Monday, August 26, 2013


Does your life seem to be on standby or at a standstill?  Think of the Universe as a Whole and that each one of us makes up that Whole.  You'll then come to realize how each one of us fits in.  Think of the Universe as The Supernal Teacher.  Sometimes this Teacher can mumble out a homework assignment or sometimes she can be rather boisterous.   There are times when Life seems to have passed us by, when we're at our wits end, when we just crumple into a heap, exhausted.  These are the times the Universe is softly tapping us on the shoulder as She is telling us, "This is a time for Reflection".  She is sending a Message that we need to take stock of where we are.  She's giving us a Breather to Reflect, Reassess.  Maybe it's time to clean up a messy relationship, maybe it's time to get our finances in order, maybe it's time to say, "I'm sorry."  Attune your senses through quiet Reflection and Meditation to the Infinite and Unbounded Voice that issues forth, guiding all of us.