Saturday, June 3, 2017


I’ve been here a thousand times before
And I always think I know the score
It doesn’t matter how many times
At the end of each transit
I'm shit out of time
I’ve had my fill of lust and sex
Of laughter, failure, bitterness
I’ve lived it all
Another life fulfilled
Once more I swallowed
The bitter pill
We’re taught that life is all fun and games
It’s not until we see remains
Of what we did and didn’t do
How much we stole
How many we screwed
What we did to bring
     Sorrow and shame
But now it’s too late
Too late in the game
Be kind to one another
Forgive when you can
Don’t fall for the lies
Don’t fall for the scam
Especially you young ones
Listen to Gram,
Don’t just hit a home run in life
Hit a Grand Slam!