Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Boxing Lessons

Struggles, we all have them.  One of my struggles is remaining consistent.  Do you have a set time you get up each morning or do you wile away the morning lying in bed?  When you commit to something (this means doing what you said you'd do) do you let that part of you always making excuses win out or are you able to subdue it?  When you promise something to someone do you follow through?  Are you the boxer in the ring who stays on the sidelines while your opponent dances around you?  We find, as we transit through life, that there are things we must tackle and overcome in order to succeed.  It's best to meet these challenges head on before they become embedded in our daily routine.  If  we let this happen, they will be much more difficult to dislodge.   --Discipline, courage, commitment, consistency.    We all have choices.  We either choose to be a winner or a loser.  Life is full of challenges.  We can meet our opponent head on or stand on the sideline.    Choose early in life if you're going to be a winner or a loser.   
     ~ Nightshade