Sunday, October 6, 2013

Shedding Our Skin

With the focus on all the chaos happening in the world, there is something much more intrinsically important taking place.  There is an upsurge of earth energy the likes of which I've never experienced before.  Today, I'm almost leaping out of my skin.  I feel creative, exhilarating and energetic, like I could accomplish anything I put my mind to.   Maybe today you'll take the first step in buying that vacant building in which to house your arts and crafts along with a wonderful small and intimate coffee shop.  I can just smell the aroma!  What about learning how to make jewelry or fragrant soaps or wreaths of Balsam and pine, Rosemary and Thyme?  Maybe you'll finally decide today is the day to sign up for school as you've had a longing to teach for a very long time.  How about bringing that yummy batch of homemade cookies to the new family on the block?  Today is the beginning of "There is nothing you cannot do".  You are One and One with All.  You are shedding your old, worn out skin for something that has been trying to break through and burst to the surface for a very long time. 
 Let it shine!  Let it come through!