Monday, October 14, 2013

The Time is Upon Us

All along The Great Rift they gathered.  Winged creatures and Angelic Beings, Entities with No Name, too numerous to count, aligned  themselves on both sides.

With vacant stares and blank eyes like those carved into the faces of Greek statues, pale white from head to toe, with enormous wings stretching down from immense muscular shoulders to the hems of their long garments, they came.  There was no stopping them.

"G-d's Army", I immediately thought as I instinctively knew they were part of an enormous celestial army.

It was like viewing an endless column of impenetrable smooth marble sentries stretching for miles and miles.

Each angel wore an intricately carved brass scabbard on a braided purple silk waistband with lettering and symbols I couldn't make out.

As they walked, you could hear the clang of the metal scabbards as they swayed back and forth.  

The Entities with No Name wore white headbands and wore material that looked like chain mail.

It covered the top of their head, neck and shoulders extending down to their midriff.

The Great Rift's depth was unfathomable and stretched for many miles in length.

From deep inside this enormous cavern, giant pillars of smoke wafted up, rising slowly and circling high up into the air.

Hanging over and above this rift was the biggest clock face I had ever seen.  There was nothing tethering it and its heavy pendulum slowly and silently swung back and forth, the clock being miraculously suspended in midair.

Every once in a while the outer rim of its face would glint as it caught a few rays from a sullen sun.

The hour and second hand were enormous.  Large Roman Numerals marked the hour and the face was full of delicate and intriguing etchings and artwork.

Inscribed at the top of the clock were the words,   "Omnes Vulnerant, Postuma Necat".  

I marveled at all of this even as I was unable to fathom what they meant.  At that very moment I heard a soft voice murmur in my ear,

"It is not yet time."

All the while one could hear shrill cries of large birds and muffled sounds of beings way off in the distance and large clouds of dust billowing up into the air along with what sounded like the mournful wails of lost souls.

As far as the eye could see, this enormous entourage, this enormous mirage of beings was amassing. 

The landscape, gaunt and devoid of any vegetation was sorrowful yet somehow hauntingly enigmatic.  Not a cloud appeared in the sky yet I could see a pale moon at one end and a subdued sun on the other that were barely visible through the billowing smoke and dust.    

There were sounds of hooves, as horsemen and masses of people gathered and marched together and tinkling bells and trumpeting horns way off in the distance, as if a giant horde was moving slowly and methodically forward.    

"Toward what"?, I wondered.

I could not speak or move as my body was in a state of paralysis yet somehow my mind was acutely aware of all I was seeing and continuing to actively process the sounds and images.

I felt a mild vibration flowing through my body which felt very pleasant.

I was standing on a small plateau, overlooking the scene below and far off in the distance, wondering how it was that I was able to view all of this as I didn't have any clear recollection of how I even got here.

Was this place even real?

Anxiously I thought, "Am I dreaming all of this"?  I shuddered as these concepts and the possible answers were all too big for me to grasp.

The air was heavy and my eyes burned and teared from the dust and smoke.

Off in the distance, flocks of giant dark winged creatures, resembling giant birds of prey were seen high up overhead, circling around, scanning the distant horizon.  They reminded me of vultures, circling high overhead, sniffing the air currents for rotting flesh.

There was a deep and penetrating quiet turbulence, the kind you feel inside, like a gathering groundswell, as if something monumental was about to happen.        

No one was able to perceive my presence or so I thought.  But as soon as that thought entered my mind, I was gently compelled to look down and found that in my left hand was a small notebook and in my right hand a pen.

The pen was studded with a myriad of small sparkling gemstones.  When you held it, it felt smooth and somehow reminded me of quicksilver.  The stones were absolutely mesmerizing.

The notebook appeared to be very old and of a dark brown leather with the number IX engraved on the front.  It became very clear that I was to write something down.    

My eyes strained to see and my ears felt muffled like they were full of cotton.  

Without any warning, up from behind me there appeared a tall being.  I was looking forward yet I could instinctively see this creature that had appeared behind me.

At once I sensed a neutrality, a feeling that this being did not have any gender--It Was, It Is, It Shall Be.

Maybe one of those 'Entities with No Name'.

I suddenly experienced a very deep and immense feeling of loss and regret followed by sadness and an almost unbearable amount of pain.          

The Being spoke:  "I am with you."  "Do not be afraid."

"You are being infused with a series of emotions to help you understand."

"To help you understand that you are here to document the last recording of a great period of Time that will soon come to an end."

I immediately thought of the Christian's End of Days.

"There are powerful forces at work in the universe that your planet continues to ignore and even if, in some miraculous way, all of you were able to open your eyes to the Truth of your Existence, still many of you would rebel against this spiritual revelation."

I was instructed to "take the pen, open the notebook and draw a symbol."

"This symbol will be akin to having an irrefutable thought imprinted on your mind but you will not be able to remember it."   "In due course, this symbol will be made known and become recognizable to All Mankind."

I slowly opened the notebook and on the first page I noted that all four corners of the page were covered in intricate, strange looking glyphs.

My hands felt smooth and precise, as if something was guiding them.

Without any effort, I started drawing a most curious object. 

The Entity with No Name watched  me in silence.

As soon as I was finished, two hands reached down from in front of me and gently removed the notebook and pen.

In an instant I found myself in another place.

Before me was a large city devoid of any human beings or so I thought.

There were torn banners, flags and placards noisily flapping in the breeze, hanging precariously from tall buildings.

Confetti was filtering down, like snowflakes, littering the curbs and a light mist was beginning to fall over everything.  

I had the uncanny feeling that I was not looking at this scene with my own eyes but through the eyes of another.

As I strained to see more clearly, a little toddler, about three years of age, scantily clad in diapers and clinging tenaciously to a faded yellow teddy bear that dragged on the ground, shuffled out of the shadows.

He stopped at the curb and looked warily left and right and then, turned and stared directly at me.

His eyes widened in disbelief.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

It was at this moment I felt that I was actually seeing through his eyes.

The streets were old and made of cobblestone and glistening from the mist.

The sun being would appear every so often, shining down dimly from the clouds.

The colors reflected and the overall feeling I was experiencing just didn't seem right and left knots in my stomach.

The buildings were tall and quaint and looked like an old medieval town.    

"There must have been some sort of celebration as that would account for all the banners and confetti."

"But for whom and for what?"  "And who is this little toddler wandering aimlessly around"?

I looked around for The Being, wondering if it was still with me but it wasn't.

I felt sorry for this little toddler.

I started towards him but unseen hands reached down and drew me back.

"Your questions will be answered in good time."

I stopped as now I was beginning to feel a little sick.  My head was throbbing.

I sat down on the opposite curb.  

I was wishing I could just go home and curl up in my nice warm bed.

Everything I once knew seemed so far away.

The little toddler just kept staring and I could now begin to hear his thoughts.

He was actually wishing the same thing I was, that he was back home in his nice, warm crib.

I blurted, "I want to go home".  Please, somebody help me go home.


I lifted my head to see if the little one had heard me.

He was still standing there but was now fading in and out like some kind of mirage.

I watched as dark shadows resembling giant birds seemed to lunge forward and back, retreating into the shadows.

Now the little toddler had turned his head.

He had an air of defiance and was purposely ignoring me.

He could care less about my predicament, only his own.

I felt a soft touch on my head and listened while the Being spoke:

"There is a fine line between reality and madness that is engulfing you, that you are witnessing and being allowed to see with your own two eyes.  The Great Deception that has kept humanity shackled for thousands of years.

You are now beginning to understand who and what you are and where humanity fits into the universal scheme of things which ultimately leads to Your Liberation."

"I believe the movie, "The Matrix" summarizes your predicament up very well."

I acknowledged that I was familiar with the movie.

"Your reaction when what you perceive to be true and then what will happen when you do find out you've been thoroughly deceived, that what you were force fed to ingest isn't truth at all but just a huge cover up.  If you haven't been properly instructed, prepared and armed with the Truth of your awakening and the mechanisms of the Deceptive Order that has controlled you for so long, you will literally be blown away by the realization."

My thoughts:  Our lives are a delicate balancing act of living between these two realizations every single day.  We are ignorantly and blissfully unaware of this narrow dividing line and yet, when pushed to the brink of our senses, when we are almost at our wits end, when our psyches are probed painfully and deeply, we can turn and run.

We can literally break.

It is often most disturbing, debilitating to our senses when the break comes without warning and we are left to confront our situation,trying to pick up all the pieces, wondering the whys and wherefores as we struggle with our new found awareness.

We seek help and slowly try to keep a grip on that piece of us that was mercifully left, so we don't completely spiral out of control.

Someone or some thing is toying with us, gently nudging us forward and onward, trying to revive that part of us, that has long been concealed.  Preparing us for what is to come, and instructing us into a new reality.

Opening up our eyes to the fact that the lives we take for granted are not all consumed with suffering and pain but are being prepared to take another step up the ladder of ascension into a new awareness.

This information is accessible to all of us, if we but listen.

But there are those on this planet who will rise up and insist that their way is the only way.

They will stomp their feet and rage against, reject, refute and refuse to submit themselves to this new prosperous and peaceful way of life that is coming for all humanity, continuing to insist that their ideology is the only way of life for all mankind.

Their ideology only leads to annihilation.

This ideology will only be allowed for a short time and will succumb to a celestial event in which balance will be rightfully restored to planet earth.

Many are now beginning to wake up to this.

This celestial event will usher in a new way of doing business on this planet that will benefit all Mankind.

The Being:  "The universe is capable of wreaking havoc as we see dramatic displays of mind-blowing and possibly very destructive energy such as comets streaking wildly across the heavens, scorpion like tails leaving their mark as they rip through the skies.

Errant asteroids that dare come too close for comfort or when earth's sun decides to throw a fiery temper tantrum.

"Understand that humans are not just solitary sentient beings living out their lives in utter futility on a lonely planet in a vast universe, but are an important and integral part of the whole."

"When your time of need comes, we will be there to see you through."

"First and foremost, you must separate yourselves into two streams of thought."

"Think of yourself as a piece of veneer".  There are two pieces one glued on top of the other.

"The underneath part contains the soul and the other part on top is determined to dominate through reckless behaviour.  There is a constant tug of war going on inside, between the two."

"There is an old Indian saying:

"A young boy is instructed by his Grandfather...inside of you there are two dogs; one is constantly quarreling with the other and has an evil side while the other is good and wants no quarrel but is constantly trying to defend itself from the other."

The young boy asked, "Grandfather, which one will win?"

The Grandfather answered, "the one you feed the most".

This is something you still cannot grasp.

Understand that the Universe is the lock and each of you is the key to this understanding".

"The capacity is there for each of you to prosper and grow as your understanding continues to evolve and you come to accept the  universe as your celestial soul mate and guide.

A beautiful handiwork and a visual delight to the senses.

A measured and balanced, precise unfolding of All that was, All that is and All that is to come".    

"You will come to experience this Correcting Time (also widely known as The Shift) in which the unification process will ultimately and completely lead to your spiritual perfection".

"No more will a sacrificial hologram exist that only shows one side-- the ugly, the negative and deceptive, the perverse and manipulative, the maniacal and cruel existence you all are living under".

Now as I watched the toddler, his eyes were like two dark, deep and impenetrable pits.  They were bottomless, black and oily.

He had, by all accounts, changed in the blink of an eye.

He was now intently studying me, sizing me up.  

He had also grown a few feet and was now wearing some type of jumpsuit.

The teddy bear lay on the ground, next to him.

There was an impenetrable air of resignation on my part that I was being forced to undergo some type of psychiatric evaluation.

I was trying to put two and two together.

My assessment was that this little toddler, once vulnerable and innocent had now grown into someone untrustworthy, something you wanted to stay away from because he now could not be trusted.

"Sounds a lot like growing up", I thought.  "You come into this world an unpainted canvas learning the ways of good and evil, sometimes opting for the latter."

I suddenly detected a very unnerving odor coming my way.

It occurred to me that I had smelled it before.

I was at an old Victorian Restaurant in Wisconsin waiting to be escorted into the dining room by the attendant.  When I entered the room I noticed a group of people sitting by themselves.

They were talking softly but their talk was animated.

Suddenly, as the attendant was seating me, all eyes were now focused on me.

I suddenly got a really bad feeling even though no one said anything but this was the message I received, "you're not welcome here."

"Okay, I said to myself--I got your message, I'm leaving."

And I got up and left.

This incident has stayed with me my whole life and I still do not understand exactly what transpired that night but obviously something very unusual did.

The odor wasn't coming from the restaurant, it wasn't coming from the food, it wasn't coming from the attendant and appeared to be coming from those sitting together.

It was a foreign odor, an alien odor and I don't mean from human beings.

I had never smelled anything like it before.

It was an extraterrestrial smell (definitely not terrestrial).  That's all I can say.

And I'm still trying to make sense of this.

I was completely transfixed as my nostrils reeked and my brain ransacked, probing and pulling distant memories from my past, forcing me to experience them all over again.

Then I heard these words, "We know what you've been through and this is precisely why you are here."

"You were hand picked to be our conduit, a vehicle in which we can facilitate communication to the entire human race as important information is forthcoming that will impact all of you."

"Humans were created many millions of years ago on other planets, on other worlds.  In fact, there were many worlds you originated from.  That is why there are so many different types of humans on earth."

"You didn't evolve here.  You evolved out there," and it raised its arm, pointing skyward.

"There is a widely held belief by many, you call them Christians, that the human race is now entering what is called, The End of Days".

"Christians believe that the  beginning of this new era will be heralded in by catastrophic earth events..marked by increases in volcanic activity, solar flares, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis and hurricanes."

"The rise of new diseases both animal and human and a host of new parasites and organisms."

"Kingdoms will fall, corruption and hostilities and belief systems overturned."

Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right."

"Followed by falsehoods and deceptions, usurpations and conquests, abhorrent behaviour,  injustice, confusion, panic, wickedness and suffering".

"There will seemingly be wars breaking out all over the place, on your planet."

"Native Americans also hold this view.  In fact, they were the First Ones who were given this information and the first ones to share this information with others."

"Native Americans are one of the 'Ancients' we refer to".

"They were here long before any of the others and have managed to hold on to their ancient ways".

"What they were prophesying is what you are now seeing."

"They believe that this is a time of purification, a time of cleansing but also a time of threshing ushering in The Great Healing."  "A time in which all humanity will come together."

"Ah," the Being said, as he gave me a "knowing"look."

"The Age of the Internet".

He paused, carefully choosing his words. 

"The Internet can be used for good or evil.  I am sure you have witnessed Twitter and Facebook condemning remarks, because they were too radical (they didn't adhere to certain points of view) and/or posts that were decided to be too inappropriate;  or not sensitive enough to someone's version of 'political correctness".

"The internet is also a tool being used by ET."

"How would humans react when collectively you are finally faced with the realization that there are other sentient beings in the universe?"

"Your bible portrays The Tower of Babel being condemned and destroyed by Creator Being as He was keenly aware that an out of control crowd would not only ultimately end in their total destruction but also reflect on His decision to embark on a very personal relationship with each and every one of you."

"Creator Being could not personally experience what he created so he created human beings as other fragments of Himself, in order for Him to experience the joys and sorrows of Life."

"So, you see, you are very special to Him as you and He are partners."

"Everything has to have balance."  "Yin and Yang.  Dark and Light.  Sorrow and Joy.  Suffering and Healing, Good and Evil."

"He realized the pitfalls inherent in His creation so he gave you Instruction and Teachers to help you along your path"

"It is difficult for you to understand the concept of "evil" and "good."  "You always ask, "why can't we just have good and leave out the evil"?

"This is not something you humans can grasp so suffice it to say, that at some point in your history, you will be able to do so, but not now."

"The reason:  Because the entire universe is a combination of both.  You can't have one without the other.  Just like peanut butter goes with jelly.  Just like milk goes with Oreo Cookies--the universe is a complex yet simplistic, enigmatic yet humdrum , unhurried yet restless in its pursuit of perfection."

"It is a shrug, a cloth a blanket, a shroud, a structure by which everything is contained inside but in which nothing is contained".

"You are free to be you; to make decisions both good and bad (Free Will) and the goal is to learn from them."

"The flexible fabric of the universe is the underlying reason why you are able to do so."

"Creator Being instinctively knew that his decision to create these fragmentary parts of Himself would be endowed with the ability to do both good and evil yet He still had the resources necessary to make you "subject to revision if ever you overstepped your boundaries."

"He endowed each one of you with the ability to reason, take something new and run with it, hopefully with an eye toward the future and releasing the blessing contained therein, in which to benefit all of mankind."

"But there are those among you who still continue to willfully disobey and disregard anything that is remotely, inherently, good"

"There are those among you who continue to willfully and flagrantly abuse His Laws, and showing no remorse, whatsoever."  "Let me instruct you on this..."There will be no mercy shown."

"There have to be barriers in your world.  There has to be Structure.  There has to be Foundation.  There have to be Guidelines to follow."

"And if you do not follow them, what is the end result?"  

"Witness what is happening to your world."

"The universe is based on laws so it is reasonable to assume that you and your world are also a part of those laws."

"Yet your scientific community continues to engage in dogma and ridicule those who "think outside the box".

"These so-called scientists have no clue as to the origin of the universe, even though they profess and publish lengthy treatises on the subject or ensure that a major headline makes the news, heralding in a new breakthrough in Quantum Mechanics they have discovered, thus stonewalling needed and intelligent criticism."

"As to the signs of this New Age that is descending, you will see signs in the heavens and there will be many of them".

"Blood Moons and eclipses, solar flares, newly discovered comets and asteroids, new star systems, new and virulent diseases, beasts running wild and people acting strange and some going mad".

"These are Declarations and Messages that need be heeded by all, heralding in a new way of living for all on planet earth".

"There will be many who will begin to sense something happening.  A new awareness."

"Many in the news media and in government, private citizens, organizations and foundations, will come under intense scrutiny as people will now be able to see, with their own eyes, that they've been manipulated and lied to."

"The Old giving way to the New."

"This is all happening because Mankind is on the cusp of becoming one with many other races of beings in the Universe".

"You will begin to gain a new understanding and respect for human life along with a new appreciation of the planet you inhabit."  

"This is all coming about because "it is time." 

"So it would follow that it is "time for you to take stock of where you are right now, and who you are as all of you will be put to the test."

"In the bible was the Great Flood that wiped everyone out except for Noah and his family".

"Before the Great Flood there were many other different 'races' of human beings".

"The Great Flood was the result of a cataclysmic event (another cleansing) due solely to your decision not to obey the laws that were laid down."

"There were those that came and went on your planet who were sent to help (Teachers) and guide (Instruction) you but they were rejected."

"They were put here solely to help and guide you on your sojourn but you decided to do away with the messenger."

"Well, understand this and understand it well-the time is upon you in which there will be no ability to decide-it will be done for you."

"There were giants on this earth, I don't mean their stature, but wise and humble beings who invoked the handiwork of God, whose words and deeds inspired and guided all those who sought them out."

"They were the ones who penetrated the darkness by virtue of their light but were persecuted and destroyed."

"Your world is controlled by a Criminal Cartel and these spirits have been here for thousands of years".

"You humans continue to reject your deliverance instead you amuse yourselves with games and conveniences and neglect what is really important to your spiritual growth and welfare".

"You have food for your bellies but little for your souls".

"And earth continues to lament the death and destruction imposed by those who force others into serfdom and contrived concepts of their own personal religious doctrines." 

"We are here to witness to you, the entire human race, that this widely held belief in the End of Days is, indeed, underway".

"In fact, this new era, this time that 'is upon you' commenced a long time ago but is rapidly gaining momentum."

"Their is a belief that this new time, this new era, will be marked by the opening of the first seal by one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse".

"Indeed, let it be known to all of you that this event has already taken place".

And I know you are wondering just who these Four Horsemen are, especially the First One.."

"I will now be silent so you are able to absorb and comprehend all that I have said."


Question from me:  "Where will we all end up after all you've spoken of has come to pass"?

"That is a good question".

"Yes, humanity will make it to the finish line but will not be as before."

"You will be forever changed and now in accordance with the Fundamental Universal Law that all others adhere to."

"The infinite scope of the universe, how and why living beings happened, the different life forms that were created, your earth, the sky, the planets, the air you breathe and the water you drink all have hidden properties contained within them".

"You are not able to access this hidden knowledge now because you have not yet arrived at the point in your spiritual development where you will understand, respect and take care of this knowledge."

"You abort babies by the millions; you slaughter each other incessantly."

"These practices are not in accordance with the will of the Creator Being."

"You continue to refuse to rein in your lust for killing and maiming".

"Are you not now witnessing the many conflicts, wars taking place on your planet as we speak"?

"You devise schemes to manipulate and control; you are not interested in each others well-being but only in conquest and subjugation."

"Did it ever occur to any of you that the reason for your miserly existence here on this planet, is that you could not get along with others in the universe?"

"That we grew weary of your bitching, complaining, and your violence and intolerance of others, your incessant penchant for stretching and breaking the rules?"

I had to admit that even I had entertained this concept--the idea that we were cast out, so to speak, from some other place, to live out our hellish existence on this planet we call Earth.

"The day is fast approaching when you will also experience another interruption on your planet--an intervention into your world by otherworldly beings."

"Many are already here but will finally make their real presence known in a remarkable way."

"They will start arriving slowly so as not to panic you."

"You are almost at the point where you wouldn't be too surprised if they did make an appearance as you have been slowly indoctrinated into the truth over a number of years."

"You are slowly digesting, realizing and comprehending what has been going on for a very long time."

"Your technological gurus--you know them as giants like Google and Microsoft, Amazon and Mozilla, and all the other computer memes, your communication networks, your modes of travel, your President of the United States, Barack Obama, President Vladimir Putin of the former Soviet Union, who, BTW, is doing his utmost to destroy a segment of society so he can 'remake' it to suit him because they have what he wants and all the other "High and Mighty"(you call them The Elite) each country's military brass, a myriad of government officials, the homeless, the rich, the poor, the destitute, Liberal and Conservative, the Hollywood Elite, let us liken this to the movie, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly--it will make no difference what your status in life is at that time because no one will escape the event".

"At first your minds will drift to some Sci-Fi Movie or think that it's a meteor shower or possibly some type of new aircraft your military has dreamed up."

"But, slowly, you will come to accept it and all the mysteries they bring with them."

"Truth is one of the integral ingredients that is woven into the fabric of Everything".

"There are those among you who still have the courage and moral clarity to stand up to wrong doing."

"These humans are few and far between but are growing in numbers."

"A big wake up call has gone out and many of them are now here and enlightening as many humans as they can as to what is happening around them and why."

"They are known by many names, "Light Workers, Sages, Gurus, Empaths, Truth Seekers, etc."

"Knowledge and Truth are an integral part of their being and very sacred to them."

"You ask for "signs".  

He looked quizzically at me and then cocked his head.

"Do you remember the dream you had, several years ago, in which you saw a large celestial body moving slowly from east to west"?  "


"You were on your front porch, as I recall and very happy and excited".

"You were in your pajamas and kept running back and forth, trying to follow it as the trees were obscuring it from view".

"Well, you finally figured out what it was, didn't you?"

"Yes, it looked very much like a comet with a long tail.  One of the longest tails I've ever seen."

The Being continued, " at the head of this comet was the unmistakable shape of The Egyptian Eye of Horus".

"You had previously done some research on this subject, as I recall".

"Yes", I murmured.

"Comets are harbingers of events and things to come".  "This is one of those signs I was telling you about".

"What does the Eye of Horus stand for?"

I answered, "it is a symbol of sacrifice, healing, restoration and protection."  "Something very positive and hopeful."

The Being looked satisfied with my answer and continued...

"Yes, you are absolutely correct."

Just look around you.  Your world is in chaos and everything is up for grabs, like never before, would you agree?"

"Understand that there is a beginning and an end to all things.

"It is how the universe is made up".  "It's just the way it is."

"Think of your existence as a giant wheel that continues going round and round."

"You might try and look at this like this, "what is the 'end' is actually the 'beginning.'"  What is the 'beginning'is really the 'end.'"

"And so it goes."

"Take, for example, your birth.  When you were born is the exact moment you started toward your end-death."  "In reality, the moment you were conceived was actually when the process started."

"I get a kick out of humans trying to figure things out.  You twist and turn, you pout and shout".

"You congratulate yourselves on being able to solve the riddles of the universe yet, you fragmentary beings always end up, "barking up the wrong tree."

"Humility is not one of your strongest virtues."

"But understand that you simply will not, nor can you unravel the mystery that all of you are a part of."

"It's way beyond your scope of understanding at this time."

"Yet, you continue to beg for help."

You are begging to understand why all the monumental chaos you are witnessing".

"Part of your problem is understanding that evil, if left unchecked, will see it as a sign to embolden itself and continue its rampage."

"A wake up call is on the way."

"Until all of you are confronted by some unknown that completely blows your mind and sets you free and places you rightfully in the celestial order of things, you will not be provided the answers you seek."

"I am not trying to scare you.  I am simply providing information".

"You wanted to know the identity of the First Horsemen of the Apocalypse."  "Are you really ready for this?"

"You are not but I will let you in on a secret:

"The First Horseman is the Ego Unleashed:  The Needs and Wants (Desires, if you will) of all of Humanity, both Individually and Collectively to live and free and in peace, that are second to the desire by the one who only exists to see this doesn't happen."

"He is only here to continue the mayhem, wreaking the havoc."  

"When that desire to become omnipotent becomes supreme in a human being, it takes over and the repugnant and evil will continue to rein."

"Because of your unrepentant ways, your penchant for rebelliousness, your unwillingness to come together and shed your differences (or at least come to a reasonable expectation of how to live with one another in peace) your refusal to deal with your spiritual indiscretions, evil is thus engorging and multiplying itself, as you have provided a virtual feeding ground for its frenzy as it rampages across your planet",

"So, humanity is responsible for the opening of the First Seal".

"You cannot continue to blame others or on 'Climate Change' for where you are at the present time."

"All will be held accountable (it's called 'he Reckoning') for the world's transgressions and atrocities."

"The illuminated ones that were among you were cast down because they offered workable solutions for humankind."    "They were systematically eliminated because they stood in the way of those whose only purpose for being here on your planet is to amass more and more power."

"These evil ones are all about perpetuating and promoting division hatred and war among you."

"Once the Truth of your existence is evoked from the High Council and made available, the evil ones responsible will flee for cover but will find none."

"They will be denied entrance into our realm as they have not made restitution."

"Therefore, their pleas for mercy will fall on deaf ears as they stand trial and in judgment, for all they have provoked."

"You are familiar with the saying, 'Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free."

"At the present time, you all are living in a global prison of the mind." 

He looked quizzically at me and then cocked his head, ...."Do you remember the dream you had, several years ago, in which you saw a large celestial body moving slowly from east to west"?  "

"You were on your front porch, as I recall and very happy and excited".

"You were in your pajamas and kept running back and forth, trying to follow it as the trees were obscuring it from view".

"Well, you finally figured it out for yourself."

"It was a comet with a very long tail and you kept thinking it was the longest tail of any comet you had ever seen and it was".

"At the head of this comet was the unmistakable shape of The Egyptian Eye of Horus".

"You had previously done some research on this subject, as I recall".

"Yes", I murmured.

"Comets are harbingers of events and things to come".

"So I ask you to consider, in just two short years, where is your world now"?  "Would you agree that it is writhing and spinning out of control"?

"All of you have been living a lie".

"The world you inhabit is not what you have been led to believe in but is another matter, entirely".

"The world you inhabit does not belong to you but is the sole and rightful possession of others".  

"It was just being loaned to you."

It's time to give it back to its rightful owners".

"Isn't it interesting, the older you grow the wiser you become"?

"The veil that shrouds your view keeps sloughing off a little more and more so you can now make out some of the obscured images."

"Everything you've been taught, everything you've come to believe in is, in one form or another, is a lie, a myth, or a cunning deception that cloaks itself in making you feel good or is advertised as being healthy or is the only cure-all available."

Sound familiar?

"Life on your planet is sorely unfair".  "

No one knows this more than those who have suffered cruelly at the hands of tyrants, dictators, despots, politicians, fraudsters, criminals and charlatans".

"There is one final battle looming on the horizon".

"Even though you continue to be oppressed and persecuted know this...there is a powerful and undeniable, underlying energy source that forever flows throughout the universe"

"One that is in process and will set all records straight in a just matter of time."

"The universe cannot long tolerate an imbalance and will act in due time to correct the imbalance."

I was left with a feeling I had never felt before.

It was unmistakable in its message that something seminal was dawning on mankind.  

I don't know why but felt compelled to turn around and observe the horizon behind me.

Dark ribbons of color, black and red snaked through the sky, piercing its underbelly, leaving an ominous blood trail behind.

I could sense that something had changed.

Before I heard a low and incessant, audible rumbling with trumpets and horns blaring, clanging and tinkling of cymbals and tambourines, and watching a huge dust cloud as hordes of people and livestock marched slowly forward toward some distant destination.

But now, nothing.

It was a time of deep reflection.

The Being:  " Did it ever occur to you that those who rule your planet are not even human at all?"

"Why do you think that governments, the IMF and the Federal Reserve are totally insulated, isolated and immune from scrutiny and adverse to anyone looking into what they're really up to and who their members are".  "Do you not know that your planet is in the hands of those who might not have your   best interests at heart?"

"Why do you think you have leaders and organizations who act like robots, who show no emotion when pictures of dismembered babies are shown, who snare women as they seek abortions out of desperation, show no emotion when others are cast down into the pit of hopelessness and despair due to poverty and drugs, rampant crime and sexual abuse, and continue to manipulate events and create wars, all for the purpose of subjugating human beings so they can continue their maxim of brainwash and control?

"Aha", as I was just catching my breath, "I see that you are finally catching on".

"Why do you think that others have determined that it is time and taken it upon themselves to intervene on your behalf?"

"They are privy to a detailed blueprint of where humanity is and where it's headed".

"They have known, from the beginning, and were witness to the manipulation and genetic engineering that took place by other malignant extraterrestrials and know where your planet is headed."

"They are here to help and guide and are well aware that if they do not, humanity will be lost forever."

"It makes sense now, doesn't it?"

I nodded my head.

"You humans have just now received a gift through technology".

"You have reached the stage where your celestial counterparts have deemed you worthy of at least, this meager effort by them, on your behalf, in order to advance your species".

"As you are finding out, though, this technology is a two-edged sword".

"Again, as with other things you have free will to use it for either evil or good."

The internet as well as other means of contact (crop circles) was set up as an interplanetary (yes, it is) portal for humans, as well as other celestial beings, to interact and communicate with one another.

"There are very advanced species on other planets that are using other means of communication so extraordinary that it would take some amount of time to describe how they work."

"Your 'internet' is being used to advance understanding and communication between species."

"It is helping to connect all of you by virtue of being able to communicate your thoughts and post your ideas, instantaneously, reaching a huge audience around the planet and beyond".

"Extraterrestrials are interested just as much as you in getting to know one another and are thoroughly engaged in communicating their information to you, also."

"Why is it that some humans have a penchant for continually seizing on an opportunity to elevate themselves at the expense of others, sacking their obligation to advance humanity upwards through a beautiful undertaking (the internet) that will, in the end, without outside interference, result in a spiritual collective consciousness"?

"Is it greed, power, money or a combination of all three"?

"Humans were endowed with many virtuous aspects but, over time, these aspects were continually ignored and played down, allowing other variants to surface."

These other 'variants' resulted in what you are experiencing on your world right now."

"There are two sides to a human being--one is negative and one is positive".

"Again, balance--Yin and Yang; Pos/Neg, Black/White/Light/Dark and a constant tug of war ensues."

"Can you answer me which side is more dominant in your world today"?

"I think we both have the answer".

"But, we have not lost hope for you."

"We're still here and  have been with you a very long time, continuing to iron out the bugs."

I was fighting extreme tiredness and struggled to keep my balance as I wiped my brow.

Suddenly, in a fit of anger I blurted, "I am totally disgusted with the human race."  "We have been around for thousands of years and haven't made a dent in learning how to live harmoniously with our planet or one another".  "What is it going to take for that to happen", I asked?

"Intervention," was the answer.  "Exactly what I've been telling you."

"Your race has been kept in the dark for years and years and now it's going to emerge into the Light."

"As was previously noted, we are working on another change to your DNA as we are well aware that the state you're in is definitely not working."

"It is Time or as the headline of your post reads, "The Time is Upon Us (all of you - meaning humanity)."

The Being was now being overshadowed by something I could not see and looming high above me.

I felt a chill.

With a wink and a nod, the Being was gone but not without these last words, "There are other ways to change a species DNA without their knowing it."  

"There are events that can occur throughout the universe that will forever alter the way humans think about and view their world."

"Your destiny is now in the hands of others as you willfully ordained it by your actions."

"Make peace with yourselves and find love in your hearts as the time is not far off...

"Adieu, my friend, Adieu.....