Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Broken Heart, A Broken Planet

Yesterday I found a small Praying Mantis in some water.  I gently lifted it out and put it on some weeds so it's wings would dry out.  I could see it was heaving gently so I knew that maybe it had a chance.  It wasn't but 30 seconds and then the ants showed up.  They were all over it.  I'm unsure if a Praying Mantis has a distress call.  But it seems to me that's what was going on and the ants rallied to it.  I was broken hearted and still am.  My point is, we do not know all about the insect or animal kingdom.  We certainly are floundering around when it comes to understanding our own human nature.  This planet, I believe, even though I cannot prove it (because I haven't been anywhere else in the universe) is the most beautiful of all planets.  And yet, what have we done to it?  Look at Chernobyl, look at Fukushima, the deadliest nuclear catastrophe we have ever witnessed.  Look at all the wars and savagery that we humans are capable of.  This planet is broken.  The universe cries out to us to "get our acts together" but we pay it no heed.  There will be a day of reckoning in which we will be called forth to account.  We still have time and can turn things around.