Friday, January 18, 2019

Choose Life not Strife

It started several days ago and continues into today.  A feeling of emptiness, a void, a vacancy, a large hole.  I look around me trying to see if my surroundings are contributing to this but only rewarded with the same empty feeling.

What's the point of doing the dishes?  What's the point of exercising?  What's the point of making my bed?  Really, what's the point of doing anything?  

Even though my surroundings continue to feel empty, I do have a pretty good idea why I'm feeling this way.    

This energy unfolding is designed to do exactly what it's doing, slowing us down and prompting us to ask questions as we reevaluate and reconsider things in our life.

It's like the old is on its way out to let the new coming in.    

On January 21st we will have some extraordinary energy hitting the planet:  a Super Moon, a Blood Moon and a total lunar eclipse.

A Super Moon is when the moon's perigee (orbit) is closest to earth.  A Blood Moon is because of its closer proximity to earth's atmosphere that will change its color from white to to a reddish brown.     A total lunar eclipse is when the moon is lined up in earth's shadow and directly in the path of the sun.

We have a lot of stuff going on here!

Take advantage of this opportunity as its provided in order for you to set some things straight in your life.

~ Blessings,

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