Friday, October 12, 2018

"What's Said in the OR Stays in the OR"

Hi All:  Well it's been a good week since my surgery on Oct. 5 and I'm back online (but only for a short time) so I thought I'd share some thoughts with you.

**Remember, no matter what life throws at you whether it's an illness, a challenge or something else, you have the courage to get through it.** 

I love the signs that say "Have Courage" but always wondered, "how do you know you even have courage"?  Well, the answer is, first you need to encounter something you're afraid of or don't have a clue how to handle in order to access the courage residing within you.    

I had a breast biopsy done on September 26 and on Oct. 1 I received a call from my surgeon with the results.  Turned out it was a tumor (Invasive Carcinoma Breast Cancer).  The good part is they caught it in time and I will be okay.

The innovations made in Cancer detection and treatment have improved greatly over the years and we only have those who went before to thank for this.

I cannot say enough about the health care community in this country from the General Practitioners, to the Nurse Anesthesiologists, Anesthetists, Surgeons, Oncologists and PA's.  They work as a team and provide the best care possible for their patients.

To show you the great dedication and sense of humour I experienced as I laid in my hospital bed on Oct. 5 is as follows:  Two Nurse Anesthetists who looked surprisingly alike but were not related walked into my cubicle and introduced themselves.  They explained that they would be assisting the Anesthesiologist while I was in surgery.  They had a twinkle in their eyes as they reached for my hand and said, with a big grin that they were known as the "Knockout Twins."

What a hoot.  I thought my sides would burst with laughter.  Then the Anesthesiologist parted the curtains and introduced himself.  A roly poly guy with a big heart and a big grin.  He proceeded to give me his life story as to how he became a Doctor and then told me his name.  "Why", he asked, would a father name his kid Rocky with the last name of Stone"?  Again,we were all laughing. 

I thought I'd tease him a little and said, in jest, "I'm a little worried about what I might say when I'm under anesthesia.  Are you gonna repeat anything I said like, you know, how may affairs I've had, or that night with so and so and what we did because, if you do, I'm gonna deny all of it!"

He looked me straight in the eyes and calmly replied, "what's said in the OR stays in the OR." 

Boy, was I relieved. 

Without these selfless and dedicated professionals we wouldn't have Savie Devices being used in Breast Cancer Treatment or the bionic devices being developed for critical injuries occurring on battlefields, car accidents and other tragedies.

I have more surgery (precautionary) scheduled for next Monday (Oct. 15).  Then another pathology report and radiation treatment starts on Wednesday (October 17).

I have the courage necessary to get through all of this and so do you.

If you're going through something that's worrying you and wearing you down, remember, "you have the courage to get through it.  Don't sell yourselves short.  You've Got What It Takes!

I should know as courage and I have met on the battlefield of life and we're now working together as a team.       

~ Blessings,

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Angel on Watch also known as a "Watcher"

To My Followers:  A health issue has turned up in which I've been scheduled for surgery on Friday, Oct. 5.  It's gonna take a good 3 - 4 weeks to recover and I won't be able to post anything on this blog until after that time.  The Tarot cards (Talk to Me Tarot) for each week will resume once I get back on my feet.  I wanted to let you know because you would be wondering why there was no activity, etc. and why the things I normally update weren't being updated.

I had a young lady who just contacted me for a Tarot Reading and I got back to her with some questions but she now is advised that her reading is on hold.    

I will do a blogpost and let you know when I'm back on line.   

Thanks for your friendship and your loyalty.


Sunday, September 30, 2018

Badge of Honor

What is character?   Character is defined as those attributes that make up a person.  They form your reputation --Courage, forthrightness, resilient, kindness, determination, etc.  You and I have heard the phrase, "who is that character?" or "that person is a real character" but character is much more than these hackneyed questions.   

"Character" is what makes up a person.   Character defines who you are.  When we start out in life we are just one person who gradually interacts and is influenced by other people and events.  How you were taught in life has a great influence on your character, your behaviour and how you are going to respond and react to things.  It is also very telling as to how easily you can be swayed from one opinion to the other.

Personality (temperament) and character I believe go hand in hand.   Does your personality define your character or does your character define your personality?  They are both intertwined.  Included in this (my own personal belief) is your DNA.  Where you originated from, what you were exposed to, how many challenges and obstacles you faced (and how you met them and overcame them) the people you grew up with and the decisions you made as a result of the events and people you were influenced by.  

Today, character isn't taught in schools nor, in many families.  Character is considered a thing of the past, or is it? --I don't think so.  In fact, I believe character is more important today than ever before.   

In order to nobly lead a nation, you need character.  In order to get through hard times, you need character, in order to do the right thing, you need character, in order to right a wrong, you need character.

It is so easy nowadays to just chicken out (as opposed to standing up for something) on just about anything.  It's the easy way out that so many have chosen in life.  But always remember that the decisions you make do have consequences.

Character is not group think.  Character is honed and developed over time.  It's your very own  individual trait that let's others know who you are.  It is so much more than laughing and pointing fingers at someone because they don't happen to fit into your little world of who is acceptable (to you) and who is not.

Character is laying down your life for someone else.

Character is putting others first.    

Character is who you are and what you do, when no one else is looking.

So get in touch with who you are.  Ask yourself today, "what type of character am I"?
     ~ Blessings,

Citizen Soldier

American Revolutionary War, 1775 - 1783
This is a poem I wrote, many years ago:

I am a Daughter of the Revolution. My blood has stained the ground. In this cherished land my boots have trod. In this cherished land my fears have gnawed- but I've thrown them off with a guffaw. With musket, powder, cloak and dagger, I am unlike polities swagger, for I am honour bound. The trees, my cover, the babbling brook, await the line I bait with hook. For up ahead opposition lies. And I am one and they are five. Covert and silent, I know the drill, as I creep across yon silent hill. I push aside locks grazing brow and grasp my musket more firmly now. My heart is steady as stealthily, I approach the enemy. Blood, sweat and loss is all I've known. For father, mother, children gone. And country on verge of collapse. I cannot bare hear dirge of Taps. What drives me is it courage, duty? Or is it liberty's proclivity? We must accomplish task at hand--restoration of this great land. All else is worthless if freedom lost and unresolved at any cost.  ~  M.D.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I remember, as a little girl, sitting alone in the middle of a forest.  There were towering pines all around me, forming a circle.  I do not remember how I got there.  There were soft beams of light shining down, illuminating me.  I remember the fragrance of the pines and tiny, yellow butterflies flitting all around me.  There was a quiet stillness in the air and not a speck of dust. I was wearing a crown of white daisies and had on a dark blue dress and leggings.  I was sitting cross legged on a patch of ground that had very little grass in it and the grass was dry and crunchy.  I remember the stillness, the quiet, the peace and love that surrounded me.

This, I remember, from many years ago.  

Now, please enjoy this You Tube Video as it is so familiar to what I experienced so very long ago.

     ~ Nightshade

Sunday, September 23, 2018

I Hear You!


A thank you to all who follow me on Blogger.  Are there any things you'd like me to address?  Any subjects of interest to you?  --Let me know,

Avenging Angel

"You called?"