Sunday, July 30, 2017

Can I Go Home Now?

I was watching a movie today in which the question was asked, "can I go home now?"  This question really grabbed my attention.  I thought about it but the more I pondered it the quicker I received an answer and it was a big fat NO.   If you believe that we are here because we need to address some unfinished business (issues we didn't resolve the last time we visited) or are here to help others less fortunate than ourselves, this answer makes perfect sense.  You can't go home now because you haven't finished your assignment. 
Maybe you haven't even enrolled in class yet.  So, you could be anywhere on the track, even approaching the end but will be unsuccessful until the guy with the big flag waves you across the finish line.  This can really make you think about your life right now and the real reason you are here.    Many of us don't give this spiritual stuff much thought either because we weren't brought up surrounded by spiritual thinkers or believe it's a waste of time or the spirit realm just doesn't exist.  For those of us who have been up front and personal with the spiritual dimension, we know better but we still cannot convince a number of people.  Having said this maybe now is a good time to ponder life's mysteries one of which was just addressed--your role in this life, why you are here and your calling.    If you haven't figured out your mission yet or really haven't thought about your life in this way, maybe this blogpost will help.  Just chalk it up to a subtle reminder, a gentle nudge from the spirit realm.  A personal message to you today from the other side.  ~Get in touch!~