Monday, August 15, 2016

Heart to Heart

Real, meaningful change will not occur in the world until real, meaningful change occurs in people's hearts.

Politicians and the news media continuing to feed the schism of hate and fear only provides more fuel to those with evil intentions.

These pathetic panderers do nothing to help bring people together but only desire in driving a wedge between us.    

Yes we are different; yes we come from different backgrounds; yes we are of different skin tones; yes we grew up in different neighborhoods.

But I am convinced that all of us want only what's best for ourselves and our families.

That my friend is what unites us.

Unity in numbers is strength--strength of purpose and strength in the hope for a better world as we all stand together.

Division is only meaningful when applied to math.

If you had the opportunity to dialogue with someone who was brought up under circumstances far different than yours, manage to get past the rhetoric of who did what to whom, you both would come to realize that you have much in common as you both would be expressing common concerns.  

It's our unity that defines us, not our differences.

I am fervently hoping that some politician will pick up on this but I'm not holding my breath.