Thursday, August 16, 2018


Do you ever feel like pulling a heavy blanket over you, and wanting to hide in a very dark place?  Maybe you've got a bottle of wine with you or something else that makes you feel good.   

It's okay.  I've been there. 

Nobody to talk to, nobody understands, leave me alone, what's the point of even talking to anybody,  anymore because nobody has a clue as to how I'm feeling, right?  

You are experiencing something that will continue to define you as a human being, (emotions) someone who is vulnerable, someone who is having trouble accepting things, someone who was taught to believe in something but, somehow, now his or her trust has been betrayed, someone you looked up to is now someone to be feared, or something you believed in has now proven to be false.   

When you lose all trust in someone or something it's a big deal.

I'm here to help because I know.  I've been struggling with this trust thing my whole life.

The dark you're experiencing is nothing to be afraid of.  It's actually a womb where we are able to go and hide in order to sort things out.  (Think of depression).

It is there for us to see us to help us through a period in our lives where what we perceive is impenetrable or the seemingly impossible as we grope our way along a darkened path.       

Whatever it is that brought you here to this dark place, think of it not as something negative or to be feared but as something positive to you regaining a healthy balance in your life.

You are not an earthworm but a firefly who metamorphosis at just the right time in order to let his or her light shine.  

I was prompted this evening, after I had gone to bed, to get up and post this because I felt there was someone in need of hearing this.   

Whoever you are, you are in the process of self discovery and will do what is necessary to get yourself back on track.

First Faith and then Trust, 


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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Gone with the Wind

This is the time to make important decisions
Because the wind is at your back and
Not in your face
We are on the cusp of something wonderful
Happening here on earth
The winds aloft are steadily pushing us
Gently steering us forward
Along our paths
We look neither left or right but straight ahead
There is no Wrong Turn
This is good and positive energy
Coming out of Heaven and 
Raining down on earth
We are all Scribes, now
Knowing what is best for us
And what is not
The universe will have its way
You are part of the universe
And not just along, for the ride

Get a Life

It's amazing how a compliment can affect you.  You've had a bad day, you've had a bad week, then someone takes the time to take you aside and compliment you for something.

It could be a simple thank you or something more.  

Suddenly, you're feeling better about yourself and everything negative that was pulling you down begins to fade away.

Negativity is an oppressive thing and we're all subjected to it day in and day out.  No wonder there are so many people with mental issues.

Our environment (what we're subjected to, where we grow up, where we work, etc.) has much to do with whether we're happy or miserable in life.   It really boils down to people.  Look at who's creating all the problems in the's not the plant and animal kingdom, its people.  

If you start taking note of how your day starts, the television news, the people around you and whether they are constantly putting something or someone else down, can definitely contribute to whether you're feeling confident and happy or down and miserable.  

Pretty soon it can become a permanent part of your life as you're always expecting the worst in yourself as well as in everybody else. 

There are so many chains that hold us back in life and many times we're the ones who made the links. 

It's time to assess and readdress so....make today a positive day not only for yourself but someone else. 

Get a new life and say something nice. 

    ~ Blessings,
          Nightshade 🙆


Sunday, August 12, 2018


Are you having trouble accepting yourself with all your faults and imperfections?  Are you ignoring parts of you you don't like?

If we are to move forward in life with any confidence at all we need to address this issue in order to create a positive and healthy mental attitude within us.      

We all have two sides, a dark side and a light side.  The two are separated and don't intermingle unless we first acknowledge their presence and ask them to meet one another.  Your light side is what you show to others while your dark side (you could call it your primal force) stays hidden and in the shadows.

The trick is learning how to get both of them to meet and then work together.  These two sides are what make us who we are (our needs, wants and desires, our personalities) and blending them together is necessary to our spiritual growth.

Today we can see examples of how the dark side (primal force) has taken over people's lives.   We read accounts every day of someone murdering somebody or going into a violent rage or sexually assaulting someone or taking their anger out into the streets.  The mistake was not acknowledging their lust, or  mental illness, or a hidden rage and then finding ways of dealing with it. Then, all of a sudden, they couldn't handle it anymore and took it out on others. 

If you choose to acknowledge your dark side and slowly learn how to integrate it with your light side this effort will be ongoing throughout your life.     

Sure, we can ignore subtle signs that our dark side is reaching out to us, trying to get our attention, for example, you did something out of the ordinary and it hurt someone or maybe even yourself.  It wasn't in your character to do so and you ask yourself, "why did I do that?"  But sometimes, these prompts for our attention can be far from subtle.  The trick is to take action early to correct a problem and not let things get out of hand.

If you've noticed, the world is not about bringing people together, coalescing or living in any semblance of harmony but tearing and breaking things apart, division, categorizing, programming and control by any means necessary.

The world is sorely divided and can't make up it's mind but we can.  We can choose absolution over  revolution.   

In so doing you will not only be helping the world but your decision will inspire others.

There is a saying, "When it's all over it's not who you were but whether you made a difference." 


Friday, August 10, 2018

The Dead Zone

I had an interesting experience this morning.

I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and then started back toward my bedroom but something made me stop before I entered. 

As I looked into my bedroom the first thing I felt was dead silence and no air movement.  The sun was shining through the closed blinds showing narrow slats of soft golden yellow bands across the bed, the ceiling fan was on when I left but now appeared to be off and specks of dust hung suspended in the air.

The room had a vacant, hollow feel to it like everything had been sucked out of it.  It felt like a movie set with all the props in place but none of the actors.  It actually felt that time had ceased.  The room was no longer full of life but now only a hollow shell, a reminder, a remnant of once was.

For a brief moment I believe I had crossed over into another realm and was the observer and not the participant.

I wonder, is this what death must be like?  That you're here and then you're gone and now able to stand on the other side and view your life in snapshots as it plays across the wide screen?

It is rare moments such as this that one is able to get a tiny glimpse into what we call the other side, the Supernatural and what we consider life to be but, rather where the experience turns our ordinary, humdrum lives and beliefs upside down because now we've come face to face with the realization that things are not what they are, not what they seem, not what we've been taught but much, much more and, at the very least, hopefully, an experience that will leave us a little more spiritual, a little more enlightened.     

This morning's encounter was all that and so much more.         

It reminded me of the movie, "Interstellar", where the astronaut is suspended in time, floating between two worlds, the real and the unreal as he desperately attempts to reach his daughter because he left without her approval.  But, now a solid library wall separates the two of them.  He can see her on the other side of the wall and she can sense his presence but they cannot connect with each other.  

Today is just another day, but is it, really?  Everything you experience today, everything you see, everything you feel, everything you think, everything you taste is it real or not?

Or is today, just another one in a long line of illusion, just another day in which you rehearse your lines and say them right on cue, moving among cardboard props and cardboard people or is it much, much more?

KJV, Philippians 4:8:  Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.