to a problem rather than a violent one.

Moral character is respecting others. 

Moral character is letting someone else express his or her opinion while you patiently wait to tell your side.

Moral character is keeping yourself healthy.

Moral character is doing the right thing. 

Moral character is believing in yourself.  

     ~ Blessings,
               ~ Nightshade 

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Silent Drill Platoon at Gallatin High School 2016

Life is a Dream State

I'm smothering under a canopy or a heavy, canvas shroud with hardly room to breathe.  The air is still and suffocating.  There are bunches of roses (some of them now scattered) above me and all around me but are wilting, rotting away from being out in too much sun and rain.  I can actually smell them, a sad, funereal loveliness of what they once were.  I can't hear any sounds.  It's like I'm only allowed to perceive certain things. 

Poof!  One minute I'm here and the next I'm in the middle of this dense, dark void.

Such is life.  One minute you're alive and the next minute you're gone.

There's a message in here, somewhere.  

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Meditation for Today

Peace on Earth

I am in a small boat with my leg hanging over the side and my foot in the water.  There is a buoy nearby and I love listening to the sound of its melodious bell as it moves back and forth in the waves.  I am looking west toward the sunset and it is beautiful with soft colors of pink and orange purple and gray.  I am falling asleep now as the boat gently rocks back and forth.  All is good, all is peaceful and all is well on Planet Earth.     
~Let's make this happen~ 

Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019

Friday, April 19, 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Blue Inverse

I lived my life
Now laid to rest
Given all
I did my best
What grieves me deeply
Is leaving earth
This my home
Origin of birth
Time to sleep
And Time will tell
If next time around
Is downright dull
Or maybe, more
Incantations, spells?
I weave a web
Of truth and lies
As this is what beneath
You can’t save me now
I’m on my way
And will reappear
On earth
One day

Friday, April 5, 2019


I had a dream this morning I can only describe as being a colorful and tumultuous Picasso Mozaic vividly displayed on the wide screen in dramatic detail. 

It seemed to be a celebration of life.  The dream consisted of all gay men.  I was in the dream both as an observer and, unbeknownst to me, also as a participant.  This is not new to me.  I actually welcome participation in dreams as I am able to fully comprehend what's going on and able to gather up the emotions, the smells, the colors, the scents and feelings.

Let's see if I can paint a picture for you.

This dream reminded me of what ancient Roman orgies may have been like.  An "anything goes, no boundaries, wild sex, drinking, stoned, passing out, incoherent ramblings, no one to stop us and we can do whatever the hell we want to" attitude.

There were colors in the dream and they were a subdued Aqua, Grey, Turquoise and Deep Blue (not like the representation above as this was the only picture that I could find that came close).

These colors were painted on walls and on banners and on the sashes the men wore around their waists.

The men were bare chested with little chest hair and very virile.  They were young I'd say 28 years old with jet black shiny, curly hair.  They meant me no harm (I could feel this) and welcomed my observation and (I didn't know this at first...) also, my participation.

The participation part was like one of those "aha" moments in which you were so confident you were there just to watch and soon found out that someone else had different plans for you.

I was whisked off to one place and then another to view the "goings on".  I cannot remember how many places I visited I just know there were many.  Each place was like a scene unto itself neatly ensconced in a box.  (Think of a shadow box).  So this box had one scene in it and then the next box I visited had another.

In one scene I remember being swallowed up by some huge thing like a whale and being spit out again onto the floor coughing and gasping.   

But, also one scene that was a very deep and painful experience I underwent that I will not share here because I really do not know how to interpret it properly (if at all) and why I was made to undergo it nor what it meant let alone try and describe it.  I think it may have had to do with proving your male virility.  Something the Native Americans were noted for.  Anyway, 

There was gaiety that was off the chart, flamboyance, raucous laughter, camaraderie, elbowing, tickling, juggling, drinking, wrestling, making fun of, jokes, shrieks of joy, rumbling, tussling, whooping and hollering, so much noise as they played leap frog over one another.

I watched as they stood on high cliffs with waterfalls and then jumped down into the frothing water below.  They ran, they jumped they sparred with one another and all in good fun.

LGBT:  Laughter, Gaiety, Bravado and Theatrical

Monday, April 1, 2019

It's Coming

Note:  Yesterday morning , 3/31/19, I alluded to a comforting feeling I was getting in my post, "A Little Birdie Told Me," and now confirmed by this latest message from Spirit called, "It Shall Be the Tipping Point." 

Please read the message below and know that powerful forces are at work for good in the universe and across planet earth.    Please feel free to share this message.   

North Carolina, US of A, March 24, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah
Subject: “It Shall Be the Tipping Point.”

Message received by:  Chris

Teacher Uteah: “Every one of you reading this message is a light worker if you so use your will and intention to be aligned with the Light and to ask the Universal Father to be an instrument of His will. There are no prerequisites — all are being called to serve. You do not need special abilities or acute awareness, for within you lives the Indwelling Presence of the Father — and that, my dear students, makes you more powerful than any dark power or principality in the universe. Know that the moment you connect with this power through your thoughts, will, and intention, it brings you onto the Holy Ground of the Infinite. You need not even to articulate a request — your faith alone to be the instrument of Father’s Will is sufficient to open the storehouse of Heaven.

“Today, I deputize you as ambassadors of Christ Michael and as the storage vessels of Mother’s Holy Spirit. It is with your willingness to be the instruments of Father’s Will that you are empowered to serve as Christ Michael’s trusted light workers. Herewith all that belong to the Trust, I ask each of you to invoke your right as Children of the Creator Father, and ambassadors of Christ Michael, to stand together in unity with your fellow light workers. Call on your Indwelling Spirit to empower you to be a radiant sphere of light and love. You are needed to be an influence of light and goodness on your planet. The Spirit of the Father, living within each of you, stands ready to execute your intention.

“This message today is not a philosophic analogy, but a request to be energetically activated to stand as an anchor of light on your world — to be energetically empowered as a light source that radiates outward in all directions. Today, I ask you to invoke the following words aloud and to stand with the celestial hosts of heaven and be the instruments that shall change the energy of your world from darkness into light. There is an opportunity herewith for every soul that desires to participate in the Great Plan, to redeem Urantia, to step up and take your place as children of the Trust.


“My Beloved Indwelling, in this moment, I ask that you empower me to become an energetic anchor of the Holy Spirit, that I may fulfill Father’s Will to bring this world out of darkness and into light.

“I AM powerful when I use my free will and intention to awaken the Truth that Father’s Spirit lives within me.

“Knowing this, there is no darkness, dark power, or principality that can stand against this Holy Light.

“Join me together with my siblings and connect our Spirits to form a powerful grid of Love and Light.

“I AM a vessel for the Holy Spirit—fill me now like a battery that is charging for service.”

Invocation (Speak aloud with command and confidence):

“Father, light me up like a thousand suns!
“I command that darkness in all its forms be now consumed in the Light of the Holy Spirit!
“Your Will be done, Father, for I AM the Instrument of Your Will.”

“Repeat this invocation many times and as often as you remember. Imagine a powerful sphere of light exploding and expanding outward from your heart center in all directions, like a new born star, radiating in all its glory. This Great Light is the cleansing power of the Holy Spirit that vaporizes the energy and influence of darkness in all its forms. Together you and your Indwelling Spirit are the most powerful force of Light and Goodness there is on your world now. When you stand in unity with your siblings invoking this powerful intention, you are purifying your world and preparing it for Light and Life.

“This invocation pools together the Thought Adjuster Circuits — it shall be the tipping point!

“Power and Glory to you, Father,
“I AM Uteah.”

Receiver’s note: Please do share this message with others, for I sense that there is something very real and powerful happening on our world at this time. Invoking this powerful intention allows the Father to work though each of you — and together we make up a powerful force that can take back our world.


© The 11:11 Progress Group. “The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Promises Kept

Christopher Robin Reminding Bear
 Promise me you'll always remember:  "You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

A Little Birdie Told Me

I had the most wonderful revelation this morning.  It came over me like a soft and fluffy blanket   dropped over my shoulders so I'm sharing it with you. 

"All those working in the Light, all those striving toward the Light, all of us, no matter who we are, no matter where we are, no matter our status in life, no matter our color, no matter our religion, we are all in place, in a tiny fragment of time, Divinely allotted to us by our Creator and doing the work we were destined to do".

The mainstream press, cable news, politicians and others, in there blind and egotistical stupor continue to stifle the good that is going on in the world because all that matters to them is the bad.

But I can feel the light breaking through.  Like the sun rising in the morning.  A few moments before it was dark and cold and nothing stirred.  Then, a small dot on the horizon and we watched as a  blazing star rose from the east, shedding its light and warmth over everything.  Suddenly life comes alive.  A soft breeze through the pines, little animals start to scamper and birds start singing. 

Human beings don't pay attention to the wonders of nature, the ebb and flow of life, because of our busy schedules and being bombarded with bad news from morning to night.   

Hundreds of years ago there was no news.  People were connected to earth.  They lived by the stars, grew their crops by the stars, planted their gardens by the stars.  They were naturally connected to Mother Earth.

We have lost something very special down here but it can be regained.  It will take some effort to reconnect with it but is well worth it.  But, first you must want to change, in order to feel the All that is within you and surrounds you.   

When you walk out in the morning do the tall oaks bend down and say, good morning, does a little bird alight on your shoulder and tell you good news?   

Get back to nature.  Learn what nature is.  Nature is a part of all of us.

Nurture the nature within you and get in touch with the nature that surrounds you.  



Saturday, March 30, 2019

Light and Dark

The Light Opening Up Inside You

I am musing this morning about how the world works and I've come to a conclusion.  It's a conundrum.

One thing that I do know is this planet is all about Life, creating it, nurturing it and sustaining it yet we hare doing just the opposite. 

I believe that the universe is all about balance and love and compassion but also has a darker side in which you will be called to account for your actions.  When you commit a horrendous wrong to the littlest among us, there will be a point in which you will be called forth and made to pay. 

We are in epic times in which so much sh*t is being shoved to the surface and into the light where all can now see what's been going on.  When the dark is exposed to the light it has no cover and wants to run and hide but now it's having difficulty doing so.

Social Media while a wonderful tool for settling grievances and getting the truth out is systematically being poisoned by those who wish to use it for there own selfish political purposes.

I can't wrap my head around a Jack Dorsey (Twitter), a Google CEO Sundar Pichai or a Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) who have perverted the very purpose of these platforms.

They have a golden opportunity to really make a difference in the world but, instead, these tech gurus have decided to do just the opposite.

Technology, when in the right hands can be a boon to mankind but in the wrong hands, just the opposite. 

You, on the other hand, have a long way to go in life.

And you will be either the solution or the problem.

It's time to choose between the two.   

Sunday, March 24, 2019

In Due Time

"The Angel of the Revelation" by William Blake

"For nothing is secret that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid that shall not be known and come abroad."  

Luke 8:17 (KJV) 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Planetary Changes Coming?

Quebec, Canada, January 14, 2019.

Subject : “The Times to Come.”

Message received from Machiventa: 

“Today we are going to talk about The Times to Come because, for those who follow the transmissions of Teachers, received through various ‘Transmitter/Receivers’, the important topic of the planetary changes to come is addressed more and more frequently.

“It can be said that certain transmissions are discreetly alluding to them, while others are more direct about them, as well as about the times to come.

“Now let us be clear. There is no good way to tell you what changes are on the horizon because they are about to happen; It's one minute to midnight, my friends.

“Few people are ready to face what will happen and it is with sadness and a lot of love that it befalls us to inform you that you must prepare yourself as seriously as possible.

“The announcements made in the past have always been taken lightly by the population; know that there will be fewer warnings from now on; only one official announcement will be made; it will have to be listened to and taken seriously, because thereafter, the changes will begin as described in the prophecies.

“You think that the tone of my message is stern and very different from the usual messages, but you have to be solemn now and make sure that the current times are no longer dedicated to reflection but to action.

“Listen to what you hear because you will know when the bell will ring . . .

“I am Machiventa.”

English translation by Anyas Spencer.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

The Magical Mechanics of Drudgery

The word Drudgery means:  hard, menial or dull work.   

Am I right in assuming that young people today are not at all interested in drudgery (most of them haven't even heard the word) but only interested in going full speed ahead?   Who wants to do menial labor (getting your hands dirty) basically, jobs that suck, while you could be involved in something so much more exciting and interesting?

Who wants to be bored, who wants uninteresting, who wants menial and dull when excitement lies just ahead?    

Life is not all about speed and excitement.  Life is peppered with bouts of drudgery, you know those times you can't escape.  The times you have to clean out the cat litter box and it's one scoopful after the other until the dirty job is done.

But, isn't it interesting that during the time you're cleaning out the litter box, all by yourself with nobody bothering you, you're finally able to fully concentrate on some things that have been bugging you?    

You find yourself thinking about what you said to so and so yesterday and you just made up your mind that an apology is in order.  Or, that math equation you couldn't figure out last week but now, magically, the answer just appeared.       

Say you've got pages and pages of a homework assignment that is due by the end of the week.  You don't know how you're going to do it but you're determined to stay up late every night forcing yourself to do drudge work and gut it out, fighting back sleep in order to finish the assignment.

The following Friday, the teacher singles you out to compliment you on your efforts and rewards you with an A for your work.        

Answers to life problems won't come to you when you're constantly on full speed ahead and on the move always looking for new excitement.  

Yet this is exactly what social media embraces, what television preaches and Hollywood constantly portrays in their films.  Excitement is where it's at!

No, it's not.  If you want to get anywhere in life, Drudgery is where it's at!

The benefits of rote work (rote meaning routine, fixed, habitual, mechanical) and how it helps you clear your conscious, allowing your unconscious to flow freely in order to solve problems, is a secret tool of the masters.  It's just this success tool isn't being taught in schools or in colleges and I daresay, even in many homes.

So the next time you apply for a job and find out it may not be all that you wanted, that most of it is going to be dull, drab work (drudgery) in which nothing exciting is going to happen, don't pass it up because you may be giving up something extraordinary that will manifest in your life.

You will then be pleasantly surprised at what drudgery can teach and do for you.    

It's wisdom earned the hard way--It's called work!  

It's only when you learn this skill and its magical mechanics, that you will find yourself on a new and more rewarding and positive path in life. 

Drudgery isn't taught in schools.  It's a learned experience meant only for a successful few who know how valuable it is.   

It's a fantastic tool and a great way of standing up to life's problems.   

Give it a try!

Have a great week!

      ~ Blessings,
               ~ Nightshade


Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The End

"The end of the world will come when there is not one honest man left among the living."
(Diogenes of Sinope, Greek Philosopher, 404 - 323 BCE)

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Here's Looking at You, Kid

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step"
~Lao Tzu~

Do You Have Foundation Problems?

Definition of the word, foundation (English/Oxford Dictionary):

The lowest load bearing part of a building, typically below ground level
an underlying basis or principle
a justification or reason.

A foundation is crucial to many things:
a house needs a foundation to sit upon
the basis of thought and belief systems must have a foundation in order for you to have faith
your life must have a foundation (purpose) in order for you to move forward
the law must have a foundation (in truth) in order to be fair and balanced
without a healthy and just foundation morality withers away and dies
without a foundation, humanity continues its descent into darkness (ignorance)

Whether you call your apt. or your house a home, it is much more than that.  It comes with four walls and a roof in which it shelters you as you eat and play, sleep, meditate, pray, make plans, entertain friends, welcome family members, communicate, have sex and raise your kids.   Its foundation enables you to live in security as you grow.  

What you personally believe is based on historical documents, people and events.  These beliefs (foundation) help to shape you, inspire you, motivate you and mold you into who you are.

In order for our lives to be more meaningful, we must decide who we want to be and what we want to do.  This is called purpose.

The law must have, as its underlying foundation, a basis in equity and truth.  It must strive to hear all sides of an argument, present the required evidence in order to render a just verdict.

Those among us who aspire to help others must have a moral and just society (foundation) in which to flourish.

Humanity's crumbling foundation is one of continued ignorance as it agonizingly searches for wisdom.  In order for it to evolve in the light it needs to improve its standards, eagerly search out those who are here to help others and encourage, cultivate and mentor them in their quest to make this world a better place for all.  This, my friends, is one of the greatest foundations of all.  It is called Selflessness.

~ ~ ~


Sunday, February 24, 2019

Body Mind Spirit

Learning to Heal Ourselves

After my cancer surgery I was made more aware of my body.  What it could do and what it struggled to do. 

My surgeon told me, "I've done all I can for you, now it's up to your body to do the rest." 

Human beings make up a very unique trinity, comprised of three things: 

1.  A mind (attitude/reason)
2.  A body (flesh and blood)
3. A spirit or soul which is conscience

Generally these three things work independently of each and we don't pay them any attention.  But,  when something happens to you (car accident, disease) you learn real quick that they all need to be working together if you are going to have any chance of healing.

*The body can't heal without the mind gathering the courage to tell it to do so
*The body can't heal  if it doesn't get the medicine and proper nutrients
*The body can't heal if our spirit does not provide us with the spiritual strength we need

All three of these things are vital to whether we heal or whether we don't.

Body, Mind, Spirit:  All three are vital to your well being.

Have a good week!

     ~ Nightshade 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Peaceful Valley
Did you know that you have the ability to attract what you want in life?  Your thoughts have everything to do with deciding who you're going to date, the people you associate with, what movies you watch, your choice of music, whether you're feeling joyful or depressed, the career you choose and, ultimately, who you marry and your success in life. 

Everything is energy, including thoughts.  You give out bad vibes, you're gonna get back bad vibes.  You give off good vibes, then good vibes will manifest back to you.  

Today it's difficult to completely isolate oneself from all the noisy chatter and downright depressing news that keeps bombarding us but one way to counter this (and keep yourself from going nuts) is learning how to meditate.  Just find a special place where you can be alone, light a candle and put on some meditation music if you like, remove all thoughts and feel the void, the still air outside of you and the universe inside of you.  It takes a little bit of doing in order to learn how to do this but once you do, you will come back to it time and time again.  And I guarantee that you will begin to feel a new peace inside you.  

Your friends will notice the difference.  Animals and birds, trees and plants will respond to the new you and you will feel more at peace with yourself and your surroundings. 

This is what the Universe wants for all of us:
Peace on earth; Peace within us; Peace I give unto you; may you find the Peace you are looking for and, lastly, world Peace.

We have the ability to change our lives, if we choose to do so.

Choices, healing, taking charge, and they all start with you.    

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Looking Ahead

According to some researchers, 13,000 years ago a comet hit earth resulting in a mini ice age called   Dryas Younger.  This name came from a wildflower able to withstand the extreme cold that  flourished during that time.    This mini ice age killed humans, animals weighing 100 lbs. or more, wiped out plants and trees and was responsible for ending the North American Clovis ancient culture that existed in New Mexico.

The previous ice age before this one, lasted 100,000 years.  

The Dryas Younger was a period of brutal and extreme cold that lasted approximately 1,300 years and forced migrant communities to come together and rely on each other for survival. 

This reliance on one another was crucial as the old way of raising crops and gathering food wouldn't work under these brutal conditions and new ways had to be found of growing, cultivating and harvesting crops in order to live.            

It is also suggested that this period of communication, this coming together, was the precursor to our modern civilization and modern farming methods.  

Today, instead of coming together, we've separated ourselves from one another, opting instead to segment and compartmentalize ourselves into little groups whose differences continue to be ideologically and excuse driven, which leaves us fearful and distrustful.

All the while we are impervious and ignorant as to what we are doing to ourselves, collectively, as we grope and stumble our way in the dark.    

Instead of today being a star on mankind's report card, it is more of an abysmal black smudge in which any hint of working together is scorned, the voice of reason is drummed out, common sense is attacked and compassion is considered a fault.   Any parts of human flesh left hanging on the skeleton are then flogged and flayed into tiny little pieces and thrown into the pit.

However, even though today's news are full of carrion events and people that make no sense, leaving one reeling from reports of depravity and cruelty, devastation and horror, something is changing.

There is a quiet awakening taking place among many people today both young and old.  I don't believe this is the result of another impending cosmic event like the one that may have happened 13,000 years ago, but just a cycle of completion as we are waking up.  It is time for humanity to throw off the old way of doing and living and embrace the new earth that's coming.     

13,000 years ago we had to come together.  We had no choice.  We were many with different ideas and habits but our survival took precedent and we realized that coming together in unity and love was the only way we'd have a chance of surviving.

Today, we're realizing the same thing, that coming together in unity and love will make a difference.  It's only different in that we don't have some horrific event headed our way but, rather we're choosing to come together, of our own free will, not only for our own personal betterment but for the betterment of all.     

The reason for this, I believe, is that we're finally realizing that our way of living on this planet isn't working very well.

How many of you think about this planet, how incredibly beautiful it is and how you can help it thrive?  How many of you are finding out there's an inner connection between all things?  How many of you sense that  there's a better way of handling world problems?  How many of you think there's a more holistic way of approaching diseases like cancer and diabetes?  How many of you think we need to stop the endless wars in which young men and women come back battered and broken or don't come back at all?  How many of you believe that living a simpler life is better than one where day to day living makes no sense?  How many of you are turning away from alcohol and drugs because they just don't fill the void within you?   How many of you feel a spiritual calling in which you are prompted to attend workshops, visit foreign countries, learn to become a shaman or healer and research and explore the innermost, hidden ways of the world?  How many of you believe in a celestial life force in whose umbrella we are all under?  How many of you are searching for something to believe in because the things available to you today make no sense?  How many of you are sticking to a new diet because you feel more healthy?

This Awakening is a slow process because that is how the Universe operates.  Be patient and kind, believe in yourself and your calling because the time is Now and your Purpose on this Planet is quietly Unfolding. 

~ Namaste,

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Meaning of The Pentacle

The pentacle has been worn as a powerful protection symbol for thousands of years.  Associated in turn with Magick, Paganism and Christian mysticism, its earliest connections were with worship of the Earth Goddess, from whose sacred five petaled apple blossoms the symbol may have been derived.  Like the circle it is considered a protective design because of its continuously connecting points.  The pentacle has been called the symbol of man, truth and completion.  Alchemists paired the elements of the earth to those of man -- flesh and bones to earth, blood to water, breath to air, body heat to fire and the soul to ether.  The five points also correspond to the five stages of life:  birth, puberty, marriage, rest from labours and death. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Philosophers Stone: The Union Between the Physical and the Spiritual

Changes to Google+

Note from Google Developers:  On April 2, 2019 Google will be shutting down Google+, deleting any blog posts and pictures.  I imagine all followers will be going away, too.  Just to let you know.  Apparently they've been having problems with this format and couldn't fix it.  That's what I've read. 

This will not stop me from continuing this blog as a way to reach people and posting my thoughts and commentary.  


Saturday, February 2, 2019


New Slogan of the Democrat Party, "EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!"

All of a sudden we see the Democrat Party taking a turn for the worse that no one saw coming and endorsing the murder of infants up to birth and even after they are fully out of the womb.    

We are now seeing state governors signing into law legislation that will allow a fully developed baby to be killed and no one can come forth with any viable (there is none) reason for doing so.        

Babies are now being singled out and systematically targeted for extermination in this country.

Why is it that neither party has the guts to stand up to Planned Parenthood, condemn them for killing babies (this has nothing to do with a mother's "health) and jerk their funding?  Is it because of PP's  powerful lobby or because the Republican Party just doesn't want to stick its neck out?   

A country who has lost its moral compass is no country at all.

An abortion Dr. was just sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail for doing exactly what Governor Cuomo just signed into law in New York.  

The Democrat Party has now characterized themselves as a threat to all civilized people and need to be treated as hazardous waste. 

Definition of Hazardous Waste:  A substantial or potential threat to public health.

What was happening in this country was bad enough but the Democrats have moved it up a notch.  What they are now calling for is diabolical. 

How many babies are terminated each year?


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

IT ~ Intuition Technology

For weeks now, way before the onset of Winter I kept feeling that we were in for some bitterly cold weather.  I couldn't confirm this, I couldn't find anything on the internet nor the Farmers Almanac to really substantiate these deep feelings.    

I felt like the unseen cold coming would affect where I live and was concerned about my own problems with frozen water pipes and tending to livestock.  I really didn't give much thought to just where it would happen.   

Today, the Midwest is in the grip of the coldest weather ever recorded with Chicago predicting a wind chill today of -75 degrees.  Minneapolis had a wind chill of -50 degrees.  

We're used to the four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring in which each season lets us know that we're leaving one behind and entering another.  We take it for granted that Summer grows cooler as we enter Fall, Fall grows colder as we enter Winter and Winter usually acts normal and moderates as we enter Spring. 

How does one actually go about predicting the weather?  Is it an exact science or hit and miss?  I think it's a little of both.  

We have the Farmer's Almanac which relies on a secret recipe for their annual reports and, according to the experts, their forecast is pretty much on target every year.   However I don't recall reading anything about the horrific wind chills much of the country is experiencing. 

Meteorologists look at the temperature of ocean currents in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean that predict whether it will be an El Nino or a La Nina.  Again, I couldn't get any definitive info from the local meteorologist, Weather Channel or any other weather authority about whether my neck of the woods would be in an El Nino or a La Nina.  

Depending on where you live on this planet, an El Nino means that your part of the world is going to be wetter than normal.  A La Nina Pattern means it's going to be drier than normal.   A simple recipe for what's going on is when Australia is baking in January, it's going to be much colder in North America. 

Scientists did not know about these two ocean currents which affect our weather patterns but a few years ago.  Is it possible that these two markers have existed for many years but they just discovered them?  

Scientists are now beginning to understand that the cycles of the Sun have much to do with what type of winter weather we will experience.  We're in an 11 year solar minimum right now in which the sun produces fewer sunspots which may account for what we're seeing going on in the Midwest.

I saw an article from NASA on the internet at least two months ago that was an actual warning, a heads up, mentioning the solar minimum as a cause to the coming bitter cold this winter.  I don't necessarily go to NASA for info but just happened to see this article.  I was puzzled though because it came out so late and didn't really give us much time to prepare.  If this was to be, why didn't we see this warning plastered a lot earlier over all newspapers and social media?    

There clearly was a lack of information from anybody on what was coming.  

I believe we've lost something very special and vital to our well being on this planet and it's our belief in the body's ability to act like an early warning system.  It's called intuition.   

When was the last time you gave any thought to why a particular feeling kept repeating itself in your head over and over?  When was the last time you believed that what you were feeling was actually something worth paying attention to?

Our intuition is a source of deep, inner Wisdom that surfaces every so often in the form of a message.  This time the message coming through was to prepare for unusual cold. 

We have been moving away from our intuitive selves for a very long time.  Now we've embraced the Technological Age as our new god, a cure all for everything.

Technology can help in certain cases but it is folly to rely on it as the sole source when you start to run into trouble.  Rather, we need a combination of Intuition and Technology. 

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients could only rely on Mother Nature when to plant their crops, when to harvest, how to deal with plant problems, insects and weather.

They had no technology and continued to produce the healthy grains needed by their fellow human beings in order to survive.  

Maybe we need to start looking at the inside of ourselves instead of always focusing on the outside.   

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Cry Me A River

Your life is like a river, slowly meandering downstream, sometimes stopping in midstream because of an obstacle in the way and then allowed to freely flow, once again, after the impasse is identified and reckoned with.    

We tend to think of our lives as separate occurrences and rigidly compartmentalized, each day seemingly ending and then another day appearing.  But that's really not right as our lives are actually flowing as we continue to experience what it is to like to be alive on earth.     

Your life is not a series of still shots.  Even though each day is separated from the next, all the days of your life, when looked upon, from a higher perspective, blend together to form a complete picture of who you are.

Your likes and dislikes, your desires, your dos and don'ts, the decisions you made that led you down one path and not another, who you're attracted to, all of this makes up you.

Making the process easier of getting to where you want to in life is projecting how your life will turn out.  You can do this through the process of visualization as you view each step along the way (each day) of your life as just another brush stroke making up the big picture of who and what you will turn out to be.  Each step you take is adding more vibrant color to this life picture.  

It helps to do meditation in order to completely understand and actualize the process I've described.   Upon meditating you can more easily visualize people, objects, events and what you want to achieve more completely.    

I believe that each one of us is gifted with something that will benefit others.  Whether we chose this gift before we were born or it's an integral part of our DNA, I do not know.  

Some of us find out our gift later on in life while others, the moment their feet hit the ground, instinctively know what their purpose is and who and what they want to be. 

You already have an inclination for something you want to do whether it's painting or IT, becoming a health care worker, a Veterinarian or mentoring to others.  You just haven't figured out what it's going to be and it can take time.   

Today, more than ever, the world needs you and the gifts you have to share.

You are all part of a much bigger picture, a Plan, if you will.  

Maybe, right now, you're experiencing something that will make you more compassionate toward others.  Maybe you went out of your way in order to help someone else and are being recognized for it.  Maybe someone pointed a flaw out to you you've been unwilling to acknowledge so now you can finally do something about it.  Maybe you did something you're ashamed of and are finally getting the courage to apologize or make amends.

Remember, whatever you're going through is preparing you for the rest of your life.

It's nice to know that there is a Plan and not believe we were just thrown down here by accident, because we weren't.

     ~ Blessings,


So It Is

" For Nature knows far more than Man, for Man to turn his back on Nature is Folly" ~ M.D. 

Monday, January 21, 2019


We walk a thin line between life and death every day and death can come to us in many ways, death of the soul, death of the spirit and physical death. 

If you don't have something to believe in, besides yourself, you are unknowingly picking one of these three destructive paths to follow.

Public schools don't teach children how to make it through life nor, really, do our religious institutions.  There are very few who look upon the human race as a body in need of salvation and far less those who can actually teach us how to achieve it.

There are a lot of good sound bites out there that grab our attention but after a few moments, we find out that they are just more useless and hollow words.

Yes, there were Gods and Goddesses who were revered throughout history in Greek and Egyptian Mythology and worshipped by people in ancient times.  These Gods and Goddesses (Pagan Religion) inspired them, disciplined them, loved them and gave them hope yet were vehemently opposed to by the Roman Catholic Church and characterized as demons and those who followed them as heretics.

So much for religion, eh?  Here you have followers of an ancient religion who were systematically singled out, tortured and killed by the followers of another religion.   

Mohammed, Buddha and Christ are religious icons today that millions worship and have put their faith in.

The Jewish people are still waiting for Moshiach (the Jewish Jesus) to appear yet not one of these religions has taught us the answer how to break the bonds that separate us from one another, of hatred, poverty, disease, drug addiction, alcoholism and sexual deviance.

We continue to have those in this world, religious and non religious, who continue to feed off the desperation and misery rampant in society today.  Instead of being a source of enlightenment and hope to others they relish the power that comes with keeping us subservient and cowering. 

This is nothing new and has been happening all throughout human history.

How can one believe in anything when it's clear that those who are supposed to raise us up are doing everything in their power to keep us down?  

I do have much respect for Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son, who is faithfully following in his father's footsteps.  At least he is consistent with his message of love over hate and forgive your enemies. 

My advice to those who are searching for something bigger than themselves is do your research.  A good start would be studying the backgrounds of the religions that act as a spokesman for mankind today.  You will glean much information as to how, why and when they came into being.

It never hurts to know the facts as this is a good place to make any decision.  You may even decide you don't want anything to do with Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or Islam but decide that revering Mother Nature is your choice where you find a special place in the forest to reflect or a bright sunny meadow to meditate or maybe you just want to soak up the sun or lay under the stars.

You were, you are and you shall be,

It's up to you.

     ~ Blessings,

Sunday, January 20, 2019

For the Life of Me

This morning I'm trying to keep a kid goat alive.  She was born on January 15 and was strong and healthy.  Today I found her lying by herself, cold and not moving.  It's not helping with cold rain, 40 mph winds and frigid temps even though they have shelter, plenty of water and food. 

It could be she was stepped on, I'll never know.

She's in the house with me lying in front of a heater and I'm warming up blankets in the dryer for her.  When these things happen, you stay with the animal to the end, no matter the outcome.   

When we all can agree that animals lives are just as precious as human lives and deserve nurturing and protection, I think this world will be a better place but there are lots of people out there who don't see it this way.

Animals feel no pain and if they do, so what?  Animals have no souls and if they die, so what? 

Many animals are raised as pets but even more are raised for slaughter.  We do not have any humane slaughter facilities in this country that I know of. 

And right now it appears that animals aren't the only ones being left to die but human babies as well and, whom, I believe, are faring far worse.   

All I can do, on my end, is do the work the L-rd has laid upon me and that's taking care of animals and seeing to their welfare.

Today I woke up just like every other day.  This little animal woke up to a completely different set of circumstances.  She has been laying out in the cold for G-d knows how long.  If I can get her body temp up I think she has a chance.

Each day we all wake up to the Unknown.  We count on our lives being normal and this is known as the normalcy bias as we go about the making breakfast, getting kids off to school and leaving for work.  We never really give our day a second thought as we never consider something dreadful and unexpected happening.

Why, we're all betting that everything will go as planned.

We don't know that sometimes things can occur that throw us off track and interfere with our normal routine.  

Such is what happened to this little animal.  One day she's perfectly healthy (to be expected) and then a few days later I find her lying out in the cold, close to death. 

Today, please take the time to count your blessings and acknowledge that you are in control of your life but only up to a certain point.  

The rest is courtesy of the Unknown.

     ~ Nightshade

1/22/19:  Update:  We named her Angel and she's standing and drinking.  When we first got her in we were putting warm blankets under her and on top of her.  We had to change them as soon as they cooled off or else they would have no affect.  As soon as she was able, we started her on electrolytes to provide the water and nutrients she needed and then formula.  Small amounts at first and then she was up to two oz.  She is standing and walking, albeit still feeble but she's making progress.  We feel blessed that we were able to bring this little one literally back from the brink of death to where she is alive and taking nourishment.  Will post a picture as soon as I can.

1/23/19:  Update:  Well, all was going well but something went wrong.  I think Angel may have had some internal issues we were unaware of.  She passed away sometime early this morning.  I took her out of her crate last night and wrapped her in a baby blanket and talked to her while she cradled in my arms.  The minute I put her back down to go to sleep she whimpered.  I am glad I had this time with her.




Friday, January 18, 2019

Choose Life not Strife

It started several days ago and continues into today.  A feeling of emptiness, a void, a vacancy, a large hole.  I look around me trying to see if my surroundings are contributing to this but only rewarded with the same empty feeling.

What's the point of doing the dishes?  What's the point of exercising?  What's the point of making my bed?  Really, what's the point of doing anything?  

Even though my surroundings continue to feel empty, I do have a pretty good idea why I'm feeling this way.    

This energy unfolding is designed to do exactly what it's doing, slowing us down and prompting us to ask questions as we reevaluate and reconsider things in our life.

It's like the old is on its way out to let the new coming in.    

On January 21st we will have some extraordinary energy hitting the planet:  a Super Moon, a Blood Moon and a total lunar eclipse.

A Super Moon is when the moon's perigee (orbit) is closest to earth.  A Blood Moon is because of its closer proximity to earth's atmosphere that will change its color from white to to a reddish brown.     A total lunar eclipse is when the moon is lined up in earth's shadow and directly in the path of the sun.

We have a lot of stuff going on here!

Take advantage of this opportunity as its provided in order for you to set some things straight in your life.

~ Blessings,