Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I Don't Own Me

Maybe humanity should just quit and start over:

Selfish; arrogant; impatient; greedy; willful; deceptive; vengeful; manipulative.

We live in a world where anything goes; anything can become the norm; fads become fetishes; fetishes become cults; cults become control mechanisms in which people are caged and in some cases where death is instilled as the only way out.

On the one hand we have those few souls who espouse our strengths and encourage the best in us; on the other hand we have those whose sole purpose is exploiting our weaknesses.

We are the grand painting with the grand promise the artist started to paint but then regretfully was unable to finish.

We are a repulsive, repugnant, heart wrenching, foul smelling, writhing, sorrowful boiling stew pot of hapless, helpless hopeless human beings who are more hell bent on wiping each other out than helping one another out.

There is a theory that during Noah's time there was a Great Flood that wiped out everything on this planet.

Now who's to say whether this story is really true or not?

Has anyone been able to prove it either way?

So, the conclusion is that it could have happened or it didn't happen.

Well, maybe it's time it did happen.

We're not making any headway down here as far as coming together in unity toward anything.

We haven't progressed.

In fact, we've regressed.

If we could get it through our heads that we don't own ourselves, we aren't here to impress others or be the center of attention, adorn ourselves with lavish jewelry and live in the ritziest neighborhoods, drive the fanciest cars, shop only at the best grocers, have a manicure and pedicure every week but understand that we all are here for Each Other, maybe we'd start to get somewhere.

There are people on this planet that don't have fresh drinking water; there are people on this planet who are dying from hunger and disease; there are people on this planet who are being murdered; there is more death and destruction on this planet than there is peace and prosperity.

I say we should all be hanging our heads in shame.

The League of Nations was founded in 1920 due to a political assassination in Sarajevo and became the United Nations in 1946.

It was to be a permanent international body and was founded after WWI due to the enormous loss of life in the hope that it could maintain peace in the world.

It's 2016, seventy years later.

I see that they, too, have failed.

United, We All Stand.

Divided, We All Fall.