Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mob Rule

This post is from the heart.

I urge you to consider the information contained within it.

First of all I am of mixed ancestry as I believe many of us, if not most of us are.

But, I am an American first.

I hope and pray that all who read this, especially you young people out there will, in some way, consider that maybe, just maybe the message conveyed has merit and is worth your time and consideration.  

This message is about the Democratic Party and what it has turned into, and what this means to all of us no matter what party affiliation we may be, no matter what the color of our skin is.  

Yes, I will focus on the Republican Party in the near future but the continuing gnawing in my gut regarding the Democratic Party and what it now stands for needs to be shared.

If you have any questions, wish to dialogue with me, agree or disagree with me, offer your comments, etc. please feel free to do so.

Just to set the record straight, this is not being posted to control or sway anyone's vote come November.

On the contrary, this is an effort to merely offer a personal opinion and to inform.

Voting is an act of self-reliance, a duty, a responsibility of all if we are to remain a healthy, free and vibrant nation.

The trouble begins when you have two parties who are hell bent on winning with one more sinister than the other, winning anyway they can and the other one stopping to scratch its ass as it is clueless as to how to stop an out of control train barreling down the tracks aimed directly at the heart of this country.

Voting is the time to voice your opinion, to have your say in how you want the future of your country to evolve, who is the most qualified to run it and the people who will be appointed to positions of importance, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Supreme Court Justices, and so on.

Your vote will determine the direction the country goes.

Many Americans fought and died for this right.

For a free country to survive there must be those willing to stand up, to serve and protect in order that the rest of us remain free and prosper.

All throughout history it's always been that way.

These individuals who step up are not only heroes--they are the actual, virtual fabric that keeps a country together, keeps a country from being ripped apart at the seams with the end result being first a civil war followed by anarchy and then martial law being imposed because of a complete breakdown in law and order.

This is what I see happening now and it's being orchestrated in this country by the Democratic Party.

Under this democrat administration something has occurred I've never seen happen before --An overt "In Your Face" attack on law enforcement and on our military.

Our military has been so denuded now, under the pretext of "Political Correctness", so severely hamstrung as to what they can and cannot do while under attack by the enemy, that they cannot effectively carry out their mission of winning a battle.

Sadly, to add even more horror to this, our veterans are committing suicide every day due, no doubt to their war injuries and the mental anguish they suffered but also, in great part to the lack of care by a federal agency, the VA, that was commissioned to do just that--provide them with the resources and care they need.

They took care of us and now we have turned our backs on them.

This is one of the most reprehensible, sickening things taking place under the Obama Administration and the VA still has not fixed the problem but keeps denying there is one.

Under this democrat administration this country has suffered immeasurably and has been weakened both militarily and economically to the point where it is now extremely vulnerable to anyone or anything that has us squarely in their cross hairs.

This makes all of us vulnerable.

Was this done deliberately or was this just happenstance?

In either case it doesn't matter as our personal liberties, our personal safety, has now been compromised.

It is clear an unrelenting and egregious assault is being made on this country's very fabric - on people's lives, on their families, on their well being, on their ability to do their jobs, on the very precepts that have separated the United States from other countries for over 240 years -- those third world countries controlled by deranged despots, evil murderous dictators who systematically line their pockets with blood money, strangle their populace with threats and brutality, using fear and exploitation, lies, threats, starvation and last but not least, annihilation.

I declare that The Democratic Party has turned into a whore for Special Interests.

It spreads its legs and let's anyone enter for a price.  Donors are especially welcome.

I think the Republican Party is not far behind.

The Democratic Party is a corrupt organization that shakes down people and governments, amasses money for more power, more status, a group of miscreants who use people for their own arcane and selfish purposes but touts it's "really all about the poor, the middle class, the downtrodden, the unfortunate".

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I admire Bernie Sanders, if you're wondering because he had the guts to go out there and campaign for something he believed in even if I didn't and he took on Hillary Clinton.

Now, I'm unsure what the end result is...whether Bernie fell for some money to just go away or he just left in disgust.

Socialism does not work anywhere in the world.

It's been tried in many countries along with this one --just look at Obamacare.

Obamacare -- it was touted as the solution to our healthcare problem.  Free to all who would just sign up--the federal government will take care of you--no worries, don't worry about how much it will cost as others will pick up the tab--problem is we didn't have a healthcare problem (we had one of the best health care systems in the world) but now, under Obamacare, we don't.

And did you know that Congress (you know, that body that swore to look out for us) conveniently exempted themselves along with their staff from Obamacare--BOTH parties signed on to this.

The people enrolled are going to see their premiums swell to almost insurmountable levels, something the Democrat Party doesn't want them to know and are trying to come up with a way of stalling this information (more premium rate hikes) until after the November election.

I wonder why.

Lies, scandals, fraud and abuse, special interests, money and power, bribery, insurmountable debt, tragic loss of life, unsolved mysteries, backroom deals, violence, murder, suicides, abortions.

The Democrat Party is a mob and run by mob rule.

It uses lawlessness, trickery, lies, mayhem, exploitation, playing one group against the other, encouraging hate and divisiveness, painting its opponents as an enemy against the people (when, in reality they--the Democrats are now the real enemy of the people) pandering to terrorist organizations (by not defining them as terrorists and now we're finding out that they actually may be covertly funding them), eliminating those who get in their way (make no mistake about this) and then, when forced to walk among the peasantry because they are campaigning for the highest office in the land, grit their teeth and hold their nose when they are amongst the most decrepit of us, holding their tongue because underneath they really believe that they are superior to us, dismiss any facts on anything when asked instead, waxing eloquent and saying nothing about nothing.

The Democratic Party and its allies didn't pull the trigger on the five Dallas Police Officers murdered weeks ago; they didn't pull the trigger on the two Baton Rouge, LA police officers targeted several days ago and they didn't pull the trigger on the police officer ambushed and killed while sitting in his squad car in New York city months ago but by their visceral lack of respect and outright hostility toward those who have sworn to serve and protect, their hostile attitude of not condemning these murders of our law enforcement officers but instead, pandering to groups who openly demonstrate and show their extreme hate for this country and what she stands for, they in fact DID.

And did you note that the White House lit up the people's house in rainbow colors in honor of the LGBT Community after Orlando?

Did you see them light up the people's house in blue after five of our finest police officers were gunned down in Texas?

If there's respect for one there should be respect for all.

The Democratic Party should be put on the DHS Terror Watch Group.

What I want to know is, "why haven't they?"

All of this that we are sadly witnessing now happening in this country, directly affects you and your families.

Do you want these things to continue?

Do you want mob rule as the law of the land?

Do you, because you happen to voice another opinion and it doesn't happen to be in lock step with the 'party' line want to end up in jail or worse?

Debate is healthy.  It's what happens and is encouraged in a free society, not something that is snuffed out because one party has become the oppressor of freedom and liberty as it believes it has all the answers.

This is the time when all of us must fully understand what is happening here.

This is the time when all of us must really search ourselves and look deep within because this November is the Bellwether for America.

It is up to you, it is up to me, it is up to all of us to hold the line.

We either choose to rush headlong into the abyss that is yawning back at us or start to take back what was taken from us during these past eight years.

Our very way of life, our families, our lives, our futures all depend on the decision we make.

Governments are instituted on behalf of, for and by the people.

They are not created solely to be used as someone's private club nor wielded like one.

G-d Bless America.