Tuesday, August 9, 2016

You're FIRED!

Another One of Humanity's Avatars
 ~ Steve Jobs ~ An Iconic Innovator, a Technological Guru
who was all about improving our lives, not destroying them
Before the internet we were disconnected. Now, we're all connected.    

Through Apple's I-Phone, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, et. al, we are able to communicate with millions of others on this planet, sharing our love, our opinions, our memories, our thoughts and our interests.  

We're finding out that by the simple act of getting to know one another, we're learning just how much we all have in common.

Our hopes and dreams are the same; it's apparent that your fears are my fears; that your worries are my worries.  

Through this technological marvel, this portal called the Internet, we have been gifted  an opportunity that existed at no other time in our human existence.

An opportunity to get to know one another; to express our unity, discuss our differences and just plain enjoy each other's company.

We post photographs, we blog, we make friends, we do online purchases, we pay our bills, we play music; we watch movies, together.

All the while we are continuing to connect, forming lasting and meaningful relationships with others thousands of miles away.

**We are the Human Family and we're just beginning to get to know one another.**

We are a unique species with our own special signature, yet just one of a vast number of other sentient beings living in the universe.

Ones we have not yet had the opportunity of meeting but ones I believe we'll find that have common interests, the same as ours.    

We humans are part of an undulating, pulsating fabric; a soft and blended mural of hushed colors, vibrant notes, tones and hues.

We are our own song but we have yet to sing it.

All of us are a yet to be written humanity's First Symphony, a celestial, haunting aria, a complete but beautiful unsung love song waiting for just the right moment and just the right songwriter to compose its notes.

A songwriter who recognizes that all of us are still in need of a little tweaking here and there as he endeavors to capture and record us through the the laybryinth of his mind and onto paper, the promise that we all of us hold to and for one another along with the secret that has kept us in the dark for so long.  It is:

**The secret is the reason we're all existing on this planet together; why we're here and our main purpose along with how we are all morally responsible for one another.**

After many months and exhaustive work, the songwriter settles back in his chair, after his long awaited effort in creating what he hopes will be a best seller and that the notes he's so earnestly recorded will meet and exceed everyone's expectations--a song that will explode onto the airwaves and become an instant hit.  

We watch as he gives the high sign to the technicians behind the booth (it's a thumbs up) that it's now time--everyone is going to get to hear what he hears as he puts on his headphones and settles back in his easy chair.

The air is crackling with electricity and in anticipation.    

We watch him intently, listening and holding our breath.  

Something has changed.  

His facial expression has altered along with his demeanor.

He leans forward, focusing on something--like something unexpected is about to happen.

We now know that he is in the throes of something extraordinary.  

At first he was solely engaged in concentrating on each individual note to ensure he had them all down and exactly the ones he wanted.

But now he's listening to something that he was completely unprepared for.

The notes are rebelling--they are not acting the way notes should act.

They aren't cooperating--they seem to have taken on a life of their own.

They are in open rebellion and combining with other notes and creating in unison an ethereal, harmonious, haunting and beautiful aria.

Mesmerized, his headphones askew, he concentrates even more fully.  

His state of mind's surprise has changed to one of utter exhilaration.

He is acutely aware that something is transpiring, taking place, a phenomenom of some sort, something unworldly (perhaps?) is happening to him, through him and around him.

Now he is weeping.  

Something is occurring, something so exquisite, so serene, so out of the ordinary, some sort of spiritual transformation, something so harmonious and complete, something so transcendent that the experience cannot be described in words, it can only be experienced.

He finds he is lifted higher and higher--up up and away from his mortal state of being to one of complete enlightenment.

He now realizes that the single notes he put down on paper knew all along what their role was.

All they needed was for him (their instrument) to just jot them down on paper--they'd take it from there.  They would do their own composing.

He is now visibly shaken as this experience has transcended reality*.

Now, the reality* is that this song no longer needs anymore tweaking because it's ready to be released.

The musicians are all assembled, the conductor hand picked.

A heavy silence falls over orchestra hall so profound you could hear a pin drop.

The conductor is in the middle, surrounded by musicians from all over the world, from all backgrounds, of all colors, tones and hues.

He raises his hand.  The music begins.

We humans beings, individually, are very special but when we combine together in unity of purpose we become a force to be reckoned with, a pulsating, creative, vital and vibrant mosaic piece of art that deserves recognition not only for the contributions we make to and on behalf of others but because of our 'net' worth.

The conductor is the leader who manages to bring all the instruments (us) together under one umbrella in an act of absolute harmony.  

Q:  Okay, if we are Family, then why don't we act like one?

Q:  If we are Family, then where is the head of our Family?

Obviously there is no one leader to represent all of us as different countries elect their own leaders.
But haven't we made it quite clear to the politicians that we're tired of their bickering, their senseless use of violence, their  shenanigans, their deceptions, their lies, their hypocrisy, their broken promises, and their demagoguery?  

Q:  Are any of these politicians taking steps to see to it that all of us on this planet are being kept safe and healthy, free from fear and harm?

>In a Family the head of the Family will intervene to stop the bickering between siblings.

>In a Family the head of the Family will quietly listen as both sides give their version of who did what to whom and arrive at a fair conclusion, bringing about peace and calm.

>In a Family the head of the Family will intervene and remove harmful substances that his children may come in contact with, knowing full well that these substances will cause immeasurable harm and even lead to death.  

:>In a Family the head of the Family will set down rules and guidelines for his children to follow.

>In a Family the head of the Family will ensure that his children do not fall prey to crime and violence.

>In a Family the head of the Family will teach love and compassion for others; humility and patience, and instill moral values.  

> In a Family the head of the Family will put the well being of his children First and the well being of himself or herself, second.  

>In a Family the head of the Family will be measured in his response to wrongdoing yet impose the necessary discipline, when and where necessary.

Q:  Do you see any leaders anywhere on this planet actually attempting to do any of this?

And why on earth do we call politicians who seem to be more interested in dividing us than uniting us, whose own lack of self respect leads to grievances and hostility against others and worthy organizations, who openly pander to and support groups who promote racial turmoil and violence, why do we continue to call them "leaders?"

They're not leaders, they're obstructionists with their own personal agendas.


Okay, we have now come to the conclusion that we are all Family.

If so, then isn't this the time to start acting like one?      

Q:  Do you remember the television show, "The Apprentice?"

Q:  Do you remember the oft used phrase on that program?

Q:  Do you agree with what was just posted, here?

A:  Somehow, I thought you might.

Wow, what a response.

Okay, okay, I hear you, I hear you....

I hear a chorus of one, all voices have synced up and are in unison.

Your message has been heard and it is loud and clear:

To all you politicians out there--we're taking over; you've failed us; you've betrayed us.

Now it's our turn:

                                            ~"YOU'RE FIRED!"~