Thursday, June 22, 2017

Struggle - All You Need is Hope

"Hope for Humanity Shrub Rose"

How do you break through a wall of ignorance?  How do you break a cycle of violence?  How do you overcome your shortcomings?  Do you notice how much more focused and excited you are when someone give you hope?  But how can you have hope when you're functioning among negative people who only know how to dispense hate and fear?  What's the point of even trying, right?    Struggles are for a reason:  Struggles show us if we have what it takes.  Struggles enable us to get to know ourselves as we are now confronted with the best and worst in us.  Then we have to deal with the problem.  During this period of discovery we find out what makes us tick, what ticks us off.  Do we have the hope in ourselves necessary to make it through?  Do we have the hope necessary in ourselves to keep forging ahead?  Struggles bring us face to face with our weaknesses, our strengths.  If you don't struggle with something you don't know how much strength and resolve is inside you.  We struggle to make it, we struggle to keep up, we struggle in school, we struggle to compete, we struggle in our relationships, we struggle to understand, we struggle to cope, we struggle to achieve, we struggle to overcome.   The point of all this is we now realize we have to struggle in order to get anywhere in life.  Yeah, there are some who argue what's the point and say forget it.  But where do they end up?  In the long run, our struggles are going to pay off:  Just when you thought all was lost, the solution is found.  Just when you've had it with a rebellious teen, he or she turns around and starts taking responsibility.  Just when you've had it with work, your boss calls you into his office and commends you for the work you're doing and gives you a raise.  The trouble is we never know when these rewards will happen.  So, we have to keep struggling in order for them to manifest.  Struggle is a necessary part of life.    Struggle is necessary to humanity and is not here to hurt us but to help us grow, learning more about ourselves in the process.  Don't fear struggle.  Struggle makes us stronger, not weaker.
     ~ Nightshade