Sunday, February 19, 2017

Out of this World

Artist rendition of a Brown Dwarf Star
Why is it so hard for us to visualize something if we have little or no data?  Well, I think it's just a normal process of the human mind to want something substantive to sink its teeth into.  On the subject of a rogue Planet (Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, The Winged Disc, etc.) we have to ask ourselves did this planet enter our solar system and wreak havoc on Mother Earth approximately 3,600 years ago?

There is plenty of "evidence" from ancient texts, tree rings, volcanic ash deposits and flooding records along with actual eye witnesses to this occurrence  during ancient times yet we, this technologically advanced group of homo sapiens who refuse to consider the evidence being presented as "this could not possibly happen to us."

I must admit though it is hard to think through let alone believe something is going to happen when there is so much hype and disinformation going on regarding the evidence being presented. 

We cannot blame the researchers who are risking their reputations and receiving death threats because they are trying to at least present information that something big may be occurring, something so many are assailing and trying to cover up.

These private researchers, with little or no money are doing the job the government won't and it's up to us whether or not we want to view the evidence they are providing or ignore it.

If it weren't for them we wouldn't be able to make a decision one way or the other, would we? 

Either way if what they are showing is real we will be able to prepare; if what they show is nothing more than a figment of man's imagination, then we won't have to prepare for anything.

The bottom line is you and you alone will make this decision.

Now the scientific community can't figure out if Planet X is a real planet or if this celestial object is a brown dwarf (a star).  And there are articles as way back as 1983 detailing that they (the scientists) did indeed find something lurking just beyond our solar system that was the size of Jupiter or even larger and Jupiter's a pretty big planet.

The You tube channels that are reporting strange events occurring all over this planet with weird phenomenon like videos of "two" suns, strange rainbow cloud formations, freaky weather, torrential flooding (are we getting any of this information here in the states?  --if you don't know where to look you won't see it) but this is happening all over the planet.

Hey, it's February 19, 2017 and where I live the temperature is in the seventies and we've even had eighties with daffodils in full bloom along with trees.  There are wasps flying around, bluebirds and robins are here.  Give me a break.  --Normally it's the forties and fifties and down into the thirties and occasionally the twenties.

Something is definitely out of whack.  And these weather anomalies are occurring all over the place.

So, when you yourselves start seeing this with your own eyes and start following the videos and do some research on your own, you can plainly "see" things happening in your own backyard.

Immanuel Velikovsky, who wrote "Earth in Upheaval" (and I urge you to read his book) was a self-taught "layman" scientist who went to great lengths to connect the dots over a long period of time which included the ancient Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian and Sumerian accounts of a celestial body event that occurred 3600 years ago during the Hebrew Exodus.

Mr. Velikovsky was soundly criticized, ostracized and humiliated by those in the "scientific" community who were close minded and couldn't bring themselves to accept his findings.

More and more we are finding that his facts are being authenticated.

This behaviour is sadly still occurring today in the scientific community against those who are risking everything to show us that we really need to consider that something is indeed, happening to our planet. 

I post a lot of information concerning ascension, spiritual awakening, a raising of humanity's consciousness because this is the message I am here to disseminate.

But, along with this new spiritual awareness, there are going to be things happening that we will not be able to comprehend as this will be a first for us, inhabitants of planet earth who just happen to be here at this particular time.

One can see some of this happening now and they are called "signs in the skies."

So, my fervent prayer is that you will take the time to investigate what's going on.

You will arrive at your own conclusion.   

Isn't it better to know all the facts regarding something before it happens than knowing nothing at all?

It might be good to consider that, at least, we are being forewarned with all the changes we are seeing taking place.  A gradual warmup, if you will, to the Great Event.

Nobody has any idea what is going to transpire if, in fact, all of this is true but I think you'll have a better idea after you consider all the information coming in as to what you can do in your own little corner of the world.  --Our World. 

I posted this link some time ago but I'm posting it again.  Please visit and see the strange things happening around the world.