Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Visit

This morning I was overwhelmed by the scent of a fragrant rose.

Alongside this was a feeling of joy, as I watched a myriad of little beings who had freely invaded my psyche, jumping and dancing, running and laughing, frolicking to and fro.  

I could actually hear them.

The colors were charming and the scene, too.

It was a forest with a tapestry of colors--deep greens and warm yellows.

The sun filtered down through the leaves and splayed intricate golden patterns across the forest floor.

Thick vines snaked up the trees and wound tightly around their trunks.

The vines were ablaze with pink and purple flowers and embedded in the vines were happy little faces poking out at me.    

There were elves and elementals, faeries and hobbits and even an angel or two.

A raucous giggling accompanied this merry panoply of reverie.

They were playing hide and seek and chasing one another, squealing noisily as someone's hiding place was spied.

The feeling I was experiencing was so strong that I went up and brought down my Christmas angel so I could see her.

She's radiant with long tresses, golden flowing hair with one arm reaching upward, toward a distant star.

It is experiences such as these that help me cope with all the chaos and turmoil I see happening in the world today.

Maybe, in some way, my relaying this information will help you, also.