Friday, December 15, 2017

No More Free Speech - Waa Waa Waa!

I don't know when the term "Net Neutrality" was coined but it sounds innocuous enough and fair and balanced.  But is it?  There is a lot of hype and a lot of spin and a lot of confusion going on with the FCC's decision on December 14, 2017 to reject a government regulated internet in favor of a more open, competitive and free from govt. interference internet.

Under Bill Clinton the internet was defined as a utility (see def. below) which meant it would not be heavily regulated thus the inability of the federal government to elevate itself to one of gatekeeper, possibly censoring and enforcing it's views to the detriment of opposing views. 

In 2015, under the Obama Administration, then FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler changed the definition of the internet from utility to "common carrier, (see def. below) which had an entirely different meaning, thus placing the internet under a "regulatory" body, meaning it would be "regulated" (regulations) by the federal government. 

Under the new Trump administration and the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai (who, by the way was appointed by Obama back in 2013) the vote was 3-2 in favor of abolishing net neutrality and taking the internet out of the hands of Big Brother and putting it back in the hands of the people, thus paving the way for more competition and investment, overall, but in rural communities as well, also enabling new startups and new television channels, etc.

This new ruling also put the tech giants and ISPs on notice--Google, Verizon, Comcast, etc. that transparency is the order of the day.  Before you engaged in throttling and censoring but that's a thing of the past.  Heads up--It's time to put your house in order.  I'm unsure if they're caught if there will be fines or what but this is a good thing because now they're under scrutiny.      

It is interesting as I search the various news outlets and web sites that there's much to do about nothing.  The Left is screaming that we're all doomed, is quick to accuse a Republican President along with the FCC Chairman that there is no fair internet anymore which is exactly the opposite of what just happened.  --Interesting. 

Under Bill Clinton we had a free and open internet, free of regulations and everyone (including the Left) seemed not to mind.  Now they're screaming bloody murder that we just took the internet out of federal government control (under Obama) and handed it back to the free market.

I guess they don't like an internet that is by the people and for the people.   
I hope this clears some things up.   Please feel free to comment, correct or whatever.


1. In economics, utility is a measure of preferences over some set of goods (including services: something that satisfies human wants); it represents satisfaction experienced by the consumer from a good. The concept is an important underpinning of rational choice theory in economics and game theory: since one cannot directly measure benefit, satisfaction or happiness from a good or service, economists instead have devised ways of representing and measuring utility in terms of measurable economic choices. Economists have attempted to perfect highly abstract methods of comparing utilities by observing and calculating economic choices; in the simplest sense, economists consider utility to be revealed in people's willingness to pay different amounts for different goods.Utility is taken to be correlative to Desire or Want. It has been already argued that desires cannot be measured directly, but only indirectly, by the outward phenomena to which they give rise: and that in those cases with which economics is chiefly concerned the measure is found in the price which a person is willing to pay for the fulfillment or satisfaction of his desire.

2.  A common carrier in common law countries (corresponding to a public carrier in civil law systems,[1] usually called simply a carrier) is a person or company that transports goods or people for any person or company and that is responsible for any possible loss of the goods during transport.[2] A common carrier offers its services to the general public under license or authority provided by a regulatory body. The regulatory body has usually been granted "ministerial authority" by the legislation that created it. The regulatory body may create, interpret, and enforce its regulations upon the common carrier (subject to judicial review) with independence and finality, as long as it acts within the bounds of the enabling legislation.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


"Where are we"?

Picture a giant techno snowball with arms and legs sticking out, tumbling down a hill.  Every so often you hear panicked voices but they're ignored as a robotic arm reaches out and hits a kill switch, tuning out the noise. 

Here is a list of technological feats that were accomplished beginning with 1939.  Links are included for further information:    

1.  The Complex Number Calculator (CNC), 1939, Bell Labs

2.  The Z3 Computer, 1940, Konrad Zuse

3.  DNA Revolution:  1953 - (

4.  Transhumanism:  1960, The belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

5.  Apollo Moon Landing, 1969.

6.  Apple Computer, 1976 - (

7.  Technological Revolution:  1976 - (

8.  Franklin Electronic Publishers, 1981(creator of the Franklin Ace 100 and the Franklin Ace 1000)

9.  The World Wide Web, 1989:  (
Other events that helped shape humanity:      

*The Renaissance:  1347 to 1605 - ( https://
*The Protestant Reformation:  1517 - 1648
*The Industrial Revolution: 1760 to 1840 - (
*The American Revolution:  1765 to 1783 - (
*The French Revolution: 1787 to 1799 - (


We've seen that there are evolutionary steps required in order for civilizations to evolve and advance:
Gutenberg's Printing Press, the discovery of fire, Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin.

Obviously some of the events mentioned above have merit and deserve much credit but there's something missing today in our quest to further improve technology.  What is it?

Answer:  The spiritual aspect of humanity in all of this.   

We seem to have forgotten that human beings are comprised of a soul along with a mind and a body.  

We've made some much needed strides and progress in pushing humanity forward (improving work conditions, encouraging liberty and freedom, innovative new machines that go faster and are more efficient and learning about our DNA.  These are all important but only make up a portion of the bigger picture.

Are we being purposely programmed by a select few elite gate keepers who now fancy themselves gods and pushing us to believe as they do, that technology is the end product to all of our problems?
Could it be that we've lost our way in that ego and money now trump just about anything and when you have all you need in life you're not concerned with your compassionate, spiritual side but only interested in looking for more proven avenues of revenue such as sex, drugs and violence?    

Why don't we ask the other two-thirds of humanity who are struggling with just staying alive for one more day or the mother whose baby is dying from some virulent disease or the millions addicted to pain meds or the homeless invading cities and towns if technology has ever bothered to help them.    

It's time to stop hitting the kill switch.

It's time to put our gigantic egos and money aside in favor of our spiritual side for if we don't there surely will be a reckoning and we might be seeing the beginning of this now.        

It's time to put the human back into humanity

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Can You Not See?

Urantia, October 8, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Be Ever Watchful.”

The Beloved One: “Only a soul that trusts Me enough, is willing to be led in the direction I desire for it to go and to garner the experiences needed for soul-growth. Sometimes I lead you into places to assist someone by bringing a smile, to give an encouraging word or to send some loving, healing thoughts when you hear of someone who is ill.

“All things, acts, thoughts and intentions are known in Heaven. Nothing escapes the omniscience of the Creator God of Everything. Only the worthwhile experiences, which have edified and nourished the soul and helped it grow, shall remain.

“Be ever watchful about where you may be of loving service. Be ever aware that you are God’s representative, wherever you find yourself on this earth. Awakening human beings everywhere are beginning to realize their holy calling and are becoming the peacemakers and healers on this sorrowful planet.

“This planet is also a living, breathing child of the Creator, albeit of a different order. However, she is going through much travail at present. Abuse, rape, pilfering and all sorts of other scandalous things are being perpetrated upon her innocent being. Her beautiful face is scarred and burned.

“Even her precious atmosphere, meant for all living things upon her, is being poisoned by thoughtless unenlightened mortals, who have allowed themselves to be led by greed and so have fallen into gross darkness, which a fallen prince from Heaven wrought eons ago.

“This nefarious fog is lifting, for the prince of darkness is no more. Only his death-throws are still being felt and are sadly taking with them many ignorant people, who neither give a thought to the life hereafter, nor to how they can be of loving service assisting their soul-growth.

“Truly, humankind is living through one of its most remarkable and precarious periods in planetary history. People everywhere have a need to wake up and become active as healers and peacemakers for their selves, their surroundings, and for this most precious blue orb in space.

“Think on these My words and lodge them deeply into your being. For this is the holy calling of people everywhere.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group. 

Note:  I am a member of this group thus able to post these messages.