Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I feel like the nutty professor with his hair all askew; I am one of the three Stooges, whipping his hands all over his face and making those blubbery, unintelligible sounds.  What is this incredible energy I am feeling?  And, why am I so focused on Pluto?  A tiny object suspended out there all by itself.  No friends; no one to talk to; just an uninhabitable, hard ice cold sphere--unmoving, uncaring and distant.  I see a pale blue color with light brown and grey overtones.  I am up up and away--in deep space and moving through it.  I've been here before.  I can see everything around me, below me and up ahead.  Shooting stars and comets, asteroids and constellations, planets and moons and brown dwarfs, black holes and galaxies.  UFOs come whizzing by, and greet me with a big high five!  I am surrounded by total blackness yet my eyes can see everything.  I am unafraid as there is nothing to fear.   
No sound yet I am completely aware.  My body and mind are on high alert.  We are living in extraordinary times.    Mankind is approaching a threshold.