Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Am

Don't be afraid to be yourself.   Each one of us is born with unique gifts.  When we reach our teens we start interacting with others and begin to get a glimmer of who we are along with what we hope to accomplish in life.  We meet others who share our likes and bullies who want to tear us down.  It helps to have those close by enabling our strengths and helping us meet the challenges in life.  In order to proceed in the right direction we need to stay on course.  There are many out there who have completely lost their way because of no help or guidance from anyone.  This is a national tragedy.  Today it is a monumental challenge to raise a child because of all the underlying bad stuff they're subjected to.   Kids born today see more, hear more, learn more and do more at a much faster rate than those born in the 40s and 50s.    So what's a parent to do?   A child needs a role model, someone they can pattern their life after.  Parents are the first people they come in contact with so it stands to reason that these are the guides who will set them on the right path.   Families are a source of strength and function as a stabilizing unit.  Along with being a sanctuary, a family is a place you can go to when you hurt; a place where you can talk your problems over; a place where you don't feel threatened.  A family is there to sustain you along with providing a roof over your head, food on the table and love and discipline when needed.   Today how many kids do you see with no family, no help, no discipline, no goals and no love?    So why is it that today, more than ever, the family unit and a belief in God are under attack?  I believe because these two tools work together and are instrumental in helping a child surmount obstacles and succeed in life and there are just too many people who don't care about this.  We live in a self-centered society inhabited by self-centered individuals.  Today just like yesterday we all need a road map and a belief in something higher than ourselves.  Life can be very unforgiving at times.  We need to learn how to acquire the ability and the strength to make it through challenging times.  In order to be all that we were meant to be we will have a better chance of becoming successful if we're provided with the necessary tools.