Wednesday, January 30, 2019

IT ~ Intuition Technology

For weeks now, way before the onset of Winter I kept feeling that we were in for some bitterly cold weather.  I couldn't confirm this, I couldn't find anything on the internet nor the Farmers Almanac to really substantiate these deep feelings.    

I felt like the unseen cold coming would affect where I live and was concerned about my own problems with frozen water pipes and tending to livestock.  I really didn't give much thought to just where it would happen.   

Today, the Midwest is in the grip of the coldest weather ever recorded with Chicago predicting a wind chill today of -75 degrees.  Minneapolis had a wind chill of -50 degrees.  

We're used to the four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring in which each season lets us know that we're leaving one behind and entering another.  We take it for granted that Summer grows cooler as we enter Fall, Fall grows colder as we enter Winter and Winter usually acts normal and moderates as we enter Spring. 

How does one actually go about predicting the weather?  Is it an exact science or hit and miss?  I think it's a little of both.  

We have the Farmer's Almanac which relies on a secret recipe for their annual reports and, according to the experts, their forecast is pretty much on target every year.   However I don't recall reading anything about the horrific wind chills much of the country is experiencing. 

Meteorologists look at the temperature of ocean currents in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean that predict whether it will be an El Nino or a La Nina.  Again, I couldn't get any definitive info from the local meteorologist, Weather Channel or any other weather authority about whether my neck of the woods would be in an El Nino or a La Nina.  

Depending on where you live on this planet, an El Nino means that your part of the world is going to be wetter than normal.  A La Nina Pattern means it's going to be drier than normal.   A simple recipe for what's going on is when Australia is baking in January, it's going to be much colder in North America. 

Scientists did not know about these two ocean currents which affect our weather patterns but a few years ago.  Is it possible that these two markers have existed for many years but they just discovered them?  

Scientists are now beginning to understand that the cycles of the Sun have much to do with what type of winter weather we will experience.  We're in an 11 year solar minimum right now in which the sun produces fewer sunspots which may account for what we're seeing going on in the Midwest.

I saw an article from NASA on the internet at least two months ago that was an actual warning, a heads up, mentioning the solar minimum as a cause to the coming bitter cold this winter.  I don't necessarily go to NASA for info but just happened to see this article.  I was puzzled though because it came out so late and didn't really give us much time to prepare.  If this was to be, why didn't we see this warning plastered a lot earlier over all newspapers and social media?    

There clearly was a lack of information from anybody on what was coming.  

I believe we've lost something very special and vital to our well being on this planet and it's our belief in the body's ability to act like an early warning system.  It's called intuition.   

When was the last time you gave any thought to why a particular feeling kept repeating itself in your head over and over?  When was the last time you believed that what you were feeling was actually something worth paying attention to?

Our intuition is a source of deep, inner Wisdom that surfaces every so often in the form of a message.  This time the message coming through was to prepare for unusual cold. 

We have been moving away from our intuitive selves for a very long time.  Now we've embraced the Technological Age as our new god, a cure all for everything.

Technology can help in certain cases but it is folly to rely on it as the sole source when you start to run into trouble.  Rather, we need a combination of Intuition and Technology. 

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients could only rely on Mother Nature when to plant their crops, when to harvest, how to deal with plant problems, insects and weather.

They had no technology and continued to produce the healthy grains needed by their fellow human beings in order to survive.  

Maybe we need to start looking at the inside of ourselves instead of always focusing on the outside.   

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Cry Me A River

Your life is like a river, slowly meandering downstream, sometimes stopping in midstream because of an obstacle in the way and then allowed to freely flow, once again, after the impasse is identified and reckoned with.    

We tend to think of our lives as separate occurrences and rigidly compartmentalized, each day seemingly ending and then another day appearing.  But that's really not right as our lives are actually flowing as we continue to experience what it is to like to be alive on earth.     

Your life is not a series of still shots.  Even though each day is separated from the next, all the days of your life, when looked upon, from a higher perspective, blend together to form a complete picture of who you are.

Your likes and dislikes, your desires, your dos and don'ts, the decisions you made that led you down one path and not another, who you're attracted to, all of this makes up you.

Making the process easier of getting to where you want to in life is projecting how your life will turn out.  You can do this through the process of visualization as you view each step along the way (each day) of your life as just another brush stroke making up the big picture of who and what you will turn out to be.  Each step you take is adding more vibrant color to this life picture.  

It helps to do meditation in order to completely understand and actualize the process I've described.   Upon meditating you can more easily visualize people, objects, events and what you want to achieve more completely.    

I believe that each one of us is gifted with something that will benefit others.  Whether we chose this gift before we were born or it's an integral part of our DNA, I do not know.  

Some of us find out our gift later on in life while others, the moment their feet hit the ground, instinctively know what their purpose is and who and what they want to be. 

You already have an inclination for something you want to do whether it's painting or IT, becoming a health care worker, a Veterinarian or mentoring to others.  You just haven't figured out what it's going to be and it can take time.   

Today, more than ever, the world needs you and the gifts you have to share.

You are all part of a much bigger picture, a Plan, if you will.  

Maybe, right now, you're experiencing something that will make you more compassionate toward others.  Maybe you went out of your way in order to help someone else and are being recognized for it.  Maybe someone pointed a flaw out to you you've been unwilling to acknowledge so now you can finally do something about it.  Maybe you did something you're ashamed of and are finally getting the courage to apologize or make amends.

Remember, whatever you're going through is preparing you for the rest of your life.

It's nice to know that there is a Plan and not believe we were just thrown down here by accident, because we weren't.

     ~ Blessings,


So It Is

" For Nature knows far more than Man, for Man to turn his back on Nature is Folly" ~ M.D. 

Monday, January 21, 2019


We walk a thin line between life and death every day and death can come to us in many ways, death of the soul, death of the spirit and physical death. 

If you don't have something to believe in, besides yourself, you are unknowingly picking one of these three destructive paths to follow.

Public schools don't teach children how to make it through life nor, really, do our religious institutions.  There are very few who look upon the human race as a body in need of salvation and far less those who can actually teach us how to achieve it.

There are a lot of good sound bites out there that grab our attention but after a few moments, we find out that they are just more useless and hollow words.

Yes, there were Gods and Goddesses who were revered throughout history in Greek and Egyptian Mythology and worshipped by people in ancient times.  These Gods and Goddesses (Pagan Religion) inspired them, disciplined them, loved them and gave them hope yet were vehemently opposed to by the Roman Catholic Church and characterized as demons and those who followed them as heretics.

So much for religion, eh?  Here you have followers of an ancient religion who were systematically singled out, tortured and killed by the followers of another religion.   

Mohammed, Buddha and Christ are religious icons today that millions worship and have put their faith in.

The Jewish people are still waiting for Moshiach (the Jewish Jesus) to appear yet not one of these religions has taught us the answer how to break the bonds that separate us from one another, of hatred, poverty, disease, drug addiction, alcoholism and sexual deviance.

We continue to have those in this world, religious and non religious, who continue to feed off the desperation and misery rampant in society today.  Instead of being a source of enlightenment and hope to others they relish the power that comes with keeping us subservient and cowering. 

This is nothing new and has been happening all throughout human history.

How can one believe in anything when it's clear that those who are supposed to raise us up are doing everything in their power to keep us down?  

I do have much respect for Franklin Graham, Billy Graham's son, who is faithfully following in his father's footsteps.  At least he is consistent with his message of love over hate and forgive your enemies. 

My advice to those who are searching for something bigger than themselves is do your research.  A good start would be studying the backgrounds of the religions that act as a spokesman for mankind today.  You will glean much information as to how, why and when they came into being.

It never hurts to know the facts as this is a good place to make any decision.  You may even decide you don't want anything to do with Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or Islam but decide that revering Mother Nature is your choice where you find a special place in the forest to reflect or a bright sunny meadow to meditate or maybe you just want to soak up the sun or lay under the stars.

You were, you are and you shall be,

It's up to you.

     ~ Blessings,

Sunday, January 20, 2019

For the Life of Me

This morning I'm trying to keep a kid goat alive.  She was born on January 15 and was strong and healthy.  Today I found her lying by herself, cold and not moving.  It's not helping with cold rain, 40 mph winds and frigid temps even though they have shelter, plenty of water and food. 

It could be she was stepped on, I'll never know.

She's in the house with me lying in front of a heater and I'm warming up blankets in the dryer for her.  When these things happen, you stay with the animal to the end, no matter the outcome.   

When we all can agree that animals lives are just as precious as human lives and deserve nurturing and protection, I think this world will be a better place but there are lots of people out there who don't see it this way.

Animals feel no pain and if they do, so what?  Animals have no souls and if they die, so what? 

Many animals are raised as pets but even more are raised for slaughter.  We do not have any humane slaughter facilities in this country that I know of. 

And right now it appears that animals aren't the only ones being left to die but human babies as well and, whom, I believe, are faring far worse.   

All I can do, on my end, is do the work the L-rd has laid upon me and that's taking care of animals and seeing to their welfare.

Today I woke up just like every other day.  This little animal woke up to a completely different set of circumstances.  She has been laying out in the cold for G-d knows how long.  If I can get her body temp up I think she has a chance.

Each day we all wake up to the Unknown.  We count on our lives being normal and this is known as the normalcy bias as we go about the making breakfast, getting kids off to school and leaving for work.  We never really give our day a second thought as we never consider something dreadful and unexpected happening.

Why, we're all betting that everything will go as planned.

We don't know that sometimes things can occur that throw us off track and interfere with our normal routine.  

Such is what happened to this little animal.  One day she's perfectly healthy (to be expected) and then a few days later I find her lying out in the cold, close to death. 

Today, please take the time to count your blessings and acknowledge that you are in control of your life but only up to a certain point.  

The rest is courtesy of the Unknown.

     ~ Nightshade

1/22/19:  Update:  We named her Angel and she's standing and drinking.  When we first got her in we were putting warm blankets under her and on top of her.  We had to change them as soon as they cooled off or else they would have no affect.  As soon as she was able, we started her on electrolytes to provide the water and nutrients she needed and then formula.  Small amounts at first and then she was up to two oz.  She is standing and walking, albeit still feeble but she's making progress.  We feel blessed that we were able to bring this little one literally back from the brink of death to where she is alive and taking nourishment.  Will post a picture as soon as I can.

1/23/19:  Update:  Well, all was going well but something went wrong.  I think Angel may have had some internal issues we were unaware of.  She passed away sometime early this morning.  I took her out of her crate last night and wrapped her in a baby blanket and talked to her while she cradled in my arms.  The minute I put her back down to go to sleep she whimpered.  I am glad I had this time with her.




Friday, January 18, 2019

Choose Life not Strife

It started several days ago and continues into today.  A feeling of emptiness, a void, a vacancy, a large hole.  I look around me trying to see if my surroundings are contributing to this but only rewarded with the same empty feeling.

What's the point of doing the dishes?  What's the point of exercising?  What's the point of making my bed?  Really, what's the point of doing anything?  

Even though my surroundings continue to feel empty, I do have a pretty good idea why I'm feeling this way.    

This energy unfolding is designed to do exactly what it's doing, slowing us down and prompting us to ask questions as we reevaluate and reconsider things in our life.

It's like the old is on its way out to let the new coming in.    

On January 21st we will have some extraordinary energy hitting the planet:  a Super Moon, a Blood Moon and a total lunar eclipse.

A Super Moon is when the moon's perigee (orbit) is closest to earth.  A Blood Moon is because of its closer proximity to earth's atmosphere that will change its color from white to to a reddish brown.     A total lunar eclipse is when the moon is lined up in earth's shadow and directly in the path of the sun.

We have a lot of stuff going on here!

Take advantage of this opportunity as its provided in order for you to set some things straight in your life.

~ Blessings,

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Few

Watched the movie, World War Z, last night.  Brad Pitt stars as a young yet very seasoned UN analyst who is tapped on the shoulder to find out what the disease is and where it originated.

I didn't realize how much I missed in this movie the first time I saw it.  What struck me this time was the deranged CIA operative behind bars in South Korea who seemed to have some first hand knowledge of what the disease was all about.    Was the CIA involved?       

Movie starts out:  You and your family are driving down a street minding your own business and all of a sudden all hell breaks loose.  There's an explosion behind you and people are turning into zombies, attacking everybody.  There is mass chaos, mass confusion, mass panic and mass casualties.   

During all of this, the analyst is contacted by the Assistant Secy General to the UN and is told that a helicopter will pick he and his family up if they can make their way to the top of a building.  First they must get through all the rubble and carnage. 

After they're picked up they arrive on a ship and he's informed that he's been handpicked to lead a team of investigators to South Korea to find out how the disease originated and where its source is.  

He doesn't want to go because he will be leaving his family behind but quickly told that if he doesn't,  his family will be removed from the safety of the ship to some sort of safe zone where the likelihood of their survival will be diminished.

He has no choice now and heads to South Korea with a young and inexperienced Harvard Virologist who thinks he's ready to take on this assignment.  Wrong.  He wasn't prepared for what lay ahead and immediately succumbs to panic and a fall as an elite band of soldiers, who stayed behind to protect the base station, encounter a horde of zombies.

Anyway, if you haven't seen this movie, it might be a good idea to watch it.  Well done, well acted and the special affects are really excellent.

I had a moment to reflect on the movie and wanted to share my thoughts.  Actually, the movie really encapsulates what could collectively happen to all of us without much warning. 

Nobody will be spared and it won't matter your age, what part of the world you're from, your color or what political party you belong to.

Actually what happens in this movie is actually occurring in the world right now but in smaller doses.  We've all heard of Ebola, Dengue Fever and there's a polio type virus going around right now that's affecting young children.   There's no cure just ongoing research to find out the causes. 

Disease does not discriminate.  Just like Mother Nature, when she's unleashed we are the hapless recipients of her wrath.

The movie showed me that we humans are just walking petrie dishes.  We are prey and nothing more.  That nothing's changed in the world.  That there are very few who are qualified let alone willing to stick their necks out for the rest of us albeit even if it took a little bit of hand twisting to get the analyst to agree to take on this new assignment.

In the end he saved everybody. 

While we're all cowering in fear, these people are out on the front lines taking a bullet.

I wonder, what would happen if we didn't have these selfless individuals in our midst?   What makes one person willing to give of himself to help others?  To put it mildly, I'd say we're all screwed. 

If the time came to give of yourself, on behalf of others, would you be a helper or a hapless?

Something to think about.

This movie showed me that nothing's certain in life, that there's always an element of risk and  uncertainty in everything.  That what we consider normal could just as well be abnormal.  That what is stable today can morph into something completely unrecognizable tomorrow.

Is this all hand wringing?  Doom and Gloom.  No, it's something that needs to be said so more of us are aware of the world we live in, the dangers, who we are and what we are.   

It doesn't hurt to be one step ahead of whatever it is that's coming or at least not be taken completely by surprise don't you think?

What this movie boiled down to was our lives really lie in the hands of a Few who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of all.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Ouroboros, the "Tail Devourer"

An ancient symbol in Egypt and Greece and also used in Alchemy, showing a snake with its tail in its mouth in the act of continually devouring itself and then being reborn.  Ouroboros is the unity of all things, material and spiritual which never disappear but are perpetually changing form in an eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

On Darkness

Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness's of other people. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely. Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

Tree Leaves

This morning I had an interesting dream in which I saw a magnificent tree.  I was on some sort of quest with my Grandaughter and we were meandering down little dirt alleyways filled with glass cubicles in which were strange objects and animals.  Some of the objects and animals were blue in color, others pink and then there were some with patterns.

They jumped and danced as we passed by.  

Other people accompanied us on our trek and were busily skipping about but I don't remember how many there were or what they looked like.

When I came upon this tree I was all by myself.  I have no idea where my Grandaughter is.  I just stood there staring at it, it was so huge.  I was standing at its base and looking up at it.  I had to crane my neck to see all the way to its top.  It towered in height over me a good 80', maybe more.  Its thick base was anchored on rocky ground and its myriad of limbs stuck out at odd angles.  I couldn't tell what type of tree it was as I couldn't get a good look at its leaves. 

It was like looking up at a god.

There was something very unique about this tree not to mention how old it must have been and I still can't shake the feeling that came over me.  

It's trunk was striated all the way up and its canopy hidden high above me and hard to spot as it was broken up by shafts of sunlight. 

It was like a statue carved in stone just appearing out of nowhere, just there, always there, always waiting, (waiting for you), always vigilant, always on the lookout, always there when you needed it to be there, a sentinel, a marker, a crossroads, a message, a thought, a Mentor, a word, a blessing, a Saviour, direction, a portal to unseen worlds, immovable, unmutable, a tower, a fortress, protection, formidable, long standing, strength.  

I remembered that I didn't have my camera with me and must return to fetch it and take a picture.  So, I went back to get it and returned.  When I reached for the camera, I realized that I still didn't have it and don't ask me why I didn't as I have no answer.  Maybe because the tree didn't want me to take its  picture, I don't know.

I still have the memory of the tree in my head and drew a picture of what I saw this morning at breakfast.  

There was no explanation, no reason for why I saw the tree other than I saw it.  I'm not going to research it any further just remember it for a very long time. 

The depiction of what I saw in my dream is the tree image I chose for this blog post.  It's as close to what this tree looked like in my dream.