Friday, October 11, 2013

The Fifth Wheel

Being one with the universe is like sipping the sweetest nectar.  It's like thirst being sated by the purest water.  This oneness permeates the soul with contentment and peace.  Instinctively knowing when it's best not to fight in a situation but just go with the flow, is a soft caress, the stirring of leaves as they are touched by the wind.  Subtle energies surround us all.  They can be tapped into.  It's a learning process.  At first what you are striving to comprehend and learn can be difficult and slow going.  Meditation is the tuning fork you will need to help you access your spirit guides and the angelic realm.  We all need help, even the lowliest of us.  There is a constant hum that vibrates throughout our bodies and connects us with the infinite.  Vibrations are at different frequencies.  Just like a radio that comes blaring through, distorted and raucous, so too is the soothing vibration of the gentle rain.  Everything on the wheel, above and below is being attuned to this oneness.  There is a collective force that can be accessed,  altering events, turning things around.  It is called prayer.  We're slowly being turned.  We're slowly being attuned.