Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Soul to Take

A slow, resolute energy swings back and forth around us in a constant fight between good and evil.  The universe can not long tolerate imbalance, things out of place, as a Divine Hand will reach down to right a wrong or replace a lost item.   A negative force pulls in one direction while a positive force pulls in another.  This yin and yang is constant, existing in everything and is central to the cosmos.  An example of this back and forth energy would be when a disaster occurs (bad) but afterwards we see people coming together to help (good).  Or (evil) dictators finally getting the boot and the fearful people being vindicated (good).  Or a man (good) who was wrongly arrested for murder but proclaims his innocence is locked up and the real criminal (bad) comes forward.  At the present moment, this battle between good and evil is ramping up as evil is hell bent on overturning anything and everything good, hoping to put a stop toward any worthwhile progress, awaken and stir up virulent and potent emotions hiding, deep down, within us.   It is times like this that people can go off the deep end, commit horrific crimes, participate in and/or do something insanely stupid or worse.  Right now this sinister energy is in its first stage and engaged in foreplay, stroking and probing us, hoping we'll fall for the deception, ultimately falling victim and prey to its lie.  Ultimately it's aim is to win us over, playing us for fools, lying and deceiving to get its way in an attempt to give rise to our dark side and perpetuate the lie that in doing so we will be able to experience life more fully.  It's goal is to eventually own us and jail us using these control mechanisms:  sex, deviance, deception, humiliation, slavery, violence, intimidation, alcohol, drugs, money and power.   If one falls for the deception and succumbs to it, one has now willingly compromised self, thus allowing the soul to be placed in grave danger.  You've trapped yourself now and fearfully recognize that there's no way out.  Picture a demon sitting on a tree branch lying in wait for someone.  You are paying no attention whatsoever to where you are going.  All of a sudden you find that you've run headlong into a tree and step backwards to get your bearings.  You look up and see a malevolent looking creature.  It has serpent eyes and a slimy green and yellow skin.  Its forked tongue keeps darting in and out as it salivates at your foolishness.  To it you're just another easy conquest, an ignorant, reckless and hapless stupid human being who stumbles around in life (just like you stumbled into the tree) and creating the right opportunity to be snared and devoured.  I think many of us have experienced this inner battle at times, that tugging sensation between what we know to be inherently good and what we know to be inherently evil and the decision that lies between the two.  We are not in control of our bodies 100% of the time as we are constantly subjected to forces within us and outside of us.  Dark desires can surface from time to time and, if left uncontrolled and unchecked, can overtake any common sense and reason.  Both good and bad coexist within us and every so often they make contact with each other in an all out war to either liberate us or subjugate us.  Please take time to come to know yourself.  Our bodies, minds and spirit work together and are equipped with red flags that pop up every so often in order to warn us away from danger.  The more time we become aware of what our bodies and minds tell us, the less likely we will find ourselves walking  headlong into a tree and falling prey to something monstrous.