Monday, February 20, 2017

Past, Present, Future

Make no mistake about outside (outside of our perception) energies manifesting themselves.  Right now I am experiencing one and I will describe it as some kind of a "holding" pattern.  I know I have things that need to be done, I know I have things to do and deadlines to meet and I'm working on them but it seems as if it's one step forward and two steps backward.  It's as if something is holding me back (preventing these things from manifesting) in order to get them done.  It's as if a wall of some sort has been constructed between me and what I want to get done.  But I know it's for a reason and I must be patient for it to pass as these experiences are more than just perception, they are messages from spirit who know far more intuitively what I do not.

Another way to describe this would be you're just about to embark on a trip.  You've made all the necessary arrangements, picked out the hotel, etc. and you're ready to go but, for some reason, things start to go haywire.  You receive a call back from the travel agency that they were misled in that this resort might not have room for you and your family now and they're "terribly sorry."  Then you find out that the airline is going to cost more than you previously thought.   

So what do you do?  You cancel, of course.

A few days later, after you're done with stomping the airline tickets into the living room floor and throwing a few objects around, you've calmed down enough to listen to the nightly news and find out that a large earthquake just struck this island paradise and many people are injured, dead and missing.

You look at your wife and kids in horror as you suddenly realize that this could have been you and your family.

This is an elaboration, of course, and I could have simplified it but you get the message.

This world we live in is 3D and linear but every so often Spirit breaks through our monotonous and skewed earthly illusion of things with an important message and one that could actually save a life.

Maybe even yours, mine or ours....