Saturday, December 3, 2016

I am Human


This card symbolizes heartbreak, sorrow and loss.   Any one of these can profoundly affect every area of our lives.  If not careful, we may decide it isn't worth the risk to involve ourselves in another relationship as we feel we were "betrayed" or maybe a co-worker treated you unfairly at work and you're having a hard time understanding why someone would do something like that or maybe you did something shameful and all that's left of you is guilt.  There are many powerful lessons to be learned from these  experiences.  When going through the trauma of hurt and pain it is difficult to see anything "positive" yet the healing process has already begun as we begin to retrace our steps and put ourselves back together.  This card symbolizes coming to grips with what happened; endurance; introspection; healing; forgiveness.  Not only toward the one who harmed you but also forgiving yourself.  We are all human and make mistakes, that's how we learn and are able to rise above our imperfections.