Friday, June 16, 2017

Zombie Planet

Event Horizon

We need to stop hatred in this world.  We need to stop the evil consuming us.  How many more tragedies and atrocities will we put up with before we all decide that enough is enough?  Hate and hatred are running amok on this planet.  Blood is flowing everywhere.  For some reason, it seems that evil has ramped up to a new level.  But why now?  Does it know something we don't?  This planet has turned inside out and is voraciously eating itself, feeding on itself.  Evil, if left unchecked, will consume everything.  Is this where we're headed, as a species?  Nothing left?  Evil has a foul odor and comes with dire consequences for those consenting to use it.  I believe, because we're seeing an increase in evil and evil doers that humanity is headed toward a great fall.  A hard reality that we're going to face.  One that we may or may not survive.   Did it have to come to this?  I'd say yes, it was inevitable (because we brought it upon ourselves).  Now we're at the point in our existence where we've run out of options.  It's time to pay up.  We were given plenty of chances but blew every one.  Sadly the truth is  that we are seeing ourselves ill prepared to control anything including our own fates as we have allowed evil, hate and fear, our own evil inclinations and dark desires to gain a foothold and now running rampant.  Thus we have agreed to forfeit our own destinies, allowing, instead zombies to make our decisions for us, using manipulation and deception.  This is not a board game of good vs. evil we're playing here with plastic chips and cardboard and a round of golf or a big fat check in the mail as a reward, but real people, with real hopes and desires, made of real flesh and blood.  It's there blood we're seeing.  We are in the vices of an in your face reality as every day we wake up to more terrorist attacks, more hate filled rhetoric and watch in horror as  violence hits new highs.  We stubbornly refuse to acknowledge that an evil done done to one of us is done to All of us.  Evil:  Did you hear about the Muslim girls who refused to be taken into the sex trade and then were imprisoned in cages and burned to death?  The young man who was just released from North Korea in a comatose state didn't land in North Korea in this condition, he was tortured.  Evil:  The terrorist attacks in the UK several weeks ago on The London Bridge--Helpless, innocent people young and old were targeted and mowed down in senseless savagery.  One of the victims was a young woman who flew in from Canada to be with her fiance.  She died in his arms.  Evil:  What about the turmoil being caused and the harm being done because of relentless, vicious attacks and accusations playing out on capital hill?--All designed to weaken and irreparably damage a sitting president because a group of people don't like the election results.  The repercussions of this are unimaginable.  And the irony?  There is no basis to the accusations.  Evil:  Witness the carnage two days ago on a baseball field in Washington, D.C. by a deranged gunman.  Two victims are fighting for their lives.  Things have gone way too far on this planet.  Enough is Enough.  Humanity is now staring down the barrel of a gun.  And it's loaded.  Who or what will pull the trigger?  Does humanity have any time left to save itself?  I'd say we better get our collective act together.  I am appealing to everyone who is reading this to take a deep breath and a step back.  Please consider that harm begets harm.  And, right now, all of us are needed to mend a patient - Us.  In case you haven't noticed, this planet is mortally wounded.  We have allowed this planet, along with everyone on it, to spiral out of control.  Heads Up:  Damage Control has been activated.  We are approaching Singularity.  An Event Horizon is on its way.   And we'll not have one damn thing to say or do about it.