Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Little Boy, Big Boy

My husband had had a particularly bad morning with not being able to locate his wallet.  But as the morning wore on, the lost was found.  It was such a relief to both of us.  We thought, "you know, this is going to be a very special day.  Why don't we just take the day off and enjoy ourselves?  Let's have lunch and on the way, buy a couple of lottery tickets."  So we headed down to IKEA for a little bit of shopping and lunch.  I'm an avid observer of people and can pick up on the energies surrounding them.  As we sat down to eat, my eyes spied a little two year sitting in a shopping cart next to his parents who were seated.  "Interesting, I thought, the father is sitting next to him, not the mother."  The father was big, probably a good six feet and had large hands.  He crumbled up some food into the napkin in front of the toddler.   The parents seemed to be oblivious to the little one other than to feed him some food every so often.  There was barely any eye contact or any effort made to converse with him.  Maybe they were too hungry to take time?   Maybe they'd had a busy day and were just trying to relax?  The toddler would stare out the large window every now and then and then turn back to pick up more food.  The parents sat looking at each other more than they did their son.  I thought the little one deserved more.  Was he really only just an afterthought?  The result of some night time passionate lovemaking only to be thrust out into the world between a couple who just now came to the realization that two had become three and they weren't quite sure how to cope with their decision to bring a life into the world?  Anyway, I felt sorry for the little tyke.  I wanted to go over there and put my arms around the parents and say, "you know, you two could devote a little more of your time to that little fella sitting all by himself ."  Of course I didn't and lamented as I watched them move out of sight.