Sunday, February 24, 2019

Body Mind Spirit

Learning to Heal Ourselves

After my cancer surgery I was made more aware of my body.  What it could do and what it struggled to do. 

My surgeon told me, "I've done all I can for you, now it's up to your body to do the rest." 

Human beings make up a very unique trinity, comprised of three things: 

1.  A mind (attitude/reason)
2.  A body (flesh and blood)
3. A spirit or soul which is conscience

Generally these three things work independently of each and we don't pay them any attention.  But,  when something happens to you (car accident, disease) you learn real quick that they all need to be working together if you are going to have any chance of healing.

*The body can't heal without the mind gathering the courage to tell it to do so
*The body can't heal  if it doesn't get the medicine and proper nutrients
*The body can't heal if our spirit does not provide us with the spiritual strength we need

All three of these things are vital to whether we heal or whether we don't.

Body, Mind, Spirit:  All three are vital to your well being.

Have a good week!

     ~ Nightshade 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019


Peaceful Valley
Did you know that you have the ability to attract what you want in life?  Your thoughts have everything to do with deciding who you're going to date, the people you associate with, what movies you watch, your choice of music, whether you're feeling joyful or depressed, the career you choose and, ultimately, who you marry and your success in life. 

Everything is energy, including thoughts.  You give out bad vibes, you're gonna get back bad vibes.  You give off good vibes, then good vibes will manifest back to you.  

Today it's difficult to completely isolate oneself from all the noisy chatter and downright depressing news that keeps bombarding us but one way to counter this (and keep yourself from going nuts) is learning how to meditate.  Just find a special place where you can be alone, light a candle and put on some meditation music if you like, remove all thoughts and feel the void, the still air outside of you and the universe inside of you.  It takes a little bit of doing in order to learn how to do this but once you do, you will come back to it time and time again.  And I guarantee that you will begin to feel a new peace inside you.  

Your friends will notice the difference.  Animals and birds, trees and plants will respond to the new you and you will feel more at peace with yourself and your surroundings. 

This is what the Universe wants for all of us:
Peace on earth; Peace within us; Peace I give unto you; may you find the Peace you are looking for and, lastly, world Peace.

We have the ability to change our lives, if we choose to do so.

Choices, healing, taking charge, and they all start with you.    

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Looking Ahead

According to some researchers, 13,000 years ago a comet hit earth resulting in a mini ice age called   Dryas Younger.  This name came from a wildflower able to withstand the extreme cold that  flourished during that time.    This mini ice age killed humans, animals weighing 100 lbs. or more, wiped out plants and trees and was responsible for ending the North American Clovis ancient culture that existed in New Mexico.

The previous ice age before this one, lasted 100,000 years.  

The Dryas Younger was a period of brutal and extreme cold that lasted approximately 1,300 years and forced migrant communities to come together and rely on each other for survival. 

This reliance on one another was crucial as the old way of raising crops and gathering food wouldn't work under these brutal conditions and new ways had to be found of growing, cultivating and harvesting crops in order to live.            

It is also suggested that this period of communication, this coming together, was the precursor to our modern civilization and modern farming methods.  

Today, instead of coming together, we've separated ourselves from one another, opting instead to segment and compartmentalize ourselves into little groups whose differences continue to be ideologically and excuse driven, which leaves us fearful and distrustful.

All the while we are impervious and ignorant as to what we are doing to ourselves, collectively, as we grope and stumble our way in the dark.    

Instead of today being a star on mankind's report card, it is more of an abysmal black smudge in which any hint of working together is scorned, the voice of reason is drummed out, common sense is attacked and compassion is considered a fault.   Any parts of human flesh left hanging on the skeleton are then flogged and flayed into tiny little pieces and thrown into the pit.

However, even though today's news are full of carrion events and people that make no sense, leaving one reeling from reports of depravity and cruelty, devastation and horror, something is changing.

There is a quiet awakening taking place among many people today both young and old.  I don't believe this is the result of another impending cosmic event like the one that may have happened 13,000 years ago, but just a cycle of completion as we are waking up.  It is time for humanity to throw off the old way of doing and living and embrace the new earth that's coming.     

13,000 years ago we had to come together.  We had no choice.  We were many with different ideas and habits but our survival took precedent and we realized that coming together in unity and love was the only way we'd have a chance of surviving.

Today, we're realizing the same thing, that coming together in unity and love will make a difference.  It's only different in that we don't have some horrific event headed our way but, rather we're choosing to come together, of our own free will, not only for our own personal betterment but for the betterment of all.     

The reason for this, I believe, is that we're finally realizing that our way of living on this planet isn't working very well.

How many of you think about this planet, how incredibly beautiful it is and how you can help it thrive?  How many of you are finding out there's an inner connection between all things?  How many of you sense that  there's a better way of handling world problems?  How many of you think there's a more holistic way of approaching diseases like cancer and diabetes?  How many of you think we need to stop the endless wars in which young men and women come back battered and broken or don't come back at all?  How many of you believe that living a simpler life is better than one where day to day living makes no sense?  How many of you are turning away from alcohol and drugs because they just don't fill the void within you?   How many of you feel a spiritual calling in which you are prompted to attend workshops, visit foreign countries, learn to become a shaman or healer and research and explore the innermost, hidden ways of the world?  How many of you believe in a celestial life force in whose umbrella we are all under?  How many of you are searching for something to believe in because the things available to you today make no sense?  How many of you are sticking to a new diet because you feel more healthy?

This Awakening is a slow process because that is how the Universe operates.  Be patient and kind, believe in yourself and your calling because the time is Now and your Purpose on this Planet is quietly Unfolding. 

~ Namaste,

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Meaning of The Pentacle

The pentacle has been worn as a powerful protection symbol for thousands of years.  Associated in turn with Magick, Paganism and Christian mysticism, its earliest connections were with worship of the Earth Goddess, from whose sacred five petaled apple blossoms the symbol may have been derived.  Like the circle it is considered a protective design because of its continuously connecting points.  The pentacle has been called the symbol of man, truth and completion.  Alchemists paired the elements of the earth to those of man -- flesh and bones to earth, blood to water, breath to air, body heat to fire and the soul to ether.  The five points also correspond to the five stages of life:  birth, puberty, marriage, rest from labours and death. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Philosophers Stone: The Union Between the Physical and the Spiritual

Changes to Google+

Note from Google Developers:  On April 2, 2019 Google will be shutting down Google+, deleting any blog posts and pictures.  I imagine all followers will be going away, too.  Just to let you know.  Apparently they've been having problems with this format and couldn't fix it.  That's what I've read. 

This will not stop me from continuing this blog as a way to reach people and posting my thoughts and commentary.  


Saturday, February 2, 2019


New Slogan of the Democrat Party, "EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE!"

All of a sudden we see the Democrat Party taking a turn for the worse that no one saw coming and endorsing the murder of infants up to birth and even after they are fully out of the womb.    

We are now seeing state governors signing into law legislation that will allow a fully developed baby to be killed and no one can come forth with any viable (there is none) reason for doing so.        

Babies are now being singled out and systematically targeted for extermination in this country.

Why is it that neither party has the guts to stand up to Planned Parenthood, condemn them for killing babies (this has nothing to do with a mother's "health) and jerk their funding?  Is it because of PP's  powerful lobby or because the Republican Party just doesn't want to stick its neck out?   

A country who has lost its moral compass is no country at all.

An abortion Dr. was just sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail for doing exactly what Governor Cuomo just signed into law in New York.  

The Democrat Party has now characterized themselves as a threat to all civilized people and need to be treated as hazardous waste. 

Definition of Hazardous Waste:  A substantial or potential threat to public health.

What was happening in this country was bad enough but the Democrats have moved it up a notch.  What they are now calling for is diabolical. 

How many babies are terminated each year?