Friday, March 23, 2018

KARMA ~ The Lightbringer

Karma is not about retribution, revenge, getting even or payback.  So when you watch a movie in which Karma is used as revenge to settle a score, this is the wrong interpretation.

Karma is all about balance.   

It is the law of cause and effect and an inherent spiritual component integral throughout the universe. 

Karma is not about committing acts of violence but is balancing right and wrong through healing, forgiveness, compassion and love.  Compassion is having an understanding of what the other person is going through and reacting through patience and love, not fear.     

What we do and say in life, who we hurt, who hurts us, our decisions are all under the watchful eye of angelic guides.   They teach us that what we give out in life we eventually get back.  That no wrong will go unnoticed.  That the hurt and pain we give and endure, the sorrow and sadness we experience all have their opposite in joy and healing, mercy and love.

They ask us to consider our thoughts and ponder the results of our decisions before we make them.              

They teach us how to reach out to others in need.  They teach us to put others first and to always strive to do what is good not to benefit ourselves personally, but for the benefit of all.   

They are waiting for you to contact them, standing by to help us as we trudge through the morass of this lifetime.

They are helping us find our lost parts, our fragmented parts and learning how to integrate them back into the whole.  

Who or where have we been taught about karma?  Our public and private education don't teach this subject and I dare say not even our religious institutions.     

Karma has its concept in ancient India and is a key concept in Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

As we move through the planetary shift, the spiritual meaning of Karma is becoming more widely known.

Its properties are cleansing and balancing the planet through each one of its human inhabitants.  

The result is an intuitive blending of heart, soul and spirit which will benefit all mankind.   


Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Calling

A hero is one who shows great courage in spite of the odds.  Are we born heroes or do we have to  learn to become one?  Below is a list of heroes we may or may not be familiar with:

*Alan Turing:  The Father of Computer Science.
*Aethelflaed:  She was an Anglo Saxon Warrior who helped unite England. 
*Thomas Paine:  Influenced the American Revolution.  His booklet, "Common Sense" inspired the colonials to distance themselves from Great Britain because the Crown ruled the colonies for its own benefit.  
Noor Inayat Khan:  During WWII, she was the first female radio operator to be sent into occupied France.  She refused to leave her position, was captured and tortured by the German Gestapo.    
Todd Beamer:  One of the heroes on Flight 93 during 9-11 who, along with others, formed a plan to take the plane back from the hijackers.  Remember his famous:  "Let's Roll!" 

Who are the heroes of today?  May I suggest the Reverend Billy Graham who just passed away?  His son, Franklin Graham who is and has been following in his father's footsteps  The Reverend Martin Luther King who inspired others to peacefully demonstrate in support of human rights.  Former President Ronald Reagan who persisted in seeing the Berlin Wall fall.

We have countless heroes in our military who have selflessly sacrificed themselves in order that we continue to live free.  We have police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel who put themselves in harms way in order to save others every day.

Have you ever thought about what it must be like to be a hero?  Have you ever given any thought to whether or not you would grow up to be one?    

I have news for you.  You already are.

Just continue to be believe in yourself and inspired by others. 

Noble things in life were never accomplished by those who just gave up.   

The world is in desperate need of heroes and they're calling your name. 


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

New Earth

There is an intense magnification underway, today.  I believe it's the affect of the geomagnetic solar storm that is hitting the planet and it's powerful.    When you walk outside it's like walking into a brilliant, bright light.

Part of earth's ascension has to do with magnetic rays.  The stronger more powerful rays affect human consciousness by stimulating our brain tissue.  The affect feels like a tingling sensation like the hair standing up on your arm.   The result is you're thinking more in depth and becoming more aware of who you are, what you are and your surroundings. 

This ascension into the fourth (some say fifth) dimension in consciousness is becoming more attuned to the planet we live on and the plight and needs of its inhabitants.

Some of the signs:  When you walk into a restaurant you've been visiting for years you suddenly discover something new you hadn't noticed before and its been there all along.

Or you never thought about the food you just put in your mouth but, suddenly, you are overcome with questions as to how the animal was slaughtered (was it humanely?) in order for you to enjoy that juicy steak. 

You notice that even the birds seem more energized now along with their eating habits.  They are devouring everything in sight.

You're at the supermarket and you suddenly discover a baby in a stroller and find yourself walking over to him or her as the mum looks on lovingly.  The little one looks up at you with such innocence, such love, such trusting eyes and smiles.  You feel you've just been blessed.     

Part of what we're seeing with the ascension underway is the complete meltdown occurring between the sexes.  The wrong route taken by both as they battle it out for supremacy.  Both need to work together not be at war with one another.  Dominance by either male or female will not work as each compliment the other.  The qualities of the male and the qualities of the female are essential to balance each other. 

As you walk outside the neighbor's horse locks its eyes onto you as it quietly stands behind its wood fence.  There is a strong pull between you and it.  It is actually compelling you to come over and you do.  You both are staring at each other.  Why, you can actually decipher what it's thinking.  It's saying, "I am so lonely."

You are feeling such empathy as you lay your hand on its muzzle the other softly stroking its mane.  You  whisper, "I'm right next door.  Just call and I'll come by for a visit."   

There's a stillness, a quickening, a quiet in the air like something big is coming. 

All of a sudden you find yourself standing on an immense rock not far from shore.  It's the middle of winter and a stinging fierce wind is blowing.  Your long hair is being whipped into a frenzy and your face is being pelted with salt water.  You gather your jacket around you tightly as you continue to stare out to sea.

The waves are getting higher and crashing all around you but you are unafraid.  It's the quickening, a galactic intervention into the affairs of mankind as more and more humans are waking up to wanting a better world for all.

This is what was foretold by the Ancients thousands of years ago.

Mankind is finally coming home.

Coming home to a New Earth of Compassion, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Patience and Humility.