Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Helping Hands

Curious, I'm becoming much more aware of how "finite" my existence is down here.  It's like when you're a kid you don't think at all about growing old or how old you'll be when you die as you're caught up in the moment, the world around you, the sunshine, friends and happy times.

But there's a gradual 'coming of age' so to speak as the years roll by.

There will be a time when I will not be here to post my thoughts and feelings, so please take to heart those I do post as they are for your betterment, well being and enlightenment.

I cannot emphasize, strongly enough, that times are changing.  We are in the midst of a Great Shift, an Awakening, to name just a few terms of the terms used for the new age that Mankind is now entering.

So I thought it would be useful if I asked you to do something.

Take a look at your hands.  Hold them up in front of your face.

What about your hands, what do they do?
Hands can wipe a tear away.
Hands can hold a gun.
Hands can slap you in the face.
Hands can make for fun.   
Hands can pet a dog.
Hands can saw a log.
Hands can make obscene gestures.
Hands can salute.
Hands can stroke someone's hair.   
Hands can make you quite aware.
Hands can curse and hands can bless
Hands can save you from transgress
Hands can say hello, goodbye. 
Hands can make you laugh or cry
Hands give life or make you die.
Hands can provide comfort and encouragement.
What about yours?