Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Before Connection There is Compassion

Regarding Planet X and its affect upon planet earth yes, I do believe there will be earth changes in fact they are occurring now. But along with this happening I believe that this extraordinary event also has another side to it and one that is consistently overlooked and that is its spiritual nature.

Humanity has always belonged to the stars, hell we come from the stars.  It's just that we couldn't  find the right one to hitch our dreams to (or maybe it couldn't find us) because our the state of affairs we kept finding ourselves in --chaos and confusion.

But the time is here for all of that to change.

There are going to be some extraordinary encounters taking place in the not too distant future and when I say that I can't tell you when they will occur but they will be soon.

I'll try and put my finger on this so I'm not trying to sell anyone on anything and go so far as to say that some of them are "imminent."

Definition of imminent:   Something that is just about to happen. 

In my research I am finding more and more that something of a profound spiritual nature is  happening to us and the veil of ignorance and the shroud of obscurity are falling away.

I am so attuned to things going on around me and within me that it's hard to get this message across to those who have difficulty or cannot even comprehend what I am saying. 

Yet I say to you with all sincerity and with an innate knowledge that this truth that we are entering will be a time of planetary peace and prosperity for all.

This afternoon just sitting at my keyboard and minding my own business, I felt a presence.  One radiating such peace that I immediately knew I was in the presence of a being.  It felt like it actually went right through me, entering my heart chakra.

Whether angelic or otherwise (maybe a loved one paying a visit) I do not know as it did not identify itself.  However, I do know that I did not want it to leave.

I shared this experience with one other person and now I'm sharing it with you.

We live in a fear based existence and one that has kept us down and harmed us for far too long.

Things are changing and for the better.

All who are struggling with things I am radiating hope and peace and offer you a compassionate ear knowing of your struggles, your guilt, your vices, your failures, your fears, your hopes and dreams.

After all, we're family, one big family and we've all experienced what you're going through at some time or other so we have something in common.

Isn't it time we all connected with one another?