Friday, December 9, 2016

Grandmother Spirit

In doing Tarot readings, I light my candles and pray, asking spirit for any messages.  I invite loved ones who have passed, my Native American spirit guides and the angels to listen and assist me with the divination.     

I light my candles, sit quietly and meditate. 

Yesterday afternoon I did a 5 card spread:

1.  Present position (the nature of the question being asked) - "Are there any messages for me or anyone else, today"?
2.  Past Influences
3.  Future
4.  Reason (this will shed light on no. 2.)
5.  Potential (Outcome)

Before I had completely shuffled the cards two words whispered in my ear - "Grandmother Spirit."

I've never heard these words before and after the divination did some research.  Apparently it is of Native American origin but its meaning to me is unclear.

The sites I visited weren't completely clear as to its meaning. 

If anyone is familiar with this term I would appreciate an email. 

I am of the mindset that nothing happens without a reason and believe that this was a message but its purpose and why now is a mystery.  

However, I know that things happen for a reason and it's not up to me to say when the reason will become clear.

I am to be patient and wait for the universe to provide the answer.