Saturday, August 12, 2017


Something I learned just recently is, a Sense Of Self.    If you bounce around attending one school after the other, living in different houses and rental units like I did, you never really have time to set down roots when growing up.  You're too busy adjusting, making new friends and dealing with anxiety.  Maybe you, personally, are experiencing other problems that are interfering with your failure to connect with who you are.  Later on in life, when it comes to having confidence and meeting life's challenges, you will feel lost and adrift, awash in a sea of confusion and despair.   When we're young we don't give much thought to things like, "who am I or, what is my purpose in life" because it never occurred to us to ask.  So, what should you do?  Start a dialogue with your self and get connected.  Establish a baseline.  Think of yourself as a one person Kick Starter Project.  Look at yourself in the mirror and examine your face, ask questions like, "what do I like to do and what do I do best?  Why am I drawn to basketball or dancing or writing or cooking?"  Maybe the answer is, "because you're good at it".   A point to remember:  "Our lives are not ours until we take ownership of them".  What a waste if we carelessly give them away or they are hijacked by some thing or some one.  Our lives belong to us and no one else.  
     ~ Nightshade