Friday, July 29, 2016

A Never Ending Story and What a Beautiful One it Is

Quote:  "An educated citizenry is a vital requisite to our survival as a free people"
This country is in real trouble.  No, not from those who are aware of exactly what is going on but from groups that have co-opted and and wish to control us:  What we watch and what we read, what we say, what we write (blog) -- (social media, MSM) who to vote for and who NOT to vote for, our educational system (what is permitted and what is not permitted to be taught in schools) and attacks on our religious beliefs.      

We've come 360 degrees from where we started 240 years ago.

If you look at the world, in general, it is plain to see that people and events come in cycles.

It's a never ending story.

But a great part of the survival of any nation has to do with how educated the people are.

A nation, if it is to survive, is not elected by a group of pandering free loaders who have no respect for themselves and no respect for others, who are led by the nose to go out and vent their anger and rage at others for so-called grievances.

This is exactly what is happening in this country today.

We need a citizenry that is aware of their responsibilities in order to stay free; show courtesy and respect for those who protect us, self-reliance and keeping government out of their lives, and a belief in G-d.

When you lose these qualities, when you pander to groups who have sucked at the breast of Big Government for generations, when you flood a country with people who have no respect for laws, who live solely by a code of violence, who freely take what doesn't belong to them, who flaunt the Rule of Law, when you elect leaders who pander to exactly these same type of individuals and encourage them to do more of the same, you, by your very vote are actually helping in your country's demise.

When this country was founded the people were painfully aware, after having to submit to a brutal dictator and fleeing their homeland (Gr. Britain) for another, fighting a long and tortuous War for Independence (The American Revolutionary War) as to the harmful consequences of allowing a tyrant king, King George III of Great Britain, to govern every aspect of their lives.

It's the same ole same ole just a different time frame:  Big Brother King George III back then vs. Big Brother Obama, Clinton and Soros today.

The game hasn't changed, the goal of the players hasn't changed and the end result will be the same.

You reap what you sow or (you get what you vote for).  

These disgruntled British families made the difficult decision to leave Great Britain in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

They crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a perilous journey, some on the Mayflower and others on the Speedwell, risking everything in order to find a better existence.

Now, of course, I wasn't there (and neither were you) but you can read the story of the founding of this great nation by looking the information up:

The Mayflower Society and the Pilgrims of Plimouth Colony are other avenues to study.

I believe this oligarchy that we are witnessing now with a noose over our heads was formed under President Woodrow Wilson and has progressed nicely ever since.

It has taken 103 years to get where we are now.

Who will stand up for America?  Who will stand up for us?

We really don't need anyone to stand up for us as we are more than capable of doing that for ourselves.

We are Americans and have set an example to the rest of the world for 240 years nn what it takes to live as free people.

I believe this spirit is among us right now and is more defiant than ever.

It ain't goin away--An idea (especially one that works) CAN NOT BE KILLED.

The oligarchy's aim is complete subjugation and it's subtle and slow moving, ruthless, insidious, ominous, defiant, cruel and dangerous.

Never wavering, swallowing its setbacks defiantly as it sets its sights on those who continue to shine the light of day on it and oppose it.

We are at that point right now where desperation creates unstable people and unstable conditions.

This oligarchy, along with people, groups and organizations that follow and fund it, will do anything (I mean anything to stop anyone thwarting its agenda.)

And that agenda is, Complete Subservience under Global Governance.

I am of the WWII Generation and this part of America's history is deliberately being left out of our educational system unless you're children are attending a private school because this omission is part of the oligarchy's plan for complete dominance.

First those who hate us target the problem that's standing in their way, then they weaken it (slander, inuendos, fraud, threats lies, spin, etc.) and condemn it (finding fault, blaming others) in a concerted effort to bring the whole system down.

This is exactly what is playing out today.

Then, when you have located your target and done damage you start on another:  You attack and de-legitimize any and all who only have our best interests and safety at heart:  Law Enforcement, and the Military.

Throughout political history there have been the good guys and the bad guys (depending on your own political viewpoint) but now the separation between the two is even more acute as those who oppose the American way of life in favor of  "Globalization" is particularly evident.

I believe this nation is being turned into a servile one, the end result of everyone bowing at the feet of the few who wish to control the many.

This is nothing new as history has had its share of evil doers who, almost singlehandedly took control of a country and its people only using them to further their evil ends.

We are, sadly, at this very moment in history, right in the cross hairs again.  

It is up to us as to the fate we choose for ourselves, for our families, for our very way of life when we go to the polls in November.

It's forward ho and on to the promises America holds for all those who cherish her or forward back, falling headlong into the trap now being set.  

Think of all the men and women and the sacrifices they made (and still being made to protect us) when you go to vote in November.

Their sacrifices are why you can freely go to the polls and vote in the first place.

Let's not let them down.