Monday, December 24, 2018

A Cry for Help

"Man today is painfully aware of the fact that neither his great religions nor his various philosophies seem to provide him with those powerful animating ideas that would give him the security he needs in face of the present condition of the world."  ~ Carl Jung

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Tree Hugger

If you don't have something to hold onto, find something now.   2019 is going to be a bumpy ride but much bumpier than we've seen before.   We're going to need something to sustain us through this time and get us through what lies ahead.

Whether it's politics or religion, Mother Nature, mental issues or some new disease, what we're heading into will push us to our limits. 

You need to start grounding yourself to something sustainable, something that won't fold when horrific winds start to blow.

As much as I'd like to say we're making the necessary progress as evolving human beings, we still have a long way to go.

Right now we're watching a stew pot ready to boil over on a stove.  You've managed to keep  a watchful eye on it but distractions have taken you away from doing what was needed and now the stew pot has bubbled over leaving a horrific mess that needs to be cleaned up. 

After this takes place, necessary stopgaps will be put into place to further slow down the process of unraveling.

We will come to learn that what is most important in our lives are actually the things that count, family, friends and coming together.

There is strength in numbers and always has been.  But this time it will be different as we find the ties that bind us together will become even stronger.




Wednesday, December 19, 2018

No More Bots

I spoke to one individual about what they're been feeling lately.  In fact, she brought it up to me.  --she said, "it's like I have a new awareness a new perspective on things like I'm somehow much more observant toward my surroundings."  " "I'm feeling some range of emotions I've never felt before".   "I can't watch what's happening to animals anymore, it's just too painful."  She was referring to a whale who just died because of all the plastic debris it had someone ingested while swimming in the ocean.    

The first thing is we need to consider is all life on this planet and how we fit in as human beings.  We're supposed to be their caretakers but we are anything but.  We're neither above or below the animal and plant kingdom but somewhere in between.

We need to start integrating ourselves into the wonders of nature which is all around us because we are nature and nature is an integral part of us.

Somehow, through the years, we have forgotten this.      

It is not in our nature to willfully take another's life; it is not in our nature to abort a baby; it is not in our nature to savagely slaughter innocent animals during a ritual sacrifice; it is not in our nature to torture those things who are innocent and helpless.     

Are you feeling differently?  Are you becoming more aware of your feelings, more observant like you've viewed something a hundred times before but somehow this last time you saw it differently?
How about your family, friends?  

If so, this is all part of the Awakening.

Another part is, we are getting more involved with problems and earnestly seeking solutions because we're slowly learning that a better life for one results in a better life for all.

We are questioning and challenging things, as well.  --"No, I don't want to submit to annual vaccinations anymore because I just don't trust them".  No, I'm not eating anymore junk food because it's just not good for me."  "No, I don't happen to believe what you're telling me because you consider yourself my spokesman."  "I can think for myself".  "I'm not a bot anymore." 

To those in power, this is tantamount to rebellion.

Humanity is in a wake up mode in which things that didn't bother us before, things that really didn't matter to us, things we didn't pay much attention to, are being brought to our attention.

And, there's so much more that's coming.  Reliable and earth shattering information on where we came from, secrets of the cosmos, alien encounters,  new breakthroughs in homeopathic remedies for ailments and diseases, a new way of interacting and living with other life forms and a whole new and healthy perspective on why we're all here.


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Angels Among Us

We don't come to earth without spirit guides.   These unseen guardians are here to keep tabs on how we're progressing.  They are with us, each step of the way, offering guidance and encouragement.  

They help us to recognize our shortcomings, whether we have a bad temper, are too impatient, etc. and teach us how to overcome these faults so they don't hinder our spiritual growth.

They lift us up when we're down, provide aid and comfort and watch us as we grow.  With all this data they're collecting they have a good idea who will graduate to the next class and who will not.

Those that need a little extra tweaking are set aside in order to receive additional help.

There have been accounts where angels have saved people's lives, helped with providing answers to complex mathematical equations and brought numerous people together.

Why is it so hard for many of us to accept that there are angels among us? 

I remember one moving story of a young woman who was on her way to a job interview.  She was staying with her parents during this time and they waved goodbye to her as she and her young son drove away.  She was supposed to arrive at the interview by a certain time but did not.  The parents then contacted the police and an investigation ensued.  Still, no one could find out anything about what had happened until one policeman was prompted to make it his mission in life.

He felt so strongly that he retraced her steps over and over, talking to many different individuals.  Still nothing made sense until he decided he would return to the area she was last seen one last time.   Suddenly he spied something on the side of the road he hadn't seen before as it had been hidden from view.  He went over and picked it up and then saw tire tracks leading from the road down the side of the steep hill.

He ventured down and was able to see a vehicle wedged a distance from him.  Soon he saw that it matched the description of her vehicle.  He drew closer and saw that the young mother was deceased but her young son appeared to be asleep in the passenger seat.

He checked the young boy for vital signs and found that he was barely breathing.  He called for an ambulance and the rest was history.

Or, was it? 

The young boy recovered and was then able to tell an incredible story.   Right after the accident, he  remembered a brilliant bright light that slowly made its way toward the car.   The light talked to him  and told him that he was going to be okay, that his mother was already in heaven and being taken care of.

The angel comforted the young boy and stayed with him, telling him that he would be rescued soon and to have no fear.

At the time the young boy had no idea what the bright light was but after he had grown up, he knew exactly what it was and called it by name--an angel.

~Have no fear for your guardian angel is near~.


Sunday, December 2, 2018


The fragile flower drops her head
The bird, the tortoise, have long since fled
The King of Beasts has made its bed
The Eagle soars
The Bull is strident
The Man is weary
But still defiant
Yet, throughout, all have remained
A constant reminder of things unnamed
Viewing the goings on
Following scripts of noble anons
[The reckoning is nigh]
Serpents slither into dens
They know what’s coming  
It's called The End
The pain the woe the anger, fear
Is the result of what is clear
No cave no hollow no building stands
All is revealed
What once was banned
He Who has come to judge the past
And, with one last mighty gasp
The seal is broken
This, the one that was long unspoken
Loosening the hordes of those now awoken
The sky turns dark and thunder rumbles
Lightning strikes
Thiefdoms tumble
The arrogance of man is made bare for all to see
He who was allotted much time
To muzzle his own vanity
Evil now knows it was its undoing
All its altars destroyed
And of its own choosing

Saturday, December 1, 2018


Are you ready to throw in the towel?  You're determined efforts seem to have failed.  You've  done everything expected of you.  You've even prayed.  But you're totally discouraged.  You've researched, studied, passed your assignments but still nothing makes sense.     

Actually, you don't know it but you're on the cusp of discovering something profound--


You've been working toward this all along but didn't even know it.  You've been trying to figure something out but didn't have the extra information.  Now, a teacher has arrived, providing you with the missing puzzle piece.

Uncanny how this teacher just showed up.   No,  not really.  You actually manifested this teacher into being by all your worthwhile efforts.    

It's only after this helper shows up that you're able to arrive at the answer.

So it is with life.

No one has a clear definition of what life is. 

Picture a gigantic bowl of soup with everybody swimming around in its broth, most helplessly floundering while a few have managed to figure out there's something else in there with them and  were able to access it.                  

But with no clear definition and no direction in our lives it's fair to say that most of us are doomed before we even start.  But those who managed to figure out where they want to go in life and how best to get there, it's a different story.   

Once you understand it's not going to be easy down here, once you know that you will be challenged, encountering setbacks along the way is when you will have begun your journey to understanding.

Understanding is the difference between having a plan or not having a plan.  It's going to be difficult to make it to B when you don't have a Plan A. 

Most of us lack proper training in how to do anything down here and it's only through trial and error, mistakes and an occasional lucky break that we finally are able to muddle our way through but, if you have a plan, that will make all the difference between attainment and failure.

When you look out onto the world today all you see is calamity, confusion, chaos and rebellion.

Everybody is dissatisfied, has a grudge or some axe to grind.  Obviously you don't go to these people for counseling and help.  You, instead, seek out those who have an awareness, a handle on what's going on and based on their own experiences are willing and able to help others.    

If not, you will find yourself stuck on the perpetual wheel of going nowhere.

This new found understanding will confidently propel you down your path as it limits the difficulties and challenges you encounter while further providing experiences and people that will enhance your journey.   

This new found understanding has set you apart from all the others in the soup bowl but what about the others?  --They have a choice as well.

The question is, "will you choose to be a nowhere man or a nowhere woman in that bowl of soup or,  decide you will grab onto that crouton that keeps passing you by?

~ Blessings,