Monday, October 14, 2013

My Dream

I saw her as she as the others slowly emerged from the thicket's entrance, making their way toward a clearing in the forest.
Somehow, I felt that she was from medieval times and an Earth Elemental.  
She had on a long gown with lace sleeves that reached down to her wrists and lace gloves.  Her gown was equipped with a bustle and a long train.
Tiny gemstones twinkled on her garment as she moved, her gown, a mixture of muted soft brown and bronze colors.
She was wearing a sumptuously brimmed hat that was so wide (it had to be at least six or seven feet in circumference and covered her face entirely) that I was amazed she could support it at all.  It appeared that  it was made of a crisp material, like organza.
The background colors in this dream were brackish (like stirring the silt at the bottom of a pond) and different hues of from light green to a deep dark green.
The first creature following her looked like it had literally been sewn together as in a patchwork quilt. It walked, hunched over and loped, like a freakish canine humpback.
The others that followed were dark figures, shadows with no faces.
Surprisingly, I did see a tall figure sporting a cowboy hat.  This was funny and very curious.  Was someone acting silly?
They were not threatening nor evil nor malevolent, in any way.
They seemed as if they all belonged to her, were a part of her.
I had no fear of her nor her entourage.  I was more curious about them than anything else.
As I moved closer, I found that we both were now communicating, telepathically.  And interestingly, I found that I was actually talking with her, not to her.
She had stopped moving and was now listening to my questions.
"Who are you, where do you come from, where are you going, do you have anything to tell me that I need to know,"  I asked?   
She indicated that in order to continue our conversation, I needed to come closer and see her face.  I needed to duck under her hat.
I was a little hesitant to do this but knew I must (still no fear).
Slowly I approached the outer brim of her hat.  I gently felt the outer brim (it was a little stiff) and picked it up with just the tip of my fingers.
I peeked inside.  I felt my head slowly raising to take a look.
Just then, I perceived that this very act of lifting her hat was akin to (lifting the veil) of ignorance, penetrating the deep layer of ignorance that we all find ourselves ensnared in.
She was fearsome, intense and strong but intuitively I knew she meant me no harm.
I believe our encounter was no accident.
Her eyes were the most extraordinary.   They were half-shut, squinting at me.  They were all knowing and of the purest, clearest, lightest blue color I had ever seen.  They reminded me of crystals.  It  was actually physically painful to look at them like when you look at the sun's brightness.  I could not see her face and I believe I was not meant to as her eyes held the answer.
And yet, when she looked back at me, I knew she was in the process of assessing me, sizing me up from top to bottom;  penetrating my core, my soul.  Somehow, I knew she was getting ready to communicate something spiritual.
I felt no fear, no panic.  I literally felt as if I was talking to a part of myself.  That she was me and I was her.   That in the past I had known her or something to that effect.
That she was known as what we would call today, a Witch, a Spirit Guide or a Slyph.  She was also oddly and strangely familiar.  And she enabled me, somehow, through her eyes, to see the Truth of our existence here on Planet Earth:

"Know that there is more to Life than meets the eyes; know that all the suffering, all the trappings of this earthly plane are only temporary; that we should not be afraid of difficulties we encounter as there is another, spiritual and brighter plane surrounding us.  One that is there to Help Us in our difficulties, through our difficulties, in our time of need, if we but just ask."

After she shared this information, I literally felt spiritually uplifted; refreshed; renewed; positive; hopeful and enlightened.
And I find that even after the dream ended, she is somehow staying close nearby.
We live in a world that makes no sense; we live in a world of immense suffering, savagery, desperation; chaos, tumult and confusion.

We live on Planet Earth, one of the most beautiful, one of the most  habitable planets in our Solar System yet we continue to treat her with disdain; we continue to treat one another with hostility and fear--striking the first blow before we even get a chance to know one another; we squander what is freely given to us, provided to us, free of charge with no strings attached, no price tag whatsoever.  Only in return are we asked to treat this gift with humility, thankfulness and respect.  We are disease-ridden and guilt ridden; we think we know it all yet we know nothing; we live on a planet and are surrounded by celestial bodies that could. if they wished (but somehow I know they will not)  annihilate us at any moment yet we're more consumed with watching soap Operas, to even realize that there's a grander Soap Opera taking place, playing out for all to see, ponder and wonder--a universe full of  all we could ever hope for, want or need, yet we continue to bow to ignorance and greed.

The wake up calls are coming in from all directions.

When are we going to heed the Message?

Vernal (Spring Equinox) - March 20, 2013