Saturday, July 8, 2017

Spirit Happens

~In the Passage of Time, it is the Journey itself that Leads to Wisdom~

This morning I was blessed with an epiphany.  I do a morning tarot reading, asking spirit for messages and the messages that come through could be for a loved one, a friend, or for yourself, personally.  This morning, the message coming through was for me. 

Just before I was ready to do the reading something happened that brought me to tears.  

I have struggled, my entire life with debilitating fear and anxiety.  I have no idea why let alone what has caused this but have wondered the root cause as it has paralyzed me my entire life, stifling my growth and interfering with my goals.  I have no memory of anything shameful or monstrous that happened to me while growing up yet I always have an underlying gut feeling that something may have.   

This morning I was in the process of cleaning out the cat litter box in the bathroom when unexpectedly these exact words came through, "your anxiety is a mixture of anger and guilt".    What??  Dumbfounded I stood up and slowly repeated the words I had just heard, "your anxiety is a mixture of anger and guilt."  I was stunned.  I was wondering about an upcoming event and how I would control my fear and then a message showed up and let me know that I am capable of handling any situation.  Spirit showed up, penetrating through the rubble and the rabble of my life, answering a question I have been asking for years as to something that has been plaguing me my entire life.  And the answer came through just when I needed it most.  I was ecstatic and overjoyed.  A huge weight, a huge burden had just been lifted.  Thank You. 

I regained my composure.  I needed to know more about what just happened and headed to my prayer room to do my morning divination.  I asked for clarification, wisdom and guidance as I shuffled the cards.

This is the spread that appeared:    

Cindy's Reading, July 8, 2017

I do a pentagram spread using The Green Witch Tarot consisting of six cards:   

1.  The first card middle position represents The Heart of the Matter (what the message is about)
PAGE OF PENTACLES (an apprentice gaining hands on experience; learning to put your talents to work)
2.  From there you go to the second card (upper right) which is The Present Position:  The energies surrounding the matter at the present time
IX THE HERMIT (Wisdom comes in due time)
3.  The third card lower right position is The Advice card:  The external forces affecting the Seeker right now
VIII OF WANDS (Period of waiting, ending) 

4.  The fourth card lower left position represents Anxieties and Fears the Seeker is struggling with
V OF SWORDS (Self doubt, facing adversaries, injured self esteem, gaining self confidence)
5.  The fifth card (above the fourth card) is The Intuition Card (what the Seeker's subconscious is telling him or her
XIX The Sun (after the storm comes the sun (enlightenment); healing; growth; and the sunflowers represent regeneration)
6.  The sixth card top middle position is the Final Outcome:  What you can expect; the  culmination of all the energies surrounding the heart of the matter
ACE OF SWORDS (Liberation, breakthrough; an impasse is broken; clarification; a new perspective on life)
Why am I posting this?  To let you know you're not alone, no matter what your circumstances are.   Spirit is waiting in the wings (no pun intended) waiting to answer your cry for help.  All you need to do is let them in.    Peace and Love,