Saturday, January 5, 2019

Tree Leaves

This morning I had an interesting dream in which I saw a magnificent tree.  I was on some sort of quest with my Grandaughter and we were meandering down little dirt alleyways filled with glass cubicles in which were strange objects and animals.  Some of the objects and animals were blue in color, others pink and then there were some with patterns.

They jumped and danced as we passed by.  

Other people accompanied us on our trek and were busily skipping about but I don't remember how many there were or what they looked like.

When I came upon this tree I was all by myself.  I have no idea where my Grandaughter is.  I just stood there staring at it, it was so huge.  I was standing at its base and looking up at it.  I had to crane my neck to see all the way to its top.  It towered in height over me a good 80', maybe more.  Its thick base was anchored on rocky ground and its myriad of limbs stuck out at odd angles.  I couldn't tell what type of tree it was as I couldn't get a good look at its leaves. 

It was like looking up at a god.

There was something very unique about this tree not to mention how old it must have been and I still can't shake the feeling that came over me.  

It's trunk was striated all the way up and its canopy hidden high above me and hard to spot as it was broken up by shafts of sunlight. 

It was like a statue carved in stone just appearing out of nowhere, just there, always there, always waiting, (waiting for you), always vigilant, always on the lookout, always there when you needed it to be there, a sentinel, a marker, a crossroads, a message, a thought, a Mentor, a word, a blessing, a Saviour, direction, a portal to unseen worlds, immovable, unmutable, a tower, a fortress, protection, formidable, long standing, strength.  

I remembered that I didn't have my camera with me and must return to fetch it and take a picture.  So, I went back to get it and returned.  When I reached for the camera, I realized that I still didn't have it and don't ask me why I didn't as I have no answer.  Maybe because the tree didn't want me to take its  picture, I don't know.

I still have the memory of the tree in my head and drew a picture of what I saw this morning at breakfast.  

There was no explanation, no reason for why I saw the tree other than I saw it.  I'm not going to research it any further just remember it for a very long time. 

The depiction of what I saw in my dream is the tree image I chose for this blog post.  It's as close to what this tree looked like in my dream.

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