Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Planet Earth

For human beings, Planet Earth is filled with many snares, pitfalls and deceptions.  Some of our own making but many just befall us.  If we were able to remove the evil bent in humans do you believe this planet would be a better place?  I do, but alas, this is not the case at the present time.  The debate will rage on as to where humankind originated.  Was it from the ape family or were we seeded here by Extraterrestrials?  Does it really matter where we came from?  Shouldn't our focus be on where we are headed?  We still have those who wish to control the many, amassing as much power as possible.  There doesn't seem to be any way out for mankind.  Evil comes in many forms, many disguises and has many names.  Psychopaths, Serial Killers, Pollution, Greed, Politicians, Corruption, Depravity, Drugs, War, Child/Elder Abuse, Slavery, Indulgence, etc. How is it that those who have embraced their evil side always seem to be able to achieve their goals?  Witness what is going on in the United States.  It seems that America has lost her way and has sealed her own fate by willingly selling her soul to the devil.   Do we need to worry about this?  Why, of course, yes.  Not just because we are talking about America but because it is a country like all others, filled with living beings, with feelings, hearts and minds and souls.  This is something taken into account by evildoers only as an end to a means as they will ultimately discard the chaff at some point, in order to fulfill their goal.  We have patterns down here--things run in cycles.  So many years of good, so many years of not so good.  And more often than not, it all depends on the decisions we make.  When will humankind be able to throw off the shackles that have imprisoned it for so long?   When we make the decision to do so.  When we realize that we no longer want to live this way.  I personally believe that that time is upon us.  We have a harbinger of things to come heading toward planet earth in November.  Mankind is getting a wake up call and none too late.  Let's hope we heed the message.  "No to Greed, no to Corruption, no to Control, no to  Bondage and a a big YES to a New Way of Living for All".  Let good men and women everywhere pray for peace on earth and this new beginning that is being offered.  Evil may have had its way before but now it's taking one last breath.  That is why we are witnessing all the upheaval going on.  Evil knows it's going down.  Let all of us strive toward a new way of doing business here, as a new awareness, a new consciousness, slowly descends over us like a soft blanket, gently permeating our minds and souls with a warm embrace.     Welcome to New Planet Earth!
9/26/13 - World Dominance:  From the 11:11 Progress Group:  “You must understand right now that a one-world government can not come about when based on greed – confiscation of the wealth of the masses to pay for the gambling debts of the financiers. You must grasp right now that you cannot unite the races, nations and religions through force. It will take a belief in equality and a celebration of the differences. It will take a common religion of the Father being in charge, with individual spiritual beliefs being allowed to differ.

“The present forces bent on world domination will not be those to see in the times of Light and Life. This world will still long experience these, the birthing pangs of the Correcting Time. There is little that you can do, other than what you do well, so stay with the task".