Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Witch is In

I feel magik in the air; faeries and sprites; grumpy gnomes and elvish elves, beautiful Faery Queens sauntering around in pompous, elegant and grand jet black, violet and dazzling pink gowns with elegant bustles and gold crowns on their heads and holding willowy wands with starbursts on the ends.
I imagine little ones staying up all night hoping to glimpse the faery lights dancing in the forest.

I am looking out my kitchen window.

There's a subdued feeling now as the clouds are lowering and a darkness descends, almost like it's going to rain.

But then the feeling disappears and out comes the sun all happy and shining, sparkling all over the leaves, casting its magik as it leaves a lovely gossamer shimmer over everything.

Magik is what you create; Magik is what you make of it.

There is Black Magik of course, but that's for those who only want to stir up trouble.

The Magik I'm talking about comes from family and dear friends, from love, warmth and companionship, a cozy fire, a good book, a pot of venison stew simmering on the stove, homemade biscuits, blackberry cobbler, candles flickering on the table, happy story book endings, healing and miracles and the laughter of children.

We look outside the window and snowflakes are falling.

To our delight we see a beautiful sight!

They begin to fall more and more and get bigger and bigger.

The pumpkins and gourds piled up in the corner of the garden are all turning white.

Excited voices and tiny squeals from the littlest ones then peals of laughter as the windows are all steamed up from wee ones crowding out the others "for a peek."

Merriment and noise making.

A Singularity has just occurred.

One of completeness, contentment and happiness.

My fervent prayer for the entire world we all inhabit.