Sunday, July 16, 2017

Diving Deeper

I'm going to add something new to this blog in the hope that it will help many budding tarot readers.  It will feature a new gadget and be displayed on the right side of the web page under the name, "Talk to Me Tarot." It will feature one tarot card per week and an explanation of the card's meaning.  I will be using the Green Witch Tarot but I encourage you to choose any deck you wish.  It's very helpful to move between decks as you sometimes pick up a meaning that appears in one deck (but not another) and connects with you more deeply.   The short adjectives that are used to describe a tarot card are just that, words.  They're not going to make much sense to you unless you practice, practice, practice.  This means consulting books, maybe taking a class and starting to do readings.  After a while you will then actually start to experience a connective flow that happens between the cards and the message that it conveys.  It's pretty amazing.  How do you accomplish all of this?  Well, for me, I nearly bankrupted my account buying tarot decks that appealed to me.  It wasn't until I asked for spiritual guidance that I finally was steered toward the one deck that really resonated deep down not only intuitively but spiritually.  You can also get tired of using the same deck over and over so it's okay to use other decks as there are times you'll come across a fresh bit of information that just "pops" out at you as to the card's meaning.  Something you hadn't noticed before.  Also, when you sit down to do a reading always ask the universe for wisdom to understand the spread.  Do not be afraid to consult the LWB (Little White Book) that accompanies your deck.  I still do if the need arises.   Tarot is a sacred art and has been misrepresented by those who either have an axe to grind because they have been taught to believe it does harm and/or are completely ignorant of its origins.  What Tarot does is guide a seeker along their life path and points out pitfalls along the way.  In this way the seeker can alter his or her path by making the decisions to avoid these areas.  Tarot is a guide for all those who seek answers.  And, in many cases it also has a healing affect.  Whether it's a relationship problem you're dealing with or just asking a question, Tarot is a tool the universe has blessed us all with.
P.S.:  Each one of us is on what is known in Tarot as "The Fool's Journey"which is card 0 (the first card) in the Major Arcana.  Zero meaning void, empty space in which things have not come into being yet like right before the egg is impregnated by the sperm.  If there were no void then things could not congeal, manifest and materialize. 

There are four different elements (or energies) we all deal with throughout our lives:  1.  Air (Swords in Tarot) dealing with the Intellect, power and struggles; Water (Cups) dealing with emotions and relationships; Fire (Wands) dealing with goals, aspirations, enterprise and business; Earth (Pentacles) dealing with finances, inheritance, money management. 

The Fools Journey is comprised of twenty-two (0 through 21) Major Arcana cards and the Minor Arcana (aka The Lesser Arcana) of forty cards and sixteen court cards, (Page, Knight Queen and King).   The Pages symbolize a young child (an apprentice) either male or female approximately thirteen years old; the Knights are either male or female and are in there early twenties.  The Queen can symbolize someone you know, a friend, a relative even someone who has passed and the same with the King. 

Hope this helps, any questions just email me...