Thursday, August 29, 2013

Galactic Handcuffs?

The world is in miserable shape.  Is our planet just a dumping ground for unwanted trash?  I believe we have been and continue to be monitored.  Not by our own government, we already know about them, but by our galactic neighbors.  It is foolish to believe we haven't been visited by Extraterrestrials who may have an agenda we are unaware of--an invitation for this planet to join the galactic community.  If this proves to be true, then wouldn't it follow that they may be very disappointed and unhappy with us?  Change begins in the heart.  True change results in neighbour embracing neighbour; becoming colour-blind; wishing only the best for others.  I'd say this planet has about run out of time.  We're fast approaching a point when our galactic neighbors will make a surprise visit.  This time all the leaders of the world and press will be there to film and record their visit.  Their mission:  pointing  out to us the error of our ways, giving us one last chance to measure up.  They will present us with an ultimatum:  "You can either be a part of the solution or continue to be part of the problem.  In order for your planet to be admitted to the galactic community you must first clean up your act.  If you decide not to, you will then be escorted to a place of reflection and meditation until you put all your grievances aside and come up with some workable solutions.  Any unruly ones who do not wish to participate will not be dealt with harshly as our telepathic abilities will make it possible for them to see the error of their ways.  Once you reach a consensus, this truly will be when meaningful change starts to take place on your planet.  You will discover that we won't make up your mind for you, YOU will.  Therefore, there won't be any need for galactic handcuffs".