Sunday, September 22, 2013


Coming face to face with who you really are can be daunting and pretty intimidating.  In many cases it isn't a pretty sight, is it?  I should know.  I've dealt with demonic beings, the kind you see in horror movies, the angelic realm and other nameless, faceless entities most of my life.  I am very sensitive to energy both good and evil.  Everything is energy.  We come into this world not knowing anything about who we are, yet everything we will become is wrapped up inside.    Even if the world deals us a bad hand, we still have free will to do something about it (or not).  We still have choices in this life.  You can pick up that drink or put it down.  You can say something hateful to someone or choose not to.  You can visit that grandmother in the hospital or decide that shopping is more important.  You can donate to a charity, sponsor a child or do nothing at all.  When we put others first, before ourselves, the world shines more brightly.  Our perspective on things changes.   There are moments in life, and we all have them, when you know you need to change--when it is so painfully apparent that what you are doing to yourself, or to others, is hurtful and harmful and needs to stop.  I believe that the Creator bestowed upon each and every one of us, one of the most powerful tools known in the universe--free will--the ability to change ourselves by the decision(s) we make.  He must have had a lot of faith in us that we would eventually muster the courage to do just that.  We weren't just thrown down here.  We're here for a purpose.  Confronting who and what we really are--the Good, the Bad, the Ugly and making changes, where necessary.  If we choose not to, then we're paving the way for a round trip ticket.  I'd prefer it to be just one way.  The experiences we go through that force us, enable us to come face to face with our own inner being, while on this present Transit, are for the purpose of guiding us back to the Source (Creator) and making us into The Whole.  We're down here shedding our old skin(s) and hopefully, before we're through on earth, will have learned what we're doing wrong and take the steps necessary to correct it.  Through Life Experiences, we're making our way back to the Source which is exactly why we're going through all this stuff in the first place.  Every one of us has Karma we're dealing with.  Life isn't easy.  It wasn't meant to be.   But if we prayerfully ask for help, the answer(s) will come.