Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lights Out

It is late afternoon.  I look up to see the darkening sky and enjoy the softness of cool air as nightfall approaches.  The trees, towering silent sentinels, look down lovingly as I walk back toward the house.  I love the sound of the wind as it moves through the pines, the scents, the smells, the fragrance of summer grasses, shrubs and wildflowers along my path.  Somehow, though, I am feeling a loss of some kind, like something is leaving.  I don't know why.  Sometimes these feelings are a precursor to something coming so it's important to pay attention to them.  It's been another hot and humid day but there's a weather system approaching so we will get some rain.  Each day as I begin my chores I listen to the birds twittering, watch the dragonflies soaring and the butterflies alighting on flowers, the animals grazing peacefully and then watch the afternoon shadows creep across the meadows I marvel at how everything is so perfect.  It's like a symphony of harmony and perfection.  Everything is connected.  It reminds me of a beautiful tapestry that brings you ever closer to its meaning, drawing you back, time and again.  You're on the verge of a great discovery but can't quite grasp its message but you're getting close.  You stand in silence, in reverence, in wonderment, in awe, staring at it, wondering about the Universe and Mankind, Life and Death.  We are on our way to everything we ever wanted.  It is right there, just out of our reach but getting closer.  But now another day is ending,  It's lights out, once again.  Tomorrow we start all over again.  We are part of that tapestry, you and I.  We are separately filaments and fibers, linen and thread and the edges woven of gold brocade.  We are the flowing thoughts of an artistic mind.  We are vibrant yet muted colors of light and dark.  Separately we are nothing.  Separately we are lost and cry out for one another.  Separately we seek one another's company.  It isn't until all the pieces come together that we're able to be woven into the beautiful masterpiece we were meant to be.