Monday, February 6, 2017


How do you prepare for something?  It could be marriage, a new baby, surgery, or a new job.  First of all you're aware it's going to happen (become a reality) so if it's marriage you start preparations right away to ensure everything transitions smoothly--who is going to perform the ceremony, buying the rings, guest lists, renting a banquet hall, ordering bridesmaids dresses, etc.  If it's a new job you already went to all the trouble to amass the experience necessary, presented your resume for review, made a good impression and now you're hired.  If it's a new baby, you've had nine months to prepare for this coming event--the clothes it needs, a crib to sleep in, formula and diapers.  When it comes to surgery you already made the decision to see your Dr. as you believed there was a problem.  He does an assessment and agrees that there is and schedules you for surgery.  This couldn't have happened without an awareness on your part that something wasn't quite right, that something needed to be investigated.  Surgery is recommended and a date set.

These are examples of things we can plan for as we can comprehend them and are aware of them but what about things we're not aware of or afraid of or don't even consider in the realm of possibility?    How do you plan for these?  

More often than not in our lives we don't know what's going to happen (come into being or existence) as these events are unpredictable.  They are known as wildcards.  I mean, just look at Superbowl 51, the Atlanta Falcons vs. the New England Patriots last night.  Score 3 and 20 at the end of the first quarter, in favor of the Falcons.  The Patriots were way behind and got off to a really dismal start due to the ramrod Aries energy of the opposing team that allowed for mishaps, fumbles and missed passes but look at just how things unfolded.  I bet there's not one of us who would have predicted that the Patriots were going to win.

Our awareness of the likelihood that the NE Patriots were going to pull off an extraordinary win was slowly unfolding in our minds as we were glued to our t.v. sets and watched what was unfolding right before our eyes.   

Other examples of wildcards would be a divorce when you least expected it, an unwanted pregnancy even though you were taking precautions, or a car accident.  You didn't see any of this coming and yet, quite possibly (more than likely) the signs were already there.  You just chose to ignore them or you saw them but didn't want to believe they would actually become a reality.  Regarding the car accident, you may have been driving recklessly for years and getting away with it but lo and behold, one fateful night your driving habits caught up with you. 

You escaped with your life, didn't kill anyone but now the inevitable has happened and you're left to pick up the pieces of what remains of your life. 

Put another way, what if something were to (or was already happening to this planet)?  What if there were signs, indications, warnings, changes in eating and sleeping habits, anticipation, a sense of urgency, unusual weather phenomena (earth changes) photos, videos of something new appearing in our skies, and a growing and profound gut feeling that something was indeed happening, something unusual (to say the least) and happening, right before our eyes?     

We're experiencing an increase in the number of meteors exploding over our heads, undiscovered asteroids heading our way (the last one scientists didn't even know about until it "showed" up), torrential rain and snowfall in the most unexpected places, Europe is now experiencing a shortage of vegetables because of torrential rains and drought.  Spain produces much of these vegetables and is now hoarding what they produce so the UK is now rationing these items if you're buying in bulk, unusual cloud formations, brilliant orange and red sunsets, warmer winters, extremely unusual and dangerous lightning storms (not the lightning storms we're used to).  I can attest to this personally because I went through one of these dangerous storms months ago and even called the local meteorologist to report it as it was so severe.  Lightning struck an old bull pine  in my front yard and at the time it struck the tree, a ball of lightning appeared about fifty feet away from the pine tree, hovering about 5 - 6' above the ground.     

We didn't believe in dinosaurs until we dug up their bones; we didn't believe in dragons until several videos were taken in SE Asia showing what appeared to be a flying serpent, we didn't believe in giant humans roaming our planet until scientists dug up their remains, we didn't believe in UFOs until their existence was photographed and documented, we didn't believe in aliens until those who had encountered them shared their details and we can't possibly believe that there are other giant, unknown, celestial bodies that are in our solar system right now (as yet 'undiscovered' according to some scientists) and sharing the skies with us.   Until, of course we see it and experience it. 

Please take this to heart as it is from the heart.  At least consider the possibility that something is headed our way and is being covered up by those who do not wish the masses to know.  A celestial body, a planet a comet or a combination of both (as the scientists still don't know) with its own star (a brown dwarf) moons and a debris field.

The elites and governments know and have prepared.  Why else all the underground bunkers we've been reading about?  

It wouldn't hurt to take some time to consider the possibility that this is a real possibility and doing some preparation.

Like the dinosaurs, why wait until someone digs up their bones?

Why wait until an event is upon you and there isn't any time left?

Isn't it better to at least investigate the evidence being presented now and start to prepare yourselves and your families for the possibility of a celestial object that is well on its way, having visited earth  3600 years ago?

Each one of us has a decision to make.  Will our lives be invaded by a wildcard or will we heed the evidence and be prepared for its coming?   

              ~  Nightshade