Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hearts and Roses

February 14, 2017, St. Valentine's Day

I am visualizing a valentine over the earth, a heart full of roses, fragrant and full.  

Hearts and roses signify love and encourage us on our earthly journey, letting us know that there is more to life than sorrow, hardship and death.

If we could come to understand that we are living in a false world, one that is fear based and controlled through force, manipulation and deception, we would then start to see through to the 'other' side.

This manifestation is akin to the "Lifting of the Veil" which is taking place now.

There is more to our worldly existence down here than what we've been taught to believe.  An existence that has been shoved down our throats and masking what is, in truth, our true and rightful heritage as human beings in the cosmos.   

That is all in the process of changing.   The signs are all around us from people waking up, to earth changes.

We are now at the dawning of a New and Golden Age also known as The Age of Aquarius.  


A new day for Mankind is manifesting before our very eyes and being heralded in by signs in the heavens.  The old is breaking down and one can hear heavy chains grinding and breaking, chains that have hobbled Mankind's growth for thousands of years.