Wednesday, January 30, 2019

IT ~ Intuition Technology

For weeks now, way before the onset of Winter I kept feeling that we were in for some bitterly cold weather.  I couldn't confirm this, I couldn't find anything on the internet nor the Farmers Almanac to really substantiate these deep feelings.    

I felt like the unseen cold coming would affect where I live and was concerned about my own problems with frozen water pipes and tending to livestock.  I really didn't give much thought to just where it would happen.   

Today, the Midwest is in the grip of the coldest weather ever recorded with Chicago predicting a wind chill today of -75 degrees.  Minneapolis had a wind chill of -50 degrees.  

We're used to the four seasons, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring in which each season lets us know that we're leaving one behind and entering another.  We take it for granted that Summer grows cooler as we enter Fall, Fall grows colder as we enter Winter and Winter usually acts normal and moderates as we enter Spring. 

How does one actually go about predicting the weather?  Is it an exact science or hit and miss?  I think it's a little of both.  

We have the Farmer's Almanac which relies on a secret recipe for their annual reports and, according to the experts, their forecast is pretty much on target every year.   However I don't recall reading anything about the horrific wind chills much of the country is experiencing. 

Meteorologists look at the temperature of ocean currents in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean that predict whether it will be an El Nino or a La Nina.  Again, I couldn't get any definitive info from the local meteorologist, Weather Channel or any other weather authority about whether my neck of the woods would be in an El Nino or a La Nina.  

Depending on where you live on this planet, an El Nino means that your part of the world is going to be wetter than normal.  A La Nina Pattern means it's going to be drier than normal.   A simple recipe for what's going on is when Australia is baking in January, it's going to be much colder in North America. 

Scientists did not know about these two ocean currents which affect our weather patterns but a few years ago.  Is it possible that these two markers have existed for many years but they just discovered them?  

Scientists are now beginning to understand that the cycles of the Sun have much to do with what type of winter weather we will experience.  We're in an 11 year solar minimum right now in which the sun produces fewer sunspots which may account for what we're seeing going on in the Midwest.

I saw an article from NASA on the internet at least two months ago that was an actual warning, a heads up, mentioning the solar minimum as a cause to the coming bitter cold this winter.  I don't necessarily go to NASA for info but just happened to see this article.  I was puzzled though because it came out so late and didn't really give us much time to prepare.  If this was to be, why didn't we see this warning plastered a lot earlier over all newspapers and social media?    

There clearly was a lack of information from anybody on what was coming.  

I believe we've lost something very special and vital to our well being on this planet and it's our belief in the body's ability to act like an early warning system.  It's called intuition.   

When was the last time you gave any thought to why a particular feeling kept repeating itself in your head over and over?  When was the last time you believed that what you were feeling was actually something worth paying attention to?

Our intuition is a source of deep, inner Wisdom that surfaces every so often in the form of a message.  This time the message coming through was to prepare for unusual cold. 

We have been moving away from our intuitive selves for a very long time.  Now we've embraced the Technological Age as our new god, a cure all for everything.

Technology can help in certain cases but it is folly to rely on it as the sole source when you start to run into trouble.  Rather, we need a combination of Intuition and Technology. 

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients could only rely on Mother Nature when to plant their crops, when to harvest, how to deal with plant problems, insects and weather.

They had no technology and continued to produce the healthy grains needed by their fellow human beings in order to survive.  

Maybe we need to start looking at the inside of ourselves instead of always focusing on the outside.   

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