Thursday, August 3, 2017


What is courage?  We've all heard about it yet how many of us actually have it?  Can courage be taught or is it acquired?  And, how would we know we had it unless we were put to the test?    I guess most of us will never know.  When you were growing up, did your parents teach you about it?  Did you learn about courage in school?    Did religion teach about it?  There are accounts of soldiers in battle that faced overwhelming odds and were suddenly filled with courage.  There are reports of ordinary people pulling hapless would be victims from burning cars, emergency personnel risking their lives to save others, somebody wading into an icy pond to rescue a drowning animal and, without hesitation, a person jumping onto railroad tracks to rescue someone lying helpless.   And when you ask these people why they did it, they always reply, "I didn't think twice" or "it's just what I do" or "I'm no hero."  Were these people aware they had any courage in their bodies at the time or did courage just appear?  Could it be that these people were put in the right place at just the right time?  Courage is not all about rescuing others but a great deal of it has to do with rescuing oneself.  How many times was it a good thing to say no to something you knew was bad but just couldn't bring yourself to say it?  How many times did you need to apologize but just couldn't muster up the courage to do it?    Could it be that fear manifests courage?  How many times did it take courage to do something you feared?  Did it occur to you that maybe you will be the one called upon with the courage necessary to help someone through a desperate situation?  None of us know when we're going to encounter something that will test us.  In those instances we will experience either the fight or flee mentality.  Maybe, just maybe, when those instances pop up you will be there and expressly for the purpose of showing the rest of us that one ordinary person with courage is capable of extraordinary things.
      ~ Blessings,