Friday, December 30, 2016

Two by Two

It takes us nine months to get here but only a moment to leave this earth.

Carrie Fisher has passed and now her mom, Debbie Reynolds, who died of a stroke one day after Carrie died.

Life is a precious and wondrous thing.  It requires constant care and nurturing to sustain it,   

How many more reminders must we have in order to finally put our own lives in order?  

Death takes all of us no matter how much money we have or how destitute we may be. 

If I were to able to grant you one wish for today it would be this, "Be Happy."

For without happiness in our lives, life wouldn't be worth living.

And Love one another, for you never know when that last hug,
     that last kiss,
          that last, "I love you,"
               will be yours or theirs,